UPDATE: Here’s an upday for the Galaxy S6 quicker battery drain issue. The complying with tips to fix Galaxy S6 battery drainpipe worry are currently the finest choices. You deserve to likewise read the previous fixes which are still pertinent.

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Tips To Fix Galaxy S6 Fast Battery Drain

Disable “Briefing”. Why? “Briefing” hregarding constantly auto-connect to obtain the latest news. This, in turn, drains your Galaxy S6’sbattery.Uninstall RAM cleaner apps. Why? The consistent moving of data back and forth from and also into your RAM storage puts a strain on the S6 battery and mechanism.Disable LTE. 3G netfunctions are still rapid. 4G/LTE calls for even more sources to feature.Adjust Backlight Brightness. Try not to use more than 60% backlight on your Galaxy S6. The greater the brightness settings, the even more battery power your phone hregarding usage.Disable S-Health and also S-Voice. Trackers are good. However, they collect information 24/7. Once enabled, they use your battery and increase battery drain.Disable Pop-ups and Notifications. I describe Twitter, Facebook, and so on notifications. Each time you receive a game or app notice, you use up the remaining battery life on your phone. Try disabling the ones you absolutely perform not need.

Before you relocate on to the remainder of the post if important, do remember that the Galaxy S6 uses a 2550mAh battery. Contrasted to current releases prefer the Galaxy S9, the battery won’t last long running the latest app/OS updays.

And, as your phone ages, with numerous charges over its lifeexpectancy, the battery performance is bound to deterioprice. Hence, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade (if you had your S6 for an extremely lengthy time). Rest assured that you are not the only one with the difficulty.

If it comes dvery own to it, though the S6 battery is none removable, you have the right to actually rearea it. END UPDATE.

How To Fix Bad Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

Does your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drain exceptionally fast? Alternatively, does your Samsung Galaxy S6 overheat? Then, you are not alone. The Galaxy S6 prefer any kind of other gadget suffers from this trouble. Yes, I recognize you panicked a bit once you noticed decreased performance.

I recognize I did! However before, there are many kind of things that you can execute to minimize battery drainpipe and also eliminate overheating problems. How have the right to I make my Galaxy S6 battery last longer? I thought you would never before ask!

Wait! Before we begin, I must tell you some things. If your Galaxy S6 has bad battery life, there are a handful of factors why. Firstly, the variety of apps you install directly affects your Galaxy S6’s battery life.

Did you understand that you deserve to optimize your Galaxy S6’s battery without 3rd party apps? Yes! You might enhance the battery life appropriate from your settings app.

This write-up begins by addressing the battery draining worries, the possible reasons, and also fixes. After, the article addresses the issue of overheating, the reasons, and also services. Right? Time to learn what to carry out if your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drains rapid.

Use An App To Reduce Battery Drain

Firstly, I would ask the question! I understand you desire to ask. Didn’t you say that apps influence battery life? Yes. Yes, I did. However, this app helps you save battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Greenifyis not your typical battery saver application. Unlike a lot of of these types of apps, Greenify does not include undesirable apps and popup ads on your Galaxy S6. Greenify is completely unobtrusive. It does what it collection out to do. Assistance you reobtain your depleting battery life.

Greenify allows you to location most of your apps in a state of hibernation. Apps inserted in hibernation just reactivate as soon as you choose to take them out of hibercountry. All you have to execute is launch the app you want to use.

After you end up using the app, Greenify locations the app ago into hibernation after a duration of inactivity. Greenify reduces the number of apps that run in the background. Hence, your battery life boosts considerably.

Are you interested in utilizing Greenify? Then, readhow to use Greenify app to extfinish battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Once you understand exactly how to use Greenify, then check out the other optimization tips for maximum battery life. Conversely, examine them out ideal now if you execute not like the principle of using apps.

Change Samsung Galaxy S6 Settings

Firstly, turn off the automatic brightness attribute. This function is the initially to modify if you desire to extfinish you S6’s battery life. Instead of instantly adjusting the brightness, collection it manually.

However, do not collection it so low that you no much longer have visibility. Reducing the brightness level of your Galaxy S6 significantly reduces the strain on your battery.

Location Services & GPS

Secondly, rotate off the GPS. Yes! Do you recognize just how many type of apps usage the S6’s GENERAL PRACTITIONERS in the background? Location Services is just one of the the majority of power consuming attributes of the Galaxy S6.

You may think that Google Maps is the culprit. I did for quite some time. However before, social media apps choose Facebook, Twitter, and also WhatsApp usage your Galaxy S6’s GENERAL PRACTITIONERS use. This consumption, consequently, drains your battery life.

