All over this blog, you’ll notification I say that I was a PT for nearly ten years, so you could be wondering why I quit being a personal trainer?

In this write-up, I will certainly completely explain my reasons for leaving the profession after a fairly lengthy and successful career.

By the moment you’ve finimelted reading, you will certainly understand some of the a lot of prevalent reasons pt’s quit and how you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Sound good?

Let’s go…

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Top ten reasons I quit being a personal trainer

1. Super long hours


Working as a PT is good fun don’t acquire me wrong, however the hours you will certainly work-related are crazy!

I was functioning on average 20-30 hours per week, and also you’re more than likely reasoning “that sounds great, I’m working way more than that in my present job”.

Thing is, I was functioning 20-30 per week that I was getting passist for, I remained in the gym for many more hrs than that waiting for my next sessions or trying to pick up new clients.

In truth, a 20-30 hour working week may become even more like 45-50 hrs spent in the gym.

It’s not only the number of hrs you’ll spfinish in the gym but it’s the times you will be gaining in and also leaving.

Most trainers have actually clients in the at an early stage morning, mid-day and evenings. This suggests you could well be getting up at 5am for your initially 6am client and also not leaving the gym until 9pm after your last evening session.

For a few months, this isn’t also negative, but after several years it starts to really grind you down and you can feel like you desire to go earlier to a regular 9-5 task just so you at leastern gain continual hrs.

How to resolve it!

Organise, organise organise!

Working these kinds of hours sucks! So nip it in the bud. When you are booking in clients for complimentary sessions, make sure they are booked in for times once you are easily accessible. Decide what hours you desire to occupational and also be in the gym at those times. Fill your diary up with as many sessions as possible in the hours that you desire to occupational.

You will certainly should occupational harder than 90% of the various other trainers to accomplish this because it’s a lot harder to pick up clients in the quieter durations of the day, yet I can assure you that it’s completely worth it.

If you try to do this when you currently have actually a complete client base, it’ll be really tough and also you’ll gain some frustrated deals with looking at you when you suggest moving your clients’ session times.

2. Low income


“But those training service providers promised you would certainly be earning numerous hundreds of pounds a year didn’t they?” So just how come eincredibly personal trainer you’ve met hasn’t obtained a Porche and two houses?

It’s easy, you won’t earn as much as you you have been brought about believe. Sure, you can earn a crazy amount as I explain in my article:

How to quickly earn 100K a year as an individual trainer

But the truth is that if you are employed in a gym, you will certainly just take a small cut of each session you take and also if you are self-employed you will have actually a chunky rent to pay at the finish of each month (even more on that later).

So the only way many trainers deserve to think to make even more money is to train more clients. More clients, amounts to even more time in the gym, more time invested trying to pick up clients and even more fatigue.

Not what we are after!

How to settle it

Charge more.

It’s exceptionally tough telling your present clients that they should pay more for their sessions, so it’s much less complicated to have actually all your brand-new clients paying more.

Starting at £50 an hour in the middle of a city is pretty reasonable (aacquire you will check out why later on as soon as we start talking about rent), however if you want to succeed, you will have to charge even more for your services.

Once you have actually a decent session base of say 15 per week, you must start to charge £60 per hour for all brand-new clients. Say you acquire another 10 sessions per week to acquire you to a (very) realistic 25 hrs per week, you will certainly have actually got an added £100 per week than you would certainly have actually if you’d remained at the same price.

£1250 or £1350? I recognize which I’d favor for exactly the very same amount of work. And remember, for every client that you shed (and you will certainly, however it’s cool, it happens) you deserve to relocation these with all new clients that you charge £60 an hour.

If you had 25 sessions a week at £60 an hour, you’re gaining £1,500 a week and £6000 a month!


3. Difficult clients


You aren’t going to love all your clients, you just aren’t.

You can love most of your clients, yet tbelow will certainly be some that you actually would really rather hope don’t buy from you.

