Star Wars: Why Plo Koon Wears a Mask (And What the Jedi Master Looks Like Behind It) Star Wars" Plo Koon is never before watched without his essential mask, and few recognize what he actually looks prefer once not wearing it.

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Jedi Master Plo Koon has a far-ranging tradition in the Star Wars cosmos. A Kel Dor from the planet Dorin, he offered on the Jedi Council and also as a Republic General throughout the Clone Wars. Plo Koon was the one that discovered Ahsoka Tano and also carried her right into the Jedi Order. But external his function as a Jedi, he has actually a unique and also recognizable look many thanks in component to the unique mask he wears on his confront at all times. However before, bereason Plo never before takes the mask off, few understand what his face actually looks prefer, and it"s never mentioned in the famous canon functions why he even wears it. But a look right into expanded lore, such as behind-the-scenes principle art and also comics, reveals the mystery behind both these inquiries.

The Kel Dors are a humanoid species that have actually the capacity to make it through in the unwelcoming vacuum of space, though not incertainly. The leathery hide that is their skin enables them to carry out this. It is additionally this capability that forces the Kel Dors to adopt a mask in oxygen-well-off environments. In sharp contrast to the majority of other species, oxygen is actually toxic to them. This is additionally why they wear goggles in addition to their masks in order to protect their eyes from literally melting out of their skulls if they are exposed to as well a lot oxygen. In this way, Plo Koon"s mask is actually a life support device.

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According to Henry Gilroy, a writer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, George Lucas assumed Plo"s genuine challenge was as well weird-looking to be preferred by fans. His appearance is certainly distinct, yet his calm and wise nature helps his popularity. Plus, there is something intriguing and also engaging about such a distinctive character design.

What Does Plo Koon Look Like Behind His Mask?

This picture is from the old Star Wars database and mirrors Plo Koon"s challenge without his goggles. However before, the canonical condition of this photo is in question. It is sourced from a behind-the-scenes function and never before appears in any kind of comparable create within any kind of films or television series. In enhancement, it is likewise a pre-production phase photo, which suggests that tbelow is a good chance that the image is of an infinish rendering of the character. However before, it does offer fans at leastern an principle of how Plo can be conceived without a mask.

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Plo Koon sans mask and goggles deserve to be discovered in 2009"s Star Wars: Purge: Seconds to Die, a comic created by John Ostrander and penciled by Jim Hall. However, this comic additionally deals with the exact same concern as the previously mentioned image; it"s not confirmed canon. So while there is currently no establimelted canon reference to what Plo Koon or any kind of various other Kel Dor looks like without a mask, fans have the right to visualize what he actually looks like via both the concept art and also his appearance in Seconds to Die .

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