In addition, while location services are helpful for finding places/directions, I doubt you desire Facebook or the likes tracking you. By limiting the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS & location services, you rise you Galaxy S6’s battery life.

Do you know how to modify place services? To adjustthe place solutions on you Samsung Galaxy S6, perform the following:

Tweak GPS Setups To Improve Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

Go into Settings > Location > Setting, and you discover 3 options: High Accuracy, which provides GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, Wi-Fi, and also the mobile network-related to determine your place.The high-accuracy mode drains the a lot of battery life.

Battery/Power Saving reduces battery usage. However before, your GENERAL PRACTITIONERS functionalities might not be precise. Finally, tright here is Device Only. Device Only supplies the onboard GENERAL PRACTITIONERS of your Galaxy S6.

Additionally, you have the right to disable area services altogether. However, as you would certainly intend, this limits your S6’s capabilities. Adjust the settings to your liking.For me, I use the power conserve mode. However before, if I go for a jog or walk, I momentarily enable the High Accuracy setting.

Modify Sync Setups On Galaxy S6 To Sheight The Battery From Draining Quickly

The 3rd setting that you deserve to tweak is the Galaxy S6 Sync setting. As you know, sync permits your S6 to obtain push notifications and also updays. Hence, when you disable individual sync functions, you proccasion unvital notifications and also updates.

However before, for essential notifications, you have the right to pick to allow sync to work. The choice is yours. Also, note that you have the right to manually refresh or sync each of your apps by opening them.

Turn Off Background Sync

Depfinishing on your apps, this may or might not affect a lot. If you have actually at least five apps that sync in the background, chances are they are the main reason why your battery power can never before stretch much longer in a day. If you really don’t need the syncing, go underSettings>Accountsand also revolve them off. Switch to hands-on sync whenever you require an update for, say, emails.

Lastly, explore the battery settings on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Get a feel for what is using up your battery life and also take steps to reduce the fill on the battery. Android devices have actually several settings that have the right to mitigate battery drain. Check them out!

Check To See Which Apps Are DrainingYour Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery

Go into Setups > Device > Battery. Tbelow, see what’s making your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drainpipe exceptionally fast – In addition, if you tap on each of the apps, you deserve to then change the settings to enhance battery performance.

There is a new attribute on Android 6.0 Marshmallow dubbed Doze Mode.“Doze Mode” stays clear of specific work from running if your Galaxy S6 isidle for a while. The idea below is to conserve battery life by reducing power intake while you are not using your Galaxy S6 smartphone.

True to develop, the brand-new function works like the Greenify as pointed out earlier. Do you not desire to install one more app? Then, usage Doze Setting.

How to Activate Doze Setting on Galaxy S6

Open the Settings application and also tap Battery.Tap the Options food selection button (the 3 dots in the upper right), then tap Battery optimization.Tap the downward-pointing arrow, then tap All apps from the food selection that shows up.Next off, tap the name of the application for which you desire to allow Doze mode.Additionally, in package that appears, tap optimize. Once finish, tap Done.

How to Disable Doze Setting on Galaxy S6

Open the Setups app and also tap Battery.Tap the Options food selection switch (the three dots in the top right), then tap Battery optimization.Tap the downward-pointing arrow, then tap All apps from the food selection that shows up.Next off, touch the name of the application for which you want to enable Doze mode.Also, in package that appears, tap perform notoptimize. Once finished, tap Done.

Automatic Power Save

In the settings, discover the battery configuration. From below, tap the dotted symbol in the height right-hand edge. Select the battery saver or power saver alternative.

You are currently able to specify when power saving mode activates. With this attribute, you limit the over-intake of your battery. Power saver reduces application activity, syncing, brightness, and other battery draining features. However, it just activates when your Galaxy S6 battery life reaches a particular portion.

Customize these attributes to your liking for optimal battery performance on your Samsung Galaxy S6. However before, none are mandatory, and also you will certainly know what functions ideal for you.

Also, as a last resort, learn how to calibprice the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery. After, we talk around overheating and also the ways to troubleshoot and deal with overheating concerns.

Calibrate your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery

The Android operating mechanism has a function referred to as Battery Stats, which keeps track of battery capacity as soon as it is complete or empty. The trouble is that it sometimes it become corrupted and starts displaying information that isn’t actual, which, for instance, reasons the phone to rotate off before getting to 0 percent.

Calibrating your Android battery implies obtaining the Android OS to correct this indevelopment, so it is reflective of your actual battery levels when aobtain. I

it is essential to understand also that you cannot actually calibprice the battery: it is, after all, simply a cell that stores and also discharges power.

