Hamlet hesitates to kill Claudius in act 3 bereason Claudius shows up to be praying. Hamlet fears that if Claudius dies while praying, once his soul is at its a lot of pure, he will certainly go directly to heaven. Hamlet desires Claudius to go to hell for his sins, so he factors he cannot threat killing him currently.

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Now can I execute it pat, now he is praying;And now I"ll do"t. And so he goes to heaven,And so am I revenged. (3.3.76-78)

In these opening lines of his well known speech in act 3, scene 3 of Shakespeare"s Hamlet, Hamlet is contemplating Claudius "s fate in...

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Now could I perform it pat, now he is praying;And currently I"ll do"t. And so he goes to heaven,And so am I revenged. (3.3.76-78)

In these opening lines of his well known speech in act 3, scene 3 of Shakespeare"s Hamlet, Hamlet is contemplating Claudius"s fate in the immortality. "And so he goes to heaven" is a statement that mirrors a widely-held idea during the Elizabethan period that a person"s salvation or damnation (whether they go to heaven or to hell) is figured out not by a "final judgment" of a person"s actions over the whole of their life yet solely by their state of mind in the final moments before their death.

Hamlet renders two referrals to this belief in this speech. One referral is in the lines cited over, and also the later on recommendation is to his very own father"s death, which he is currently particular came at the hands of Claudius:

HAMLET. He took my father grossly, complete of bcheck out,With all his crimes wide blown, as flush as May;And how his audit stands, that knows save heaven? (3.3.82-84)

Hamlet"s father was killed while he was resting, before he had actually a chance to repent his sins—for which he is currently being punimelted in the immortality. When Hamlet sees Claudius, he shows up to be in the act of "the purging of his soul" and also repenting of his sins at that incredibly moment. If he kills Claudius currently, Hamlet believes his heart will certainly be sent out to heaven.

It"s not sufficient for Hamlet simply to kill Claudius for murdering his father. To rightly and also completely avenge his father"s death, Hamlet need to encertain that Claudius"s soul suffers as his father"s soul suffers.

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Hence, what seems at initially to be another instance of Hamlet"s indecision and also inactivity could likewise be understood as very prudent actions. Hamlet decides not to kill Claudius at that minute, but to wait until Claudius "is drunk asleep; or in his rage; / Or in the incestuous pleacertain of his bed; / At game, a-swearing, or about some act / That has no relish of salvation in"t" (3.3.91-94). In other words, Hamlet wants to kill Claudius as soon as he"s sinning, and also sfinish his heart straight to hell.