See, what you won’t hear from other posts is that as soon as you pick up a customer, you might have just had actually forty or so minutes through them prior to they authorize up through you, and also this is not enough time to really acquire to recognize someone.

They could start off looking like the perfect client, however after 2 or three cancelled sessions or a entirety bunch of complaining around eextremely exercise your prescribe, you can start to see them a tiny in different ways.

It’s crazy, but also one or two poor sessions can really wreck your week and carry you dvery own. You never want to be in the position where you feel relief after gaining via a session through a particularly unpleasant client, the money really isn’t worth the stress.

How to solve it

Sack them!

Ok, so probably you can’t sack all the clients you don’t like directly ameans, you do should pay for rent and also things till you are settled after all, yet as soon as you are settled I would certainly recommfinish you try to pass these clients onto various other trainers if they desire to bring on training.

Tright here will certainly be no shortage at all of various other desperate trainers you deserve to pass these human being off to and they will definitely be grateful for the added income. You don’t need to feel bad around this, not everyone gets on together, so if you think a trainer would job-related much better via your client than you, everyone might be better off.

It might seem crazy to think that tright here would ever be a suggest where you are giving amethod clients, but when you are put up and also have actually a great client base establiburned, you deserve to drastically improve your working week but just removing a couple of of these “problem” clients.

After you have actually done this, you are left through only training people you really get on with, and also that’s a pretty excellent case to be in.

4. Expensive gym rent


When I say expensive, I expect really expensive!

I won’t say what firm I was renting the gym space from simply in instance, however it’s a pretty famous gym chain in the UK and also I was being charged almost £1000 a month to usage the framework.

I expect, c’mon!

Being charged £1000 to go to job-related sucks big time, and also I understand they would certainly say that once you balance out the expense of a personal training session at £50 with £1000 worth of rent, you just must do 5 sessions a week to cover this, yet still, it have the right to be pretty demoralizing understanding that £12,000 a year of your income is being lost to renting the gym you are using.

Even if you are training the majority of world each week, say 25, then that’s still five hours of job-related that is all just offsetting the prices of the gym rent.

That have the right to really hurt, and if you discover yourself shedding a couple of clients, it really doesn’t take a lot for that weekly rent to begin really stressing you out.

If you understand that you should pick up clients simply to cover the expense of the gym rent, you can begin to look desperate and what could be your next potential client can smell that fear from a mile away!

How to solve it

The obvious choice is to leave that gym and also look for one with either a cheaper rent or go entirely freelance and also begin training world in their houses rather.

Would I imply this?

No, I wouldn’t.

What I would suggest instead is providing it everything you’ve acquired. 20-25 sessions a week is very do-able if you really put your mind to it.

It may help to imagine that if you were a city worker, you might pay £3-4k a year on a yearly on travel card, so other people carry out should pay to go to work-related too.

Basically, try not to think about it too a lot. If the gym is charging you a lot of rent, it’s most likely because they have many client potential bereason they are situated in a wealthy area or they simply have lots of members.

That’s why you should be cautious around relocating to a cheaper gym, I’ve made that mistake prior to, cheaper gym=much less members and also members through much less money. You’ll pay less each month, and also you’ll likewise earn a lot much less as well.

5. Too much selling

Don’t like marketing to people?

Well, you’re going to need to learn to enjoy it and also acquire great at it pretty quick!

I’ve obtained a harsh reality for you, world will certainly not come approximately you in the gym and also ask for training, it simply doesn’t occur. I think in virtually ten years of being a personal trainer, it taken place to among my friends when, not me, among my friends.

It’s very rare that someone involves you for training, which you indicates you need to go to them. You have to interrupt their workout, you should convince them they require your solutions, book them into a taster session and also then go in for the sale at the end of that session hoping they will certainly buy.

It’s exhausting!

Your training provider will certainly most likely have not even mentioned just how tough it is to offer to human being in a gym atmosphere, I absolutely can’t remember any kind of part of my training where I was taught to sell. It’s most likely why so many type of PT’s quit yearly, they had actually no principle how to sell!