However before, lithium-ion batteries carry out include a printed circuit board (PCB) that serves as a protection switch to speak them from exploding or deep discharging. If you perform not have actually a rooted Samsung GalaxyS6 then the first steps are for you:

How to calibrate Samsung Galaxy S6 battery without root access?

Discharge your Samsung Galaxy S6 completely till it transforms itself off.Turn it on aacquire and also let it rotate off.Plug your phone right into a charger and, without turning it on, let it charge until the on-display screen or LED indicator says 100 percent.Unplug your charger.Turn your phone on. The battery indicator will likely not say 100 percent, so plug it in (leave your phone on for this) and proceed charging till it states 100 percent on-display also.Unplug your phone and also restart it. Make sure it screens 100 percent. If not, plug the charger earlier in till it shows 100 percent on screen.Repeat this cycle until it claims 100 percent (or as close as you think it is going to get) when you begin it up without being plugged in.Now, let your battery discharge all the way dvery own to 0 percent and let your phone rotate off again.Fully charge the battery one more time without interruption, and you should have reset the Android system’s battery portion.Things To Consider

Please remember that it is not recommfinished to perdevelop this procedure all the moment. Even when your battery is so dead your phone will certainly not also revolve on, your battery still has actually sufficient reserve charge to protect against system damage.

Perdevelop this process once every 3 months at the most. Put plainly: fully discharging a battery is not excellent for it.

Trying to overload a battery is likewise negative for it. The excellent news is that charging batteries shut off once they reach the safe limit, and also there’s always a small in reserve even if your Samsung Galaxy S6 will certainly not start.

Do this just as soon as important, bereason it does have an adverse influence on battery life. The next procedures are for rooted tools, if you carry out not require this part, then you may skip it.

How to calibprice Samsung Galaxy S6 battery via root access?

It is not clear if deleting the batterystats.bin file has actually any kind of coherent result on how the Android mechanism reports remaining battery charge. However, tbelow are those that swear by this approach.

So in the interests of fairness, the procedure is contained for you below (it is true that various manufacturers usage the batterystats.bin file for assorted things). It is basically the very same process as above but with the added step of a root-allowed app.

Discharge your Samsung Galaxy S6 totally until it transforms itself off.Turn it on and also let it discharge and also turn off aobtain.Plug your phone into a charger and, without turning it on, let it charge till the on-screen or LED indicator states 100 percent.Unplug your charger.Turn your phone on. The battery indicator will certainly most likely not say 100 percent, so plug it in (leave your phone on) and also proceed charging till it claims 100 percent on the display screen too.Unplug your phone and restart it. If it does not say 100 percent, plug the charger ago in till it states 100 percent on screen.You desire to repeat this cycle till it claims 100 percent (or as cshed as you think it is going to get) when you begin it up without being plugged in.Now, install the Battery Calibration application and also, before launching it, make certain your battery is at 100 percent aacquire, then restart.Immediately launch the application and also re-calibrate your battery.Once you have actually calibrated your battery, discharge it all the means down to 0 percent and let your phone rotate off aobtain.Fully charge the battery one more time without interruption, and you must have actually recollection the Android system’s battery percentage.

Now, we are going to go via the trouble of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the battery of your Samsung GalaxyS6 overheating. Please review on for more information on exactly how to deal with this specific worry.

Below you will find out exactly how to locate the reason of the overheating and also what you can perform to assist deal with the concern. Click ahead for the tips and also tricks.

How To Check That Your Galaxy S6 Overheats?

If your Samsung GalaxyS6 or its battery is warm and you are searching for a method to monitor the temperature of your battery, then you are in the best location.

If you are unsure whether it is your Samsung Galaxy S6 or the battery that’s heating up or obtaining hot, then tbelow are ways to recognize for sure which of the components is causing the overheating. Use these tips/tricks to assist you find the root of the problem.

AccessThe Samsung Galaxy S6 BatteryInformation

Firstly, you must use the the majority of insightful tidlittle of indevelopment to diagnose the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S6 device. To obtain this information, you have to access an comprehensive evaluation of your device’s battery.

Tbelow is a simple means to acquire this indevelopment. However, this tool does not come set up on every Android gadget, and also it may also be missing relying on the version of Android on your gadget, and periodically the carrier that you usage.

Nonethemuch less, tright here are still many type of gadgets that use the code to lug up information about your device’s battery; you have the right to attempt this first before installing any kind of of the recommfinished apps to uncover your Samsung GalaxyS6’s thorough battery indevelopment.

