You’re at a restaurant on a twin date and also one womale excprovides herself, the other chimes in and states she’ll go with her. You’re out clubbing via a team of friends and also all of the females in the group unexpectedly disappear and re-emerge from the toilets 20 minutes later.

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Whatever before the situation, you’ve undoubtedly knowledgeable the phenomenon of womales going to the lady’s room together or in teams. And immediately after you’ve most likely turned to your friend and also asked: “Seriously, why do women always perform that?”. You’re not alone. This is a question that has plagued many type of a male, however we’re below to try and melted somelighton things!

So… What Gives?

Well, initially of all, it’s an excellent steustatiushistory.orgncept to resteustatiushistory.orggnize the standard differences in how both genders usage thetoilet/ WC. As a guy, I can safely say as soon as we go to the toilet, we’re all about effectiveness and also being practical, we don’t desire to be in there any kind of much longer than crucial. It’s not a nice area to be; there’s often pee on the floor, weird smells and also more regularly than not, there’s a creepy man via a wandering stare. We’re easy, we want to obtain in there and gain out. Our procedure goes somepoint favor this: walk right into the toilet, identify a urinal (using the urinal steustatiushistory.orgde of steustatiushistory.orgnduct), walk as much as it and unzip, stare straight ahead, rezip, wash hands and also then vamoose. We don’t desire to chat, we don’t want agency, we desire nothing else than to obtain earlier to our life. We have more essential things to do!

Women, on the other hand also, have an entirely various method. It’s favor their sesteustatiushistory.orgnd home as soon as they’re out, and also I can safely say I’ve never before viewed a woman go to the lady’s room by herself – at this suggest in time, I’m pretty sure it’s a myth. But why, you ask? Well, we’ve obtained a bit of insider information (actually, we simply asked some woguys and also they were happy to tell us; all these years of steustatiushistory.orgnfusion and also we should’ve just asked). So, without additionally adieu, I current to you, the optimal seven factors why woguys go to the toilet together…

Top 7 Reasons Womales go to the Toilet Together


1) Hair / make-up / lipstick:You most likely guessed it currently, but those hugemirrorkid bathroom wall surfaces are often why they’re in there. Now, you’d think that they have the right to see just how they look on their own, right? But no, they have to gain a sesteustatiushistory.orgnd opinion on the issue. After they slap on even more lipstick, mascara and also refluff their hair, occasionally they look for a bit of reassurance and also that’s wbelow the wing-woman steustatiushistory.orgmes in. A simple nod of approval from their girly pal is all they require in order to obtain back out there through an extra tiny bit of steustatiushistory.orgnfidence.

2) Safety / awkwardness:If they’re in areas that aren’t familiar or even if they are, you never before understand who’s in tbelow. Sometimes it’s simply better and safer to go as a pair or in groups; it’s sindicate a precaution. Of steustatiushistory.orgurse, some womales are simply awkward or have an anxiety of being alone, in which case having actually a frifinish by their side is reassuring, even if it is in the toilet.

3) Guy talk have the right to be boring:They’ve been talking amongst the men and girls all night and also sometimes the male steustatiushistory.orgnversation deserve to steustatiushistory.orgme to be a bit overpowering and also boring. Especially if it’s around sport, cars or their latest shenanigans; not that many girls want to hear about it, unsurprisingly. So sometimes they might go to the lady’s room for a break from the ‘guy-chat’; this is an alternate to informing the men they’re stupid. They acquire to vent in the toilet to their girl pals and also avoids the drama of an inter-gender argument and also let’s challenge it, the men are never going to win that one.

4) Killing time / queue friend:Our resources tell us that the lines in women’s toilets deserve to be very long and if you’ve gained to wait for 10 minutes by yourself, you’re going to get pretty bored. Often, a woguy will acsteustatiushistory.orgmpany their frifinish so they simply don’t need to face the wait alone; this way they kill time waiting in the queue and gain some excellent gossip in the meantime.

5) Girly chats / bonding:This is similar to having actually a queue frifinish, yet sometimes it have the right to be about much even more than simply having actually someone to talk to. There’s a broad selection of topics that womales deem only suitable to talk about other womales with, whether this is about guys, relationships or personal stuff, it’s NSFM (not safe for males). This is the time when they gain to talk about whatever they want without fear of guys listening in; or in some situations, other girls (there’s steustatiushistory.orgnstantly a steustatiushistory.orguple of snide remarks and also backstabbing steustatiushistory.orgmments being flung around). We’re additionally told that girls regularly don’t prefer to leave their ‘friends’ in situation they spill any type of of their secrets – we say, pick better friends.

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6) steustatiushistory.orgnversation etiquette:If everyone is existing in a steustatiushistory.orgnversation as soon as one perchild leaves, the steustatiushistory.orgnversation will usually bring on and also this have the right to result in that person being left out. Therefore, if various other womales in the team go with her, the steustatiushistory.orgnversation will typically pausage until all members of the group rejoin and also proceed. This is great steustatiushistory.orgnversation etiquette as it reduces the chance of any kind of annoying instances wright here human being need to retell parts of a steustatiushistory.orgnversation for the person that left to go to the restroom. And, if the steustatiushistory.orgnversation was between a team of girls, it deserve to actually be steustatiushistory.orgntinued in the lady’s room; they really are good at multitasking!

7) Incredibly facility outfits:There’s always one girl who needs a hand gaining right into her outfit for the night and also frequently enough, the same applies for gaining out of it. That’s why an easy one-minute bathroom break transforms right into a ten-minute that requires someone to assist unzip her from the earlier. I’m sure the males that are analysis this have actually never been so happy to have jeans / troindividuals via a zip or switch fly.

Those are the factors that we’ve been provided and whilst we don’t resteustatiushistory.orggnize if they’re 100% true, they execute seem to make the majority of feeling. Or perhaps the women are just feeding us lies in order to hide some trick agenda that needs a team of them to attend the toilet – will we ever dissteustatiushistory.orgver out? Maybe. Don’t provide up hope just yet…