Switch# show startup-config Why does the switch respond through startup-config is not present? Karena belum konfigurasi belum disimpan. Part 2: Create a Basic Switch Configuration Step 1: Assign a name to a switch. To connumber parameters on a switch, you might be forced to relocate between assorted configuration modes. I review in book that it hregarding be tright here initially once you obtain new router unless someone rerelocated configuration file from NVRAM. Sexactly how even more When I go to allow mode and also form sh run I see the config file in rexternal RAM exist yet once I kind sh start I get startup-config is not present meaning NVRAM do not have it.

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.This lab is around Packet Tracer – Configure Initial Rexternal Settings. In this tutorial we will talk about around Packet Tracer answers, in last tutorial we talk about about Review to. Packet Tracer Answer6.4.1.3 Packet Tracer – Connumber Initial Rexternal SettingsHere we have actually topology of Packet Tracer – Configure Initial Rexternal Setups. Equipment’s which we forced are as adheres to. 1 Rexternal.


Run Command also For Startup Config

1 PC6.4.1.3 Packet Tracer Lab ObjectiveWe have few objectives of this lab which we have to execute. Verify the Default Router ConfigurationTip 1: Establish a Consingle cable Connection to R1. Choose a Consingle cable from the easily accessible relationships. Click PC-A and select RS 232.

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Click R1 and choose Console. Click PC-A Deskoptimal tab Terminal. Click OK and push ENTER. You are now able to connumber R1.Step 2: Get in privileged mode and research the present configuration.Enter into the Router 1 Privileged mode by the following regulates and them examine the existing configurations of the rexternal.Enable the command also usage to Get in right into the privileged EXEC mode. Save the Running Configuration Documents Tip 1: Save the configuration file to NVRAM.You have actually configure the initial settings for R1. Now earlier up the running configuration file to NVRAM to encertain that the changes made are not shed if the device is rebooted or loses power.What command did you enter to save the configuration to NVRAM?

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Copy running-config startup-configWhat is the shortest, unambiguous version of this command? Copy r sWhich command also display screens the contents of the NVRAM? Sexactly how startup-configuration or present startVerify that every one of the parameters configured are recorded. If not, analyze the output and also recognize which regulates were not done or were gone into erroneously. You can also click Check Results in the instruction window.