As for the reason why Shinji choked Asuka, I stick through the translation of "Kimochi warui" card from Eva card game, but I"m willing to accept other theories,

Shinji renounced the people wbelow all hearts had actually melted into one and embraced each various other unconditionally. His desire... to live with "others" -- other hearts that would certainly periodically refuse him, also deny him. That is why the initially point he did after coming to his senses was to place his hands roughly Asuka"s neck. To feel the existence of an "other". To confirm (make sure of) rejection and also denial.

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But I have no clear explanation of why did Asuka caress Shinji as soon as he is strangling her.

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So, so many possible factors. I refer to movies choose End of Evangelion and Madoka: Rebellion as "make your very own finishing kits"; because of their constant use of symbolism and also ambiguous dialogue, combined through a pathological aversion to explaining themselves, you can basically analyze them to intend whatever you desire them to. If I may be allowed a bit of shamemuch less self-promovement, I newly wrote a blog short article doing simply that. I didn"t particularly analyze why Asuka caressed Shinji, yet going by the interpretation I embraced in my article, in addition to the stated card game translation, tbelow are a couple of valid factors why she did that.

This scene echoes one previously in the movie, throughout Instrumentality, as soon as Shinji and also Asuka are suggesting through each other around whose fault it is that they never before controlled to get cshed. I summarized the scene on my blog:

zeros in on Asuka in certain, isolating her in a dream variation of Misato’s kitchen and also fighting via her as Pen-Pen looks on, responding to her accusations that he didn’t know her at all that he couldn’t possibly recognize her, bereason she never before talks around herself, and just how unreasonable it is for her to mean him to understand her once she won’t tell him anypoint. Rei shows up and also asks if he ever before tried, and also Shinji responds that he did, but couldn’t. Asuka asks just how she might favor someone that doesn’t also love himself. Shinji responds that maybe he can learn to love himself if she tried being nice to him, gets angry and smashes a chair, then wraps his hands approximately her neck and also strangles her.

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Shinji, that has actually spent a huge component of the series being passive and also self-loapoint, finally gets angry and blames Asuka (and by proxy the various other people in his life) for his inability to gain close to others. Asuka and also Rei respond, via some justification, that Shinji also hregarding take some blame; he avoids obtaining cshed to anyone bereason he fears being rejected and abandoned by them, as he was by his father.

In the end, Shinji maneras to get over his are afraid of rejection and also chooses to reverse Instrumentality and go earlier to the human being wbelow civilization are sepaprice and also deserve to select to refuse or abandon each other. The card translation states that Shinji started to strangle Asuka because he wanted to confirm that rejection and also denial exist as soon as even more. By going earlier to a world wbelow rejection and denial exist, Shinji has admitted that he feared them, and faced that fear. He has confessed that Asuka"s and Rei"s accusations in the previously scene were true, that he locked civilization out as well tightly bereason he feared abandonment.

As Shinji strangles Asuka, she reaches up and also caresses him, countering that although rejection and also denial exist aobtain, acceptance likewise exists again—civilization have actually the choice to accept others into their hearts, simply as they have actually the option to deny others. And with this, Asuka confesses that Shinji"s accusations in the earlier scene were true: Asuka resisted, at eextremely level, accepting Shinji (and by proxy, everyone) right into her heart, by yelling at him, deinterpretation him, and also violently rejecting the rudimentary efforts he did make to gain closer to her. But now that Shinji"s managed to stop fearing rejection from everyone, Asuka"s learned to sheight rejecting everyone. Shinji knows he can"t passively wait for someone to accept him; Asuka knows that she can not store rejecting everyone.

Realizing that Asuka intends to stop rejecting him, Shinji breaks dvery own in tears. Asuka responds "Kimochi warui"; to accept someone feels weird, foreign, and disgusting to her, because she"s constantly resisted it. At miscellaneous points in the series, Shinji and also Asuka practically regulate to gain closer—in Episode 15, Asuka compliments Shinji on his cello playing and then forces him to kiss her, but then violently rejects him by feigning disgust and running to the bathroom to wash her mouth out. Shinji does not realize that Asuka was sincedepend trying to acquire closer to him, or he realizes it, but will not follow up bereason he"s afraid of being rejected. In Episode 22, after seeing her talk on the phone via her stepmommy, Shinji tries to have a real conversation with Asuka about household, but Asuka is all pissed off because Shinij exceeded her sync ratio. In the last scene of End of Evangelion, they both realize their own culpability in the case and also decide to begin trying to end up being people that are able to accept one one more.