I honor the american flag bereason of the world that fought for it. We dealt with for this flag to offer us self-reliance. People combated for our flag learning they can have passed away. This flag represents the original thirteen swarms and also the fifty states. The colors on the flag also indicate us Americans. Red represents valor. Blue represents perseverance and justice. White represents purity. This flag is crucial that we have flag day is vital that we have flag day to celebrate the fostering of our flag.

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We celebrate the adoption of our flag. We celebrate the amerihave the right to flag, because of all the trouble that world went via for us to have actually it. This flag is very important, because it represents our freedom and liberty for our country. I honor my american flag bereason of the males and also woguys that did so a lot for us, they were the first responders.

Our flag unites our country and how strong we are. The american flag let’s our land be pride.

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Pride in democracy, possibility, and also freedom. It represents the bravery and also sacrifice that men and also woguys had made. This flag was made to represent our love for our country. We honor the American flag bereason of the human being that battled for it. I honor the Amerideserve to flag, bereason of exactly how people dealt with for it and now they could have actually lost their life. I honor the Amerideserve to flag, because exactly how it shows our independence.

I honor the American flag bereason it shows just how strong our country is.

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Our country’s flag is the one that stands higher than all the others. The American flag reflects our flexibility and freedom. The Amerideserve to flag is extremely vital bereason it mirrors the people who dealt with for it and the flexibility we have. The American flag represents our freedom and liberty. America honors the Amerihave the right to flag because it shows our liberty.

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