Connected Device Problems

If it’s not the power supply that’s making your TV revolve off and on, your linked tools could be to blame. Is that old DVD player or primitive cable box sending “wake up” signals to your TV without you prompting it? Ugh! Technology doesn’t last forever, and older gadgets are bound to misfire at some point.

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Upgrade to a new rent-to-own TV, prefer an LG 65″ Smart 4K UHD TV, for built-in functions that won’t call for you to hook up extra tools. Not only will certainly you acquire ultra-high resolution and also endmuch less on-demand entertainment, however you’ll also acquire the satisfaction of cutting ties through that expensive cable provider.

Hardware Problems

If your TV all of a sudden turned off via no visible concerns, the difficulty could be inside the hardware. A typical trouble starts through the motherboard, wbelow all your TV’s components accomplish and exreadjust signals. If the motherboard is worn or damaged, the TV overheats, causing it to turn off and also on by itself. Unfortunately, replacing a worn motherboard can be a costly and untrustworthy repair. Besides, that has actually time to ship or haul a TV somewright here for repairs as soon as Rent-A-Center can deliver a brand-new one to your media room for free? And typically on the same day you area an order!

How Do I Fix a TV that Turns On and also Off By Itself?

If your TV doesn’t continue to be on, you can try these steps:

1. Switch out your surge protector. A faulty surge protector deserve to cause disturbances to the electrical present or fail to supply enough power to run your TV. To check whether this is the case, plug the TV in directly to your wall outlet. If the TV works, your old power spilgrimage is to blame, and it’s time to acquire a brand-new one.

2. Test the remotes. A power switch on your TV or tool remote might be stuck, which sends your TV consistent signals to rotate on and off. To recognize if this is your difficulty, take the batteries out of one tool remote at a time. If the TV remains on as soon as you kill the remote, bingo! You’ve zeroed in on the faulty controller! Repair or replace that remote and resume your binge-watching ASAP.

3. Check your circuit breaker panel. If your TV isn’t the only thing turning off, your home’s circuit breaker might have been tripped. Power surges or temporary outages deserve to cause this, and also the resolve is as simple as reestablishing the breaker switch. If it happens consistently, though, your TV could be the exceptionally thing that’s tripping the breaker. In that instance, it’s time to turn to an electrician or purchase a brand-new, more energy-effective TV.

4. Shop for a new TV. Poor photo top quality, crackly or incontinual speaker sound, and also visible display cracks or damages are all telltale indications that it’s time to upgrade your TV. Should you obtain a 55-, 65-, or 75-inch LG Smart 4K UHD TV? Should you select an LED or OLED? What carry out all these specs expect anyway? Don’t problem — Rent-A-Center has your back! Our TV buying overview can walk you through the procedures for picking the perfect rent-to-own TV, from choosing a dimension that maximizes your living room furniture layout to finding the ideal options for video gaming or movie nights.

Upgrade to a New TV Today

Is your TV turning on and also off by itself? Sure, you could have a ghost in your residence. Or, it might simply be time to upgrade your TV! We can’t aid you via ghostbusting, however we CAN assist you discover the best rent-to-very own TV! You deserve a brand-new TV that only turns off as soon as you desire it to, so browse rent-to-very own TVs digital and visit your nearemainder Rent-A-Center to suffer them in perchild. We can regularly arvariety same-day shipment and also setup for free!

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