However, if it does not job-related, then please use among the recommfinished apps outlined listed below to find get access. Now, here’s what you should do:

Opening the dial pad, as though you were going to dial a telephone number, and kind in ##4636##. If this attribute is accessible on your gadget, then a display screen need to immediately appear.

You can choose and open the alternative that states Battery Indevelopment (there are fairly a few various other options as well).You should then check out the adhering to indevelopment about your battery including:

Galaxy S6 Battery Information

Battery Statusmust show whether the device is charging or if the battery is complete.Power Plugshows exactly how the device is charging, AC (wall charger), USB (computer), and so on.(Battery Level)screens the battery life in percentage.*Battery Scale*should read “100”.Battery Healthneed to say “Good.” Does your Android’s Battery Health display “unknown” or “unrecognized error”? Then, your phone’s battery could be having issues. If you view anypoint other than “Good,” then I recommend that you power cycle (turn the phone off than on), enter the code again, open up the Battery Information again and see if this option has actually adjusted. If it still doesn’t say good. Then tright here is a good chance the battery itself is defective.Info Continued“Battery Voltage” is not somepoint the average phone user is going to must problem around (unless possibly it is abusually high), but from my experience, I have actually found that the voltage for the battery of an Android cell phone is typically approximately 3.7V-4.2V.‘Battery Temperature’enables youto examine when your device appears to warmth up or has actually began acquiring HOT. It allows you to monitor the temperature of your cell phones battery. If the batteries temperature is above normal, then it would certainly most likely indicate the battery is heating up, however if the battery temperature does not seem to be too warm, then the concern could be that the phone itself is heating up. Cell temperatures are going to differ of course, but the battery in an Android mobile regularly continues to be in the 30C variety occasionally in the low 40s relying on the phones consumption (86 °F – 104 °F) …Battery Technologytypically reflects Li-ion (bereason of the traditional Lithium Ion batteries uncovered in the majority of Android devices).Time Due to the fact that Bootshows the amount of time because you last booted up or turned on the phone.

If the code does not work-related for your gadget, then below are the options. These apps can administer you via the exact same insightful information as the ##4636## code so, after analysis the description of each, downfill and also install the one you choose. Here is the first one:

Battery Indevelopment Apps

Battery Drain Analyzer is a sophisticated app that tracks your battery and power consumption behind-the-scenes to provide you an idea of what’s using the many juice.

Think of it as Android’s integrated battery intake application on steroids; it provides loads of statistics and also numbers that need to fulfill even the many demanding power user.

As the name suggests, the app will certainly analyze application and also power usage and also let you understand which apps are draining the the majority of power, or if it is also an application that’s leading to battery drainpipe.

The Analyzer display mirrors what percentage of app drain is brought about by what device task, whether that is your display screen, applications, phone idling, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radios, etc.

Below that, it reflects which applications are consuming the a lot of battery, including the infamous Android OS battery drainpipe, rated by percenteras. If Facebook is making use of 65% of the battery drain led to by apps, for example, you have actually obtained a pretty good idea of what’s bring about your power intake.

Play Store Downfill Link

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is a beneficial battery analyzer and extender that also has actually a few tricks in its toolbox that you will certainly not uncover in other apps. On the surchallenge, it offers a neat interface for discovering your battery life.

It gives a unstable estimate of just how much battery life left you have actually left in your current charge based upon your consumption behavior at the time, yet it goes a step additionally by mirroring exactly how a lot potential battery life you have the right to save by turning off certain radios or application syncing.

Turning off that Bluetooth radio that you are not using might squeeze an additional hour out of your current charge, for instance. It have the right to also estimate how much battery life you will certainly gain if you start doing points prefer playing games or streaming music.

Downfill Battery Doctor

If you are stuck at occupational for an extra few hrs, this is an excellent tool for regulating what you have to turn off to make your battery last for the remainder of the day. The significant part of Battery Doctor is the actual Doctor component of the application.

It acts as a personal battery adviser by providing you tips on as soon as to charge your battery for maximum battery life and what apps and also hardware attributes you can disable to extend your charge. Disabling haptic feedago, for example, provides a tiny even more juice than you think it would certainly.

Play Store Downpack Link

There are many various other apps on the Google Play Store, yet these are the ones recommfinished. You deserve to examine out some more of these apps right here.

Once you have actually the application, then you can proceed to analyze your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery statistics to discover the reason of your battery overheating problem.

Physically Inspect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery (ADVANCED USERS ONLY)

This one is a bit tricky. Sometimes it is finest to check the battery of your device in its entirety. What you are checking for is to view if the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery is bloated or maldeveloped.

Wait, the Galaxy S6 has actually a non-removable battery, right? