This song, which is around being in love via a poor guy as soon as you"re going out with a nice male, was co-created by John Rich. Swift told That"s Country about their collaboration: "It was constantly one of my objectives to compose with John. I had heard so many things about him. I simply wanted to watch what it was prefer to gain into a room through him because I understand I"m an extremely opinionated writer and also I kbrand-new he was a really opinionated writer. So I kbrand-new this was either going to be the finest thing in the world or was simply going to be a complete train wreck."

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Taylor Swift told That"s Counattempt the story of this song: "I got this idea for a song around being in a partnership via a nice male that is punctual and opens up the door for you and also brings you flowers... yet you feel nopoint. The entirety time you"re via him, you"re reasoning about the guy that was facility and messy and frustrating. So I lugged that concept, the title and also wright here I believed the song need to go to John. He was able to relate to it because he is that complicated, frustrating messy man in his relationships. We came at the song from various angles. It was simply so cool to get in a room and compose with him bereason he really is an remarkable writer."

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Ariani from IndonesiaI think this song is perfect for the movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew GoodeNatalie from Czech RepublicI think this song fits perfectly for Gileven more girls as soon as Rory is in a connection through Dean however she is in love with Jess. Abby from Manila, PhilippinesSo is it really around 2 guys or just one? Like just how Mr. Perfect is so charming yet there"s nothing and also that you had actually even more feelings for the guy who was frustrating????Please answer soon!Sardian from South Park, Cobut i perform choose that song, however not close to as a lot as patty cake sang by barney (my finest frifinish, and also no she is not a purple dino, she the squirrel that stays in a tree in my yard)Zoey from Alanta, GaIt sounds prefer the song was ment for Taylor (Lautner) if you ask me...Ashleigh from ?????, MoI love the principle of this song. Sometimes Mr. Perfect isn"t enough.Anita from Citrus Heights, Cathis song is pretty cool.i ttly understand also wat shes saying(:Emily from Around Chicearlier, IlIn the booklet that comes w/the CD, there are covert messages in the lyrics. You take all the resources letters and also put them in order to spell a expression. The Way I Loved You"s message is: WE CANT GO BACK. view more comments
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