I freshly got a new Moto X4. I set up a Supershieldz tempered glass display protector. I was incredibly mindful, and adhered to all installation instructions. But I still have the dreaded blob dubbed the “Rainbow Effect” or “Newton’s Rings”.

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Has anyone else had this difficulty through this phone or this brand of display screen protector?

Any solution?



I feel your pain! I’ve never managed to grasp the art of applying a tempered glass display protector to a phone. My solution was to give up and take my phone to Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Perhaps, an additional Community member will have actually a better suggestion?

Sometimes the rainbows will disshow up by themselves. It could take a day or two. Something around heat from the display screen that over time dissipates gasses from the glass. Patience is your friend. Post back if that solves your worry.

Depending on the screen protector, it could never go away. This is the many common complaint on many glass screen protectors on Amazon. If the display protector has adhesive just approximately the edges, then the facility of the protector is going to reprimary rainbowed. Scrolling via the Amazon reviews around half seem to love the Supershieldz product and also the other half comsimple around the rainbow effect or about the grid of dots on the protector.

Never before. In my Experience, have the right to you remove any impact or distortion display screen protectors execute the the screen. The closest ones to invisible are those “wet” thin protective kits that are much alike the one-of-a-kind plastic coating they put on cars.

Personally, I haven’t supplied any type of forum of screen protector on any type of of my phones for many kind of years now. I have actually never manged to scrape a display screen, drops, or tricks in pockets scenarios. The glass on todays (flagship) phones are well tough sufficient to not scrape. I additionally pay practically $1K for the flagship phone via a beautiful display screen, I deserve to not justify sullying the top quality of it by putting some annoying overlay over it that blurs it a little bit.

Just my 2 cents.

nckp.ipi2si January 14, 2019, 2:29am #6

Many type of thanks to you all for your replies!

More bushwacking through the Google jungle reveals that what might be happening below is a phenomenon referred to as “Newton’s Rings,” in which a thin air space exists in between a item of curved glass and a item of flat glass, and also light shows in a details means in between them, bring about blob-prefer visual patterns resembling oil spills The just kink in this concept is that both the screen of the MotoX4 and the Supershieldz tempered glass display screen protector are, technically, level. Seems favor the difficulty occurs more typically via phones that have curved glass display screens, onto which people try to use level screen protectors.

Tright here are DIYers on YouTube that say they remedy this by rerelocating the glass screen protector,cleaning off all the adhesive around the edges, replacing it through an extremely thin item of double-sided Scotch tape, and re-installing the screen protector using the tape. They claim that the Scotch tape is slightly thicker than the original factory adhesive, and that tiny added thickness creates slightly even more distance in between the screen protector and the display screen, and also that enhanced distance is sufficient to eliminate the “Newton’s Rings” effect. I haven’t tried that technique.

The firm that provides the protective instance I bought, Spigen, renders very regarded tempered glass screen protectors for many type of Apple and also Samsung phones, however not for the Motorola Moto X4. Instead, they recommfinish and also offer a “nano liquid” screen protector that you pour onto the screen and let harden.

Does anyone right here have any kind of suffer with this “liquid” form of product?



I watch no one has actually volunteered any comments about these liquid screen protectors.

We offer the Gadget Guard product in our online save.https://republicwiremuch less.com/shop/accessories/gadget-guard-black-ice-liquid-screen-protector-plus/

I understand also you were hoping to hear from others before trying such a product on your phone, and also I’m sure others are, also.

If you’d be willing to write a thostormy, honest, unbiased testimonial of the product right here in our #reviews category after trying it, I’ll be glad to carry out a coupon so you can try it for complimentary.

Understanding that you might not desire to put such a product to the test on your phone, if you do not want to offer it a try and create a review, I’ll make the market obtainable to one or two others, if someone else here wants to volunteer. You have actually first dibs.

I’m frequently not one to toot my very own horn (unless I’m driving and the perkid in front of me is quit at a red light staring at a cell phone instead of relocating via the intersection…and technically speaking that would be my vehicle’s horn and not my own…however I digress…) however I posted a feasible solution to this trouble over. I did so without any kind of individual endure to ago up my insurance claim that waiting a couple of days might get rid of the rainbows. I ssuggest researched the concern virtual and also shared it right here.

Anyway, I freshly acquired a brand-new Moto X4 that landed on Friday January 11. Having never used a tempered glass display screen protector before I decided to offer it a go. Found one on Amazon and it came down on January 14. Followed the instructions very closely, watched the online video, applied it very closely and also it was indeed rainbow free…for around 3 hrs.

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Sure sufficient a 1/2" by 1" blob appeared smack dab in the middle of my display screen. After the shock of this travesty wore off, I laughed the totality point off. (Not the blob ridden protector, obviously, however my reaction to it…) Jumping right into activity I then tried rubbing on it and also heating it through a hair dryer for a short time. The blob lingered. I discussed taking the display screen protector off bereason although the rainbow impact wasn’t horribly distracting, it was neverthemuch less existing. I opted to leave it on.

This morning I picked up my phone and certain enough the rainbow is GONE! Don’t recognize where it went. Don’t treatment wright here it went. Just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t come ago. YMMV, but maybe patience really is a virtue…