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Answer1) TCP is connection-oriented whereas UDP is connectionmuch less. UDP website traffic is blocked by the majority of of the firewalls(Firewall's implementation provides UDP blocked). So making use of TC…View the complete answer

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Transcribed picture text: 1. Why is it that voice and video web traffic is regularly sent out over TCP quite than UDP in today's Internet? (Hint: The answer we are in search of has nothing to carry out through TCP's congestion-control system.) 2. Suppose a process in Host C has a UDP socket through port number 6789. Suppose both Host A and Host B each sfinish a UDP segment to Host C with location port number 6789. Will both of these segments be directed to the exact same socket at Host C? If so, exactly how will the procedure at Host C recognize that these two segments originated from two different hosts? 3. In our rdt protocols, why did we have to present sequence numbers? And why did we need to introduce timers? 4. Suppose that a Internet server runs in Host C on port 80. Suppose this Internet server supplies persistent relations, and also is presently receiving requests from 2 different Hosts, A and also B. Are every one of the researches being sent out via the exact same socket at Host C? If they are being passed through different sockets, do both of the sockets have port 80? Discuss and also explain. 5. Consider the Telnet example debated in Section 3.5. A few seconds after the user types the letter 'C,' the user kinds the letter 'R.' After typing the letter 'R,' just how many kind of segments are sent, and also what is put in the sequence number and also acknowledgment fields of the segments? List the four wide classes of solutions that a deliver protocol deserve to provide. For each of the business classes, indicate if either UDP or TCP (or both) gives such a service. 6. 7. Consider an e-business site that wants to keep a purchase document for each of its customers. Describe how this have the right to be done with cookies. 8. In BitTorrent, expect Alice offers chunks to Bob throughout a 30-second interval. Will Bob necessarily return the favor and also administer chunks to Alice in this exact same interval? Why or why not? 9. The UDP server defined essential only one socket, whereas the TCP server essential two sockets. Why? If the TCP server were to support n simultaneous connections, each from a various client hold, exactly how many kind of sockets would certainly the TCP server need?