When Innistrad came out in the beginning of September 2011, the a lot of expensive card was "Liliana of the Veil", selling for a small over $25.

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This card retained this price for almost a month. On September 30th the price suddenly boosted - a week later on the price has currently doubled. This graph mirrors the advance.

What brought about this sudden increase? Has someone found a combo that is really strong or is tbelow a details deck that runs well and needs Liliana? I am asking bereason I was lucky and gained 2 of them from boosters and I wonder just how I might put them to good usage. I likewise want to usage this instance to learn around price development in trading card games as well.

Important Edit: Sorry men, I am pretty stupid... Innistrad came out on September 30th, not in the start... Mixed that up someexactly how. The boost began the day Innistrad was released. Thanks to Ian for pointing that out.

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Magic cards climb in price as soon as the pro players begin analysing the brand-new sets and also proposing that particular cards will certainly be vital players in the new Standard. I believe Liliana has attracted many favourable press, and also has actually appeared in some effective "Solar Flare" decklists at substantial occasions lately: of course people are going to jump on that bandwagon, in case she transforms out to the be the next significant tournament all-star Planeswalker.

Having said that, a cautionary word from channelfireball"s Traderous Instinct column:

Liliana of the Veil

Over the previous few days, Lilly has actually started making an end run towards Jace, the Mind Sculptor prices.

She’s out of stock both below and also at Star City, and if you desire her on eBay you’re going to have to spend at least $55.

If I had actually one for profession at the moment, I would be asking for approximately $70 worth of stuff in rerevolve.

While many kind of people instantly suggest to Jace as the noticeable comp for Liliana, a much better comparison is Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. That card debuted around $45 retail, and also had fallen to approximately $30-$35 by the first weekfinish it was tournament legal. The deck performed well, and also the card acquired $25-$30 in value overnight.

Yeah, civilization REALLY don’t desire to miss “the next Jace.”

Just like Tezzeret, though, Liliana is REALLY narrowhead. She is presently seeing Standard play, and I don’t intend that to change, but she doesn’t attract cards, bounce creatures, lock your opponent out of the game, and also then win the game favor Jace does.

The thing is, though, Magic players like to have actually fun – even tournament players. And for many kind of Spikes, fun is roughly tantamount to playing the many wonky, slow, toolsy manage deck that it’s feasible to crush the opplace via.

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Much prefer mono black regulate, human being REALLY want Solar Flare style decks to be excellent. So when two present up in the height 16 at an open up, game on!

Even if Solar Flare is tier-1, there’s no means Liliana holds a $60+ price tag for long. She’s only tbelow because she’s a planeswalker and we still haven’t really figure out exactly how to value those yet, 5 years after their inception. I recommfinish that you offer on Liliana right now and buy back in once the hype has passed away down somewhat.