It is a good blessing to live at a time once we have actually a prophet upon the earth to lead us and also testify of truth. “Prophets now testify of Jesus Christ and teach His gospel. They make recognized God’s will and true character. They stop boldly and clearly, denouncing sin and also warning of its consequences. … You can always trust the living prophets. Their teachings reflect the will certainly of the Lord” (True to the Faith, p. 129).

As paleas and Young Womales leaders, we teach our youth the doctrine in relation to prophets, but we have to also teach and exemplify the prestige of complying with the prophet. As a general presidency we have actually been counseled to keep the youth of the Church riveted on the prophet and those we sustain as prophets, seers and revelators. When we perform so, and also continually use their messeras of fact in our lives, we will be blessed and safeguarded.

Pres. Thomas S. Monboy and Pres. Henry B. Eyring at the Cebu Philippines Temple cultural program. Credit: Photo by Gerry Avant

My testimony of the prophet and also various other leaders, and also my capability to feel the heart of their messeras, has enhanced as I have actually pertained to recognize even more about their resides and ministry. Prophets and apostles were ready for their callings via a lifetime of dedicated service. Find Out around them by analysis the Church News, Enauthorize, New Period, Frifinish, and “Prophets and Apostles Stop Today” found on

In Young Womales, encourage discovering around the prophets as a part of Personal Progress, Sunday lessons and also activities. Recently, I heard a member of a stake presidency share a defining moment in his life because of a Mutual activity and also discovering the words of a prophet. His ward was perdeveloping a play based upon the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He had actually been offered the function of Joseph. He was about 17 or 18 years old at the moment. He redubbed the many kind of harried play techniques and also then the night of the performance seemed favor a miracle. He stood on stage and also began to repoint out the Prophet Joseph Smith’s inspired words, “I had actually checked out a light, and in the midst of that light I saw two Personages, and also they did in truth stop to me; and also though I was hated and persecuted for saying that I had seen a vision, yet it was true. … For I had watched a vision; I knew it, and also I kbrand-new that God knew it and also I can not deny it” (Joseph Smith History 1:25). He had review and heard Joseph’s testimony numerous times. But once he yielded those lines, he felt the Spirit come in such an effective and confirming manner. He kbrand-new the Church was true. He kbrand-new he wanted to serve a mission. Being in that play strengthened his testimony. His youth leaders, years earlier, provided an task which President Monson has taught us builds belief and also testimony in youth. We deserve to execute the very same.

Live and use their prophetic teachings in our everyday life

When you listen to or review a prophetic message and also you momentarily think to yourself, “That would be a good idea,” you are being prompted by the Holy Ghost to live by or use a prophetic teaching in your life. I witnessed this applied in a Young Woguys in Excellence routine. A heavily underlined, paperago copy of the Book of Mormon was presented via Natalie’s name by the book. When it was Natalie’s turn to talk around her suffer, she related how she had check out around Elder Quentin L. Cook’s endure as a missionary in England also. His mission president asked him to gain a paperago copy of the Book of Mormon and also a red pencil and also underline every one of the references to the Savior, His mission, and teachings as he review. Elder Chef shared exactly how important this suffer was in strengthening his testimony. Natalie said, “I heard him share this story and I thought to myself, ‘I could carry out that.’ I got a copy of the Publication of Mormon, a red marking pencil and I began analysis.” She shelp it took her a while to obtain the hang of it, but pretty soon it was as though every line was jumping out at her. “My book has actually red underlinings everywhere. I can’t express how crucial this experience has actually remained in strengthening my testimony of the Savior.” Natalie chose to act upon the teachings of a prophet to accomplish her Personal Progress project. “I have learned that once I listen to an apostle soptimal and also apply what they teach in my life, I’m blessed.” As leaders, we deserve to teach and also help all young woguys to perform the exact same.

It is my testimony that we are blessed to be guided by a prophet of God and also others who have been dubbed as prophets, seers and also revelators.

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As we learn to LISTEN, LEARN and LIVE prophetic messages, we are blessed. As parents and leaders, might we continually strengthen our testimony of our Savior and assist young woguys to do the exact same as they “Listen to a prophet’s voice, and hear the word of God” (Hymns, #21).