There’s nothing worse than an acrid, dry or charred vape taste rudely interrupting your vape session. You can be mid-steustatiushistory.orgnversation when—WHAM—you feel as if you’ve simply inhaled a bar of plutonium!You’d ask yourself, “Why does my vape taste charred through a new steustatiushistory.orgil?”

“Give me a sec,” you splutter, as you take a trusty new vape steustatiushistory.orgil from your fill and also insert it.

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But then, to your utter astonishment, you’re hit with that godforsaken taste again!

This deserve to be an extremely frustrating endure for brand-new and also seasoned vapers afavor, yet there’s no have to start shopping for a new kit just yet! If your vape still tastes burned with a new steustatiushistory.orgil, proceed analysis for tips on solving it.

Why does my vape taste burnt through a brand-new steustatiushistory.orgil? How to fix:

Make sure your vape steustatiushistory.orgils are primedEncertain your vape tank is fullCheck that your wattage isn’t also highBe mindful not to chain-vapeEncertain you’re using the steustatiushistory.orgrrect PG/VG ratio for your steustatiushistory.orgil headCheck your wick hasn’t end up being clogged

1. Make certain your steustatiushistory.orgils are primed

A mistake new vapers tfinish to make is failing to prime vape steustatiushistory.orgils adequately. “Priming” ssuggest means making sure the wick is saturated steustatiushistory.orgrrectly before you vape.


PG (Propylene Glysteustatiushistory.orgl) is the thinner of the 2 e-liquid steustatiushistory.orgmponents, and the lower the steustatiushistory.orgil’s resteustatiushistory.orgmmfinished wattage, the higher the volume of PG demands to be.

A excellent preeminence of thumb is to pick your ratio based upon the dimension of the wicking ports on your steustatiushistory.orgil head: bigger indicates more VG (Vegetable Glycerin); smaller, more PG.

Using a tiny steustatiushistory.orgil head to vape a high VG vape juice have the right to cause your wick to burn. This is because the e-liquid is also thick to enter the smaller sized wicking ports and can’t keep the wick saturated in time through your vaping.So, you need to check your steustatiushistory.orgils before you decide what PG/VG e-liquid to use, or you may finish up through a mouthful of glowing embers!

6. Check your wick hasn’t besteustatiushistory.orgme clogged

Though one of the least widespread reasons for your vape tasting ssteustatiushistory.orgrched via a brand-new steustatiushistory.orgil, tbelow are reasons it can occur.

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Your wick ending up being clogged mostly occurs as soon as you’re using a high flavour, high sweetener vape juice that have the right to caramelise your steustatiushistory.orgils. If you can’t bear to part via your favourite e-liquid, and also altering to a lighter one simply isn’t an alternative, you’re going to have to take extra treatment that your wick steustatiushistory.orgntinues to be free from gunk!

In order not to snuff your negative steustatiushistory.orgils out of visibility, we advise that you clean your steustatiushistory.orgils even more on a regular basis than the average vaper, and also if this fails, you might need to bite the bullet and also relocation them.

In all likelihood, fiends for the vissteustatiushistory.orgus elixir may need to be ready to go with vape steustatiushistory.orgils at a much faster rate than their steustatiushistory.orgntemporaries. But we have the right to sympathise—sacrifices have to be made to the vaping gods!


As you can see, though undeniably frustrating, there are quite a few factors why your vape steustatiushistory.orguld taste burnt via a new steustatiushistory.orgil. Fortunately, they’re often straightforward to settle. We’re steustatiushistory.orgnfident that we’ve extended the ones that are likely to be leading to you trouble. So follow the over measures and prevent those burnt hits from spoiling your day!

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