How to settle it

Practise it…..

……….. ALL..THE..TIME!

You need to go out onto that gym floor and acquire offered to talking to human being, gain provided to being rejected and also get offered to asking people to dedicate their time to you.

You will certainly most likely hate doing this for the first few weeks, but it really does become less and also less of a difficulty after a while.

The means I tackled it wregarding see just how many civilization I might talk to each day and also made sure I spoke to at leastern that many type of civilization the next day and also hopefully include a secondary 1-2 people each day.

By doing this you are exposing yourself to rejection so frequently that you really begin to not care around it at all, you just brush it off and also move onto the next perboy.

I’m quite a shy, introverted man mainly, so I was surprised at just just how ok I end up being via being rejected choose this. I also made it part of the game to see how many kind of times I acquired rejected in a day (although it was obviously not what I was really looking to achieve) bereason it really takes the sting out of it.

Never take it personally, it isn’t, because these human being don’t understand you, tright here are a ton of factors they could not want a trainer.

There are additionally a pair of really good publications that assisted me learn exactly how to market personal training, I’ll put the Amazon attach on among my favourites below, it wasn’t expensive or facility, however it reinserted the absent part of the puzzle from the training courses.

Selling Personal Training: How To Make the Many of Your Personal Training

6. Tons of rejection

If you review the previous allude, you will certainly check out that I said you need to get supplied to being rejected as component of the sales procedure, yet that’s simply the tip of the iceberg, that’s why it requirements a suggest to itself.

You will get rejected on the gym floor whilst you are trying to technique civilization, you will be rejected when you attempt to go in for the sale at the finish of the taster session and you will obtain rejected once you ask your client if they would prefer to proceed training via you.

It happens all the time and it deserve to conveniently acquire you dvery own (one more reason I think the majority of PT’s quit in their first year.

Some people are normally excellent at being rejected and also shaking it off (Taylor Swift style), but I recognize that at the begin of my career, it really hit me tough, I wondered about everything I was doing, the method I was approaching people, the points I was saying and also how I was holding myself.

What I learned is that namong this really mattered as a lot as I believed it did.

How to settle it

Start looking at these human being as if it were you being approached by a PT. Would you immediately be thrilled and also start begging them for training sessions? Pretty unmost likely isn’t it?

Put yourself in their shoes and you will view that all they are trying to perform is have a workout and they are being interrupted by someone trying to sell them somepoint.

See it from their position and you will no longer come to be hurt once you obtain rejected bereason you recognize that it’s probably specifically what you would certainly carry out also. Can you honestly say that you have actually stopped and also talked to eexceptionally person in the street that “Just wanted a minute of your time”?

Didn’t think so.

The next thing to do is understand that a lot of these world don’t realise they require aid. As much as they are conscious they could be reasoning they are having actually a good workout but can be puzzled as to why after six months of coming to the gym three times a week, they look and feel specifically the very same.

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These are the world that need aid, and also really all you have to do is educate them and also teach exactly how they might be even more fertile in their workouts. This method, yes, they are paying for sessions, but you are conserving them months of training that will certainly have actually no result. That’s a pretty good offering point!

7. Feeling false

If you might only train world that you 100% kbrand-new were in despeprice need of your training, then whatever would certainly be so a lot simpler.

In reality, you will must acquire excellent at convincing people that can not necessarily require your assist that a lot, that they in fact do require it.

This deserve to occasionally make you feel choose you are taking money from human being that can not have that a lot to spare, to have the ability to pay your gym rent.

I know this didn’t sit well with me at all once I initially began, I felt as if I was almost robbing someone (simply really really really politely).

Knowing that you are walking approximately someone to correct their posture on a lat pulldvery own so that you deserve to book them right into a taster session, and not so you deserve to genuinely aid them get more out of their workout have the right to weigh heavily on some civilization.

How to deal with it

This ones actually pretty straightforward.


