Josh Turner is undeniably a devotee or should I say thought about as the brand-new era of Honky Tonk. This is bereason of his deep-toned voice and style of music. Some supporters might deliberate as to which side he need to be in; whether pop or traditional. Nonetheless, Turner is a breath of fresh air yet an old soul. This can be realized through his song “Why Don’t We Just Dance.” Also, the song is a proof of his Honky Tonk temperament.

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Bit ‘Bout The Song…

“Why Don’t We Just Dance” is a song created by Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton, and Darrell Brown. It was released in August 2009 as the lead-off single from Turner’s album “Haywire”. The song came to be Turner’s third No.1 hit in February 2010. On May 24, 2010, the single was his fourth to be certified Gold by the RIAA.

The Song’s Content…

Furthermore, the song “Why Don’t We Just Dance” is a moderate up-tempo. It also functions a production of piano, steel guitar fills, and fiddle.

The song portrays a couple dancing in the living room forgaining each other’s troubles.

The melody caught Turner’s attention as it represents an up-tempo and conventional country song. It has actually a really catchy tune also. The lines “why don’t we just dance?” and forobtaining the bad stuff going on gave an affect to Turner.

The Lyrics…

Baby, why don’t we simply turn that TV off?Three hundred and also fifteen networks of nopoint however negative news on,Well it could be meBut the method I view it,The whole wide world has gone crazy.So baby, why don’t we simply dance?
Just a small bitty living room ain’t gonna look choose much.But when the lights go down and also we relocate the couch,It’s gonna be more than enoughFor my two left feetAnd our 2 hearts beatin’Nobody’s gonna see us go crazy.So baby, why don’t we just danceDvery own the hall,Maybe straight up the stairs?Bouncing off the wall,Floating on air,Baby, why don’t we just dance?
Why don’t you go put your finest dress on,And those high heeled shoes you love to loseAs shortly as the tunes come on? On second assumed,Just the way you are, Is currently driving me crazy.So baby, why don’t we simply danceDown the hall, Maybe right up the stairs?Bouncing off the wall, Floating on air,Baby, why don’t we simply dance?I’ll reduced a rug, Well it could be meBut the way I watch it, The entirety wide people has actually gone crazy.So baby, why don’t we simply dance(Bouncing off the wall surfaces, floating on air)Oh, baby (baby) why don’t we simply dance?

The Music Video…

The music video reflects Turner inside a house, observing a pair played by real-life couple Ciaran McCarthy and also Ashley Anderson dancing in the living room. Throughout the video, the couple transforms garments and also dancing styles showcasing different years from the 1950s with the current day. According to Country Weekly magazine, Turner was “elated to find that he wouldn’t need to do any acting” in the video.

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