Home to a devoted neighborhood of millions, Ubisoft"s acasserted tactical shooter is one of the many carefully honed digital multiplayer atmospheres on PS4 and PS5 consoles. If you’ve never played, your time is now – let us display you exactly how. 


What is Rainbow Six Siege?At its heart, Rainbow Six Siege is a high-precision, tactical shooter that prioritises mindful planning cooperation and also carefully tuned tactical play. 

Due to the fact that its release in 2015, the game has radically expanded, including additional maps, brand-new operators, tools, and themed seasonal events.

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The game has even undertaken major technical overhauls, allowing for more diverse character designs. 

Won"t I be out of my depth?

Let’s be actual, Siege has a high skill ceiling – top level play is hard – however for newcomers it’s no more demanding than any other game, so don’t sweat it.

If you’ve played an FPS in the past decade, you’ll currently have the basics dvery own. Beyond that, you’ll learn by doing. Experiment via Operators, weapon loadouts, devices, and also game modes to obtain a feel for your own style of play.

Cut your teeth in the Newcomer playlist, go-up against others at your level, and also check out simply how fast you outprosper it.


The game is separation right into two main pillars: PvE and PvP. Whichever you select to begin with, tbelow are a couple of basics you’ll have to wrap your head roughly.


PvE is split throughout 2 unique modes: ‘Situations’, where you hone your abilities in live-fire exercises, and also ‘Terrorist Hunt’ where you team up via friends to neutralise AI-regulated targets and also defuse high-hazard instances.


PvP is constructed on tactical 5-v-5 team play and also is spcheck out throughout a variety of scenarios wherein Red and Blue Team go up against one an additional to defusage bombs, rescue hosteras, or secure crucial locations. 

Attack and defense

All playable Operators are separated right into one of 2 categories: Attackers and also Defenders - each has actually a role to play and you’ll must understand both.


, as the name says, are the siege pressure, charged through bgetting to, clearing, and also securing the objective. Their tools are tuned to this effect, consisting of a all set supply of ballistics, reconnaissance equipment, and also crowd manage weaponry. 


Defenders must withhost the objective, reinforcing the building’s gateways and also fortifying key areas throughout the map. Aacquire, their gadgets incorporate armor and also medic abilities to store allies standing, and intel gathering & denial tools to block adversary reconnaissance.

That counts on just how you play. Do you favor an armored juggernaut or a spry tactician? Do you choose to attack or defend? Start through these inquiries and also work from tright here.

All Operators have a balance in between armor and agility – the even more you have of one, the less you’ll have of the various other. And eincredibly device is distinct to the Operator: remote drones for scouting, resuscitation aids to revive your comrades, or a hulking sledgehammer to range in doors…

Experiment through gadgets, customize tools, and also discover out what suits you; the roster is only getting bigger, so whatever before your style tright here is an Operator to suit you.

Rainbow Six Siege boasts a vast selection of maps and no 2 are fairly alike, varying in range, design, area, and time of day. From picturesque submetropolitan homes to besieged consulates, eexceptionally location offers a various obstacle.

Making an entranceBesides their complex style, tactics are mixed up additionally by the game’s destructible environments. Entire walls and also floors have the right to be torn out by ballistics, smamelted through through sledgehammers or pitted with peepholes by gunfire. Tbelow are very few locations you’ll be truly safe and little bit chance you’ll ever before endure the same map the exact same method twice. 

Digging inDefenders are equipped with blast-proof shutters that can be deployed at will to reinpressure doors, walls, home windows, and also hatches. If you’re on the attacking team, don’t be surprised if you uncover your favorite breach point blocked by a bulletproof bulwark.

From over or belowAlmost eextremely location has multiple points of access and egress, enabling attackers to sneak in via basements and also hatches, or repel down from rooftops before kicking in home windows or skylights. Surprise is a key weapon, so save an eye on floors and also ceilings.

In PvP play your team should complete one of 3 objectives to take the complement, each via certain parameters.

Hophase RescueThe attacking team is charged with entering the location and also securing a solitary hostage that need to be escorted out of array. The defenders should proccasion the rescue without killing the hophase – if the hostage dies, the side responsible loses.

Bomb DefusalA member of the attacking team is assigned a bomb defusal kit which they need to plant on among 2 goals covert within the map. Once planted, they need to safeguard it until the defusal is finish. The defending team must stop them by fortifying the objective, neutralising the opposition or neutralising the defusal kit carrier.

Secure AreaThe attacking team should locate and also occupy a specific room within the map and also host it for a addressed amount of time. The defending team have to obstruct them, either by fortifying the area or neutralising their opponents before the moment is up.

Rainbow Six Siege is designed to expand as you play, rewarding success with new methods, equipment, and also Operators.

RenownYou’ll earn Renown for just around every little thing you execute in Rainbow Six Siege, from completing your standard training to taking down the ideal players in intense ranked matches. Renown works as a universal currency permitting you to expand also and also customise your roster, buying brand-new weapons and attachments, cosmetic skins, or unlocking added Operators.

R6 CreditsIf you’re looking to gain ahead, you can also purchase a premium money from the in-game save, well-known as R6 Credits. Not only do these allow you to purchase a pick array of premium weapon skins, they also let you buy Renvery own Boosters that quick track your progress or unlock brand-new Operators.

Battle PassesNew content have the right to be earned every seakid with Battle Passes. You"ll automatically earn rewards from the totally free track of the Battle Pass each seakid - or you deserve to unlock additional premium track, including that season"s operator by upgrading to the premium track.

You have the right to purchase the premium track via R6 Credits by clicking the Battle Pass tile on the Home Screen.

1. Keep an open up mindEexceptionally place has dozens of viable ideologies, each favoring certain playlayouts, so don’t lock yourself into repeated trends. Between the expensive variety of Operators and also the layered, destructible settings, among your ideal weapons is creative thinking.

2. Communicate through your teamSiege locations a solid focus on team play. Attempting to play the lone wolf will certainly make life harder than it requirements to be. Collaboprice through teammates to surround the opplace and also pull off clean, decisive operations.

3. Adapt your loadoutAll your weapons and tools deserve to be tweaked to suit your playstyle. Experiment via your equipment and also optimize your loadout as you go.

4. Stay functional and also responsiveEven a well-prepared strategy can go awry. Think on your feet and be ready to respond conveniently quite than doubling down. Several of your finest plays will certainly be the ones that came to you in a mad flash.

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