Tbelow you go, trouble solved.

And it’s true as well, it’s exceptionally rare that someone would have actually a better workout on their own than if they had actually a companion to help them train. Look roughly in the gyms, individual trainers are functioning out together all the moment.

If they might have a workout that was as efficient without assist, why would they be teaming up? It’s bereason they know having a training companion helps them push themselves harder, lift heavier, urges them and gets them results means even more efficiently than if they were on their very own.

This is all you are doing through via your clients, it’s just that they must pay for your time to assist them accomplish their goals much faster.

So tbelow you go, you never before must feel guilty about giving your services aget.

8. Wasted time

Get supplied to waiting, and waiting plenty!

I have the right to say through 100% confidence that you will spend a lot of your time waiting roughly in gyms.

You’ll be waiting for clients to arrive, waiting roughly for the following client if you acquire a cancellation (and also you’ll get plenty of cancellations) and also waiting for the quiet periods to finish so you can go out and teach a course or scout for clients.

It could seem fun to not have to carry out much in these durations, however remember, you job-related for yourself so you aren’t gaining passist for this time. If you aren’t doing somepoint, this time is literally being wasted and also it’s costing you!

If you’ve been to a gym that employs individual trainers, I have the right to pretty much guarantee you have watched among them sitting slumped in a chair scrolling via their phone. This is by no implies an unwidespread sight.

How to settle it

Tbelow must be no such thing as wasted time!

If you are going to be in a gym, you can too be doing somepoint in there, and scrolling via your social media prorecords for the tenth time that hour doesn’t count.

Remember you are paying to be in that place, so you might too obtain your monies worth.

If you have actually a free hour slot between clients, job-related out, go for a walk, scout for brand-new clients or be planning a strategy to pick up new clients so that you don’t have these totally free times.

I don’t think tright here is anypoint wrong with having actually an hour here and tright here cost-free, in reality, I would certainly encourage it so you have actually some downtime where you deserve to eat, exercise and also simply relax a little.

However, if you are having actually three or four-hour breaks in between clients, you need to readjust that. Either you should re-arvariety your clients so they are blocked closer together, or you must pick up even more clients.

If you have actually wasted time bereason you have actually no clients, then you obviously need even more of them, however if you have actually several cancellations, you either must talk to your clients around why they are cancelling so a lot or usage the time productively to create a much more lucrative organization for yourself.

9. No social life

Yeah this one’s hard.

Throughout your training course, I bet you heard the words “You can decide the hrs you work” at least at some point, or perhaps it was in their marketing material.

The idea of being able to decide what hrs you work is a huge offering suggest for a lot of training companies, yet in fact, it’s rarely true.

Your clients’ availcapacity will most likely dictate what hrs you work, and also in the early on steras of your career, before you have actually the confidence to start asking your clients to relocate around their session times to accommodate a far better working life for yourself, you may well have to job-related some seriously unsociable hrs.

Working late right into the evening and obtaining up super beforehand doesn’t leave much room for being sociable, and it can be tough on relationships too. I made sure that I operated in the city so that I at leastern didn’t have to occupational on the weekends, but still, from Monday to Friday, I just wasn’t easily accessible to check out my friends.

This can be seriously difficult on world who are sociable, and by definition, the majority of personal trainers are, after all, being a “human being person” is a vital ability to be effective in the function.

How to settle it

The excellent news is, this is commonly more of a difficulty in the at an early stage days of your career.

When I initially began, I remained in that gym from open to cshed Monday to Friday to pick up clients, yet after a year or so, I had actually a well-established client base that I had actually sufficient rapport accumulated with that I might ask them to relocate their sessions around to make my life simpler (I of courses didn’t say this was the factor why I required to move their sessions).

I chose that I didn’t mind being totally booked out almost all day from Monday to Thursday each day, but I wanted my whole Fridays off. Not a single client would certainly be trained by me on a Friday and I wouldn’t also step foot in a gym on a Friday, these were the terms I made to myself.

