Truck chauffeurs that pertained to the Mytee Products website trying to find a shiny metal rack to mount to the backs of their cabs will discover what they’re searching for under the ‘headache racks’ area of our webwebsite. Yes, we contact them headache racks. Others call them cab racks. Does the name really matter? That depends on that you ask.

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No one really knows how the headache rack gained its name. We can just surmise that the name originates from the rack’s capacity to protect a driver from cargo that shifts forward in the time of transit. But that’s assuming the headache rack name first used to the racks on 18 wheelers. But maybe that is not the case.

At any type of price, the suggest is that we all know what headache racks execute regardmuch less of what they are referred to as. The name is only essential if you attract a difference between pickup truck and also 18-wheeler models. Some world perform view a distinction.


Big Rigs vs. Pickup Trucks

Say the word ‘truck’ among a team of human being and also those approximately you will not necessarily know if you are talking about a big rig or a pickup. The word is quite generic. Thus, differences in between trucks have actually given increase to different opinions about headache racks and also cab racks.

For those that view a difference, the headache rack applies to a pickup truck while a cab rack applies to a large rig. Why? Once aget, no one knows for certain. One feasible explacountry is that manufacturers of aftermarket parts for pickup trucks have actually co-opted the headache rack term. Not wishing to be associated with pickup trucks, manufacturers of substantial rig racks have actually settled on the cab rack name.

Let us assume such a difference is worth maintaining. That would certainly suggest a far-reaching difference in the two kinds of racks. A headache rack created a pickup truck is going to be much smaller sized – and also that is simply for starters. It is also not going to be qualified of withstanding as a lot force. You wouldn’t expect it to, offered the comparably light tons pickup trucks carry.

On the various other hand, a cab rack on the ago of an 18-wheeler is going to be a lot bigger and also more powerful. It has to have the ability to withstand the pressure of countless pounds of cargo being slammed against it. But tright here is another difference too: a large rig’s cab rack also hregarding sell some storage usability also.

A Place for Those Chains and also Straps

Tractor trailers are restricted in regards to their complete allowable weight. So if you’re including a headache rack to the back of your Peterbilt, for instance, you need to account for the weight of the rack when calculating the full weight of the rig. You want to keep the weight as low as feasible in order to maximize the amount of cargo you deserve to bring. Because of this, you suppose your headache rack to perform dual duty.

There are some tractor-trailer racks that are nopoint more than steel plates through a pair of hooks for hanging chains and also straps. But tright here are others with integrated storage area for whatever from chains and also straps to ratchets and also winches. Some have storage compartments huge enough to accommodate truck tarps. You will certainly not discover that type of storage in a pickup truck design.

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In the finish, the name doesn’t really matter as lengthy as you acquire what you require. Mytee Products has what you are searching for. We invite you to browse our selection of headache racks and also toolboxes.