Why Negan Wears One Glove & 9 Other Questions We Have About The Walking Dead Villain, Answered Negan is among The Walking Dead"s best bads... but that doesn"t suppose that fans don"t have actually questions about the character.

Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ as Negan in Walking Dead
Depfinishing on who you ask, Negan was the fiercest, cruelest villain to have showed up on AMC series The Walking Dead. Some might say that The Governor beats him – he did, after all, chop Hershel"s head clear off ideal in front of his daughters. Others believe Alpha has him beat, thanks to her homemade heads-on-a-stick fence and also other seriously demented deeds.

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Whatever before the opinion on him, Negan is a character on the display via one of the many compelling arcs. He has actually seemingly adjusted after being stripped of every one of his power and also being maintained captive for years.

But just how a lot do fans really recognize about Negan? Many type of concerns still remain about some of his quirks, characteristics, and also intentions.

Negan in The Walking Dead seachild seven premiere
Negan"s outfit is incredibly distinct, consisting of his jeans, babsence leather jacket, red scarf, and, of course, his one glove. He"s most likely not paying homage to the late pop star Michael Jackchild with this fashion choice: it isn"t white and sparkly, after all. So why simply one?

Showrunner Scott Gimple has actually shown that the reason is so Negan can conveniently manage his barbed wire bat Lucille without acquiring blisters on his hand. It"s the same logic behind why golfers and also basesphere players wear only one glove, though for a lot more sinister factors.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead
Observant superfans have mentioned that Negan supplied to only wear his signature red scarf when he was about to kill someone, or knew he was around to carry out some severe damage to a perboy.

Their situation in point is that he was wearing it once he eliminated Abraham and also Glenn, he was wearing it for the big fight in the seakid 7 finale, yet when Carl snuck into the sanctuary, he finished up taking it off. This isn"t a evidenced quirk, however nonethemuch less, it seems choose that component of his outfit could just be a "kill scarf," a lot favor how Dexter Morgan on Dexter had his dark green "kill shirt."

The truth that Negan gets alengthy so well with youngsters and also shows up to desire to defend them at all costs, is understandable once you realize what he did before the apocalypse: he was a high school gym teacher.

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This defines why he not just has a knack for talking to youngsters but likewise why he is incredibly much against harming them. It also defines his athletic abilities, and probably some of his sarcasm and wit, which would certainly certainly have actually come in handy as soon as working with kids at college.

7 Why Is His Bat Named Lucille?

Negan Walking Dead
Loyal fans of the present understand extremely well that the reason Negan"s bat is called Lucille is because it is named after his real-people wife, that died before the apocalypse. He had even developed an attachment to the bat as if it were a real perkid.

He describes Lucille as a "she," acts choose it actually has actually feelings, and went ballistic as soon as he lost "her." Negan sassist the bat was the last point he had actually left of the real Lucille, and most likely additionally held on to it so tightly to assist attend to the guilt of dealing with Lucille badly before her getting sick, consisting of cheating on her.

While it"s logical to assume that Lucille was taken out by walkers, which is what made Negan such an angry brute, it seems his real-life wife actually died before the apocalypse had totally taken shape. She was experiencing from pancreatic cancer, and also sadly, shed her fight with the illness.

"If the illness wasn"t eating her up from the inside," he shelp in one episode, "then the chemo was kicking the ever-loving s*** out of her." He admitted that her fatality was a turning point for him. Once she was gone, he states he stopped feeling much of anypoint.

5 Has Negan Really Changed?

Negan had actually the possibility to escape from Alexandria numerous times and also he didn"t, or he did but ended up willingly coming ago. He literally went out of his means, and also risked his very own life to save Judith, not to mention Dog. And he went undercover via the Whisperers, working behind the scenes via Carol, to take down Alpha.

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Is there anypoint else he can possibly carry out to display he has changed? There have actually been so many instances of redemption for the character, but many kind of still wonder if a switch could be flipped for the old Negan to at some point return.

Sure, bashing Glenn"s head in might have actually been overkill, literally. But Negan legitimately thought that he was totally in the ideal in killing Abraham. He was protective of his civilization, simply prefer Rick was. And once he learned that the group from Alexandria killed many kind of of his soldiers in their sleep, he essential a sacrificial lamb as payearlier.

While tbelow are plenty of examples of times when Negan did the right thing, was killing Abraham among those times? It relies on the perspective. Negan didn"t see himself as a cruel man. He thought he was bringing justice to his world and also order to communities.

3 Did He Respect Rick?

While Negan plainly had actually a feud with Rick, and they had actually incredibly various leadership formats, Negan actually respected the leader of Alexandria. He also admitted as a lot to Spencer, telling him that he respected the reality that Rick was acquiescing to Negan"s demands, also if he didn"t desire to, in order to spare the resides of his world.

He likewise respected Rick as a father to Carl and also exactly how protective he was of the boy. Not only did Negan have actually respect for Rick, yet he also respected Carl, also after (and arguably bereason of) the young boy tricking him in order to aid the people of Alexandria escape from his clutches.

As cruel, heartless, and torturous as Negan could be, hardly ever ever before showing a hint of remorse for his actions, he had actually a few rules and lines he would certainly not cross, nor would he let his human being. He would certainly never kill a boy and also would certainly rarely kill a woman unless it was absolutely necessary.

But he additionally had a clear "no rape" ascendancy that suggested that if any Savior was ever recorded sexually assaulting an additional perkid, they would certainly be instantly killed. He acted on this promise by killing David after he attempted to rape Sasha.

1 Who Almost Played The Character?

It"s difficult to imagine Negan without the stylings of Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ behind him, and also his signature means of moving some of the the majority of bone-chilling lines on the display. He lugged the charismatic, brilliant, yet also cunning, sarcastic, and also sociopathic leader to life. But Morgan almost didn"t obtain the part.

The design of the character of Negan, aside from being modeled after the comic book variation, of course, was actually partially inspired by actor Henry Rollins, who even auditioned for the role. Another actor that auditioned for the part, and also claims he was among the final candidates, was Matthew Lillard.

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