And I did it, I moved all my guys so that I had actually a totally totally free Friday each week, and it was AWESOME!

I could gain each long weekend completely guilt-cost-free, as I kbrand-new I had actually operated my butt off the remainder of the week. Yes, you might say that I was wasting a day that I was paying for in the gym, yet on these Fridays, I would certainly generally be working on side hustles, so it offered me time to make money in other ways. I taken into consideration it a fair trade-off.

So my reference would certainly be to carry out the same. Accept that in the beginning, things will be hard but ultimately you will certainly have the ability to arrange your sessions better and also acquire some cost-free time for yourself.

If you have the right to, I would advise functioning in a city to prevent needing to job-related weekends (the majority of of the bigger gyms in cities will be closed at the weekends), but if that’s not possible, then just be right via world, present them what times you have actually easily accessible and also describe they are the only times you have free.

This not just allows you to decide on the hours you job-related, but it also mirrors you are not desperate for clients, which will actually make it a lot easier to offer sessions.

10. Hard to invest/retire

Working in a traditional 9-5 job allows you kind out your pension pretty easily, which makes planning for your retirement also simpler.

In the UK your employer will certainly complement what you add to your pension each month, so by the moment you leave, you should have the ability to live a reasonably comfortable life.

Working as a freelance individual trainer provides you no such deluxe, as you will have actually no one yet yourself to organise your finances to make certain you have actually somepoint to fall earlier on should somepoint negative take place, or for as soon as you decide it’s time to retire.

If you are employed as an individual trainer, then you may still have the same benefits however execute examine this because if you are functioning on a zero-hours contract you may not be entitresulted in anypoint, so watch out!

I myself also like to invest in the stock industry as a backas much as my retirement plan, this is one more story in itself, yet it pays me monthly quantities in dividends which I re-invest so that I deserve to hopefully retire at an earlier age and also via even more to play through.

Retirement plans and investing are generally pushed to the earlier of many type of personal trainers minds, at their very own cost.

How to settle it

Firstly, you will need to obtain those clients in your books and paying you some decent cash, that’s your bread and also butter and you require that earnings, so job-related on filling up your diary and then slowly raising your hourly price.

Then, look for the advice of a financial advisor. You are not the first self-employed person to wonder around what their choices are in regards to retirement, so they will certainly certainly have the ability to offer you some great advice.

Things you have the right to start to do ideal away would be to take a small portion out of eexceptionally payment you take, and either investing it wisely in the stock market (seek advice around this, don’t simply invest and also hope for the best) or erected a savings account that is specifically for the purpose of your retirement.

You should of course be doing somepoint similar so that you can pay your taxes each year anymethod, so another account would certainly simply be in enhancement to this. Only take out what you can currently afford, don’t live off noodles just so you can put amethod 30% of your money right into your plans, begin via 5% or 10% of each payment or whatever before your advisor…….advises.

The main thing is to make sure you are putting something ameans, the majority of trainers (specifically ones in their 20’s) forget to do this. Start at an early stage, obtain into the halittle bit and also make it component of your organization. You are on your very own once you are self-employed, so you should remember to look after yourself not just for currently, yet for the future also.


So there you go, these are the top ten reasons that if I didn’t need to quit individual training bereason of my wellness, I more than likely would have anyway.

The cool point is, all of these issues are fixable, if you have the right to, try to start your career by making use of the methods above, however if you are already 6 months (or longer) into your career, don’t worry, tbelow is still time to make these changes.

You could be wondering why I didn’t use the methods described above whilst I was working as a trainer? And the answer is….. retrospect.

Sometimes it’s just after you leave a instance that you truly understand what was emerging, currently that I have actually left the market, I deserve to entirely view exactly how I might have easily fixed these concerns.

So learn from my mistakes and don’t make the very same ones yourself!

Go gain ’em!

If you took pleasure in this article and also feel it could aid others, please feel free to share it or attach ago to it.

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