ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The University of Michigan's sporting activities teams are inextricably connected to 2 specific colors: maize and also blue. But during the Michigan men's basketround team's NCAA Tournament run, a various color has stood out: pink.

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Several Wolverines wore pink sneakers throughout Michigan's two wins last week and will keep them for Thursday's Sweet 16 matchup via Texas Tech.

Thunstable Michigan's apparel contract with the Jordan brand, the players are offered a couple of different alternatives for the team shoe in the school's colors. But the whole team wore pink Jordans for the Feb. 16 residence game against Maryland in support of breastern cancer awareness.

Speaking in Des Moines, Iowa, between Michigan's initially two NCAA Tournament wins, sophoeven more Jordan Poole said, "Tright here is exceptionally little bit creative thinking that we are able to expush on this team." The implication was that the pink sneakers gave among those rare methods.

But Poole additionally sassist somepoint every various other Wolverine that wears them mentioned: "They're exceptionally comfortable."

The sneakers are the latest from Chris Paul's "CP3" Jordan line, and function a strap across the lower fifty percent of the laces.

"They're incredibly comfy," junior Jon Teske sassist inside Anaheim's Honda Center on Wednesday. "They're among the better shoes we've gained."

Fellow starters Zavier Simpchild and also Ignas Brazdeikis wore them in Des Moines also, making Charles Matthews the just starter not in pink.

"I prefer them. They stand out a little little," freshman Adrien Nuñez sassist. "The timing of which we gained them -- they're damaged in perfectly right currently. They simply stand also out. They're not the same maize and blue, grey."

Sophomore Luke Wilboy is superstitious. The Wolverines shed the game before Maryland also checked out, however they beat the Terrapins. "So I shelp, 'I'm going to wear them on eincredibly game day from right here on out,'" Wilboy shelp. He does not wear that at exercise or shoot-arounds.

Other players referenced the original motivation for the shoes. Asked why he ongoing to wear them after the Maryland game, freshmale David DeJulius shelp, "First and also foremost, what it stands for: breast cancer." DeJulius has a cousin who beat breast cancer and also knows many kind of others impacted. His classmate Brandon Johns Jr. sassist he, as well, knows world that have actually dealt with or are presently fighting breastern cancer.

Good causes and fashion statements aside, the pink basketball shoes are, at the finish of the day, still basketround shoes. High-level athletes have to have the ability to run, jump, and cut in them, so it's herbal that Johns made certain he added this:

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