Answer. yessss bec. in periodic table it is put in such an order that its reactivity is higher than calcium and also additionally its atomic no. is higher than calcium so it has actually even more no. of electrons so it is more reactive….

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Why is magnesium highly reactive?

Magnesium atoms typically lose 2 electrons to develop chemical compounds. A reactive complicated has actually finally been made in which magnesium keeps every one of its electrons, and which can be thought of as a soluble form of the metal.

Why is magnesium much less reactive than sodium?

Sodium quickly lose electrons than magnesium and also acquire oxidized to conveniently. Sodium via atomic variety of 11 has digital configuration of 2,8 ,1. hence it hregarding shed one electron to obtain noble gas configuration whereas Magnesium through atomic number of 12 has electronic configuration of 2,8, 2.

Which facet is more reenergetic than magnesium?

Thus, calcium is even more reenergetic than magnesium because the valence electrons on the calcium atom is farther from the nucleus. In other words, calcium is more electropositive than magnesium.

Why is sodium so reactive?

Sodium on the opposite side of the table has the opposite properties. Its single outer electron makes the metal extremely reactive and prepared to combine via others at the initially chance – such as the minute the steel hits water.

Which facet is more reactive sodium or aluminum?

As it is easy to shed one electron than 3 electrons therefore sodium loses one electron quickly in any reaction than aluminum so sodium is even more reactive than aluminum.

Why is magnesium more reactive than Aluminium?

This is bereason its protective aluminium oxide layer makes it show up to be much less reenergetic than it really is….The retask series.

ElementReaction with dilute acids
ZincMore slowly
IronMore progressively than zinc
CopperVery slowly

What is the most and leastern reenergetic metal?

Silver, gold, and platinum are metals through the least reactivity. The metals with high reactive series in the above table additionally indicates that reverse reaction is a little bit difficult procedure.Reactions are mostly Exothermic in case of very reactive metals.The reaction takes location quick in extremely reenergetic metals.

Which of the complying with is extremely reactive metal?

The ionization enthalpy of potassium is minimum. It is the the majority of electropositive and also many reactive steel. It reacts through air and also water strongly.

What is the a lot of reenergetic metal group?

Alkali Metals

Which is even more reenergetic gold or platinum?

The even more reenergetic the steel, the more quick the reactivity is. Platinum is put below gold in the retask series.

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Does platinum react?

Platinum is chemically inert and also will not oxidize in air at any type of temperature. It is resistant to acids and is not struck by any kind of single mineral acid however dissolves readily in aqua regia. The steel is rapidly struck by fused alkali oxides and also by peroxides and will react with fluorine and also, at red warm, through chlorine.