I have actually heard that we deserve to maximize the pressure by minimizing the moment of impact in a punch.

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If that is true, the paradox is if we boost the moment of contact through the exact same amount of force still we boost the impulse. Which is even more reelevant pressure or impulse?



Just to clarify, impulse is pressure times time. Which one matters counts on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want to propell a sphere thru the air, then it"s the impulse that matters. Note that a sphere whacked for a brief time by a bat at high force have the right to go additionally than you can throw by applying reduced force and also a lot much longer time.

If you are trying to break a board through a karate chop, it is mostly the force that matters. Once the board has cracked, which happens quickly due to the shock wave, additional used force is of bit advantage.


impulse is what you feel and pressure is what you get. A whip feels even more than a punch. If punch is yielded via the same rate as whip and then the hand is withdrawn ago quickly then tbelow is no doubt punch will be more efficient.. yet withdrawing the hand instantaneously is hard almost, by minimizing the time of contact, almost speaking your punch will not be in contact via the object.. while a reminder of a whip is light, fast and also flexible and also through the least time it can provide all the pressure.. in a karate chop we use blade or knife hand, not a punch.. Comparatively a karate chop(knife hand has actually less area) than a punch.. so it have the right to deliver the total pressure completely in less amount of time than the punch..


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