O lord. Here we go aget. Anvarious other innocent young man was eliminated and police did it because he’s black. Or, hear me out, because he ran from them and also swarm at them.

Crazy I know.

Earlier this week Dreasjon Reed live streamed his very own fatal police shooting.

Here is the complete stream

He was driving choose an a-hole, a web traffic stop was initiated, he ran, and also gained into a gun battle through the cops. The Indianapolis police chief came out and also said he did exreadjust gunfire through police prior to being killed. Ballistics display that Reed’s gun was fired at least twice and shell casings from two various firearms were respanned from the scene. No police were harmed.

The chief additionally explained the weapon recovered:

It is a distinct-looking gun via an orange slide and elongated brick. We are aware of photos reflecting (Reed) holding a comparable distinct-looking weapon on social media sites

That’s a pretty solid description. Here are some more pictures of Reed…

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and right here is a still swarm from the FB stream:


I think it’s safe to say that is his gun, and also also the gun respanned at the scene.

Let’s not forget the video he filmed of himself using the gun to execute a drive-by and indiscriminately shoot right into people’s houses:

The gun in his waist band, precisely wbelow it is in previously images of him posing, as he was running from police. This frame is secs before he was tased and shot.


Some various other little display shots reflecting his character:

People are additionally upset that a detective walked approximately Reed’s body after the shooting and shelp “Think it’s going to be a closed casket, homie”

Make what you will certainly of that. Poor taste, probably some gallows humor. Point being, I’m pretty confident that he was shooting at police as soon as he was swarm.

I think that it’s safe to say that the (black) chief of police, the (black) officer that did the shooting, the whole command also staff, an additional agencies forensic team, and also the various other firm doing the examination aren’t in on this together, trying to cover up an innocent man swarm dvery own for no excellent factor.

Video coming quickly.

May 8, 2020
Cody Garrett
May 1, 2020
Cody Garrett
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May 1, 2020

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Cody Garrett

What the f**k does that title suppose, amirite?

We’ll acquire into that.

Hi everyone, Donut below.

I haven’t composed anypoint even more than 280 characters for public consumption considering that 2016. At the time I had just quit policing to pursue YouTube and worked for the “news” webwebsite called Bluelivesissue.com to make ends meet. I composed a little over 300 articles with a few of them being regarded numerous times.

I think my most renowned short article was about the Keith Scott shooting in Charlotte, NC, which brought about a number of millions of dollars worth of damages to the City of Charlotte from the taking place riots. People were throwing cinder blocks off of overpasses onto innocent vehicle drivers on the interstate, burning random cars. and of course looting Walmart. You can’t have a good riot without Walmart being looted.

The shooting ended up being 100% justified and I supplied the occurrence as an example to present how negative the media can f**k points up for a buck or 2. Yes, I did put my tinfoil hat on and talk around George Soros a tiny little bit. I also made a pretty sweet little bit video about the whole point referred to as with Alfred (Batman’s Alfred) dropping some bomb ass understanding.

That was my glory days of creating for public consumption.

There’s no genuine direction for this blog. It’s going to mainly be a area wright here I share cool shit I uncover on the internet.

My favorite point that I have actually uncovered on the internet this day is Spurious Correlation, a phenomenon wright here 2 unconnected events coincidentally take place in the same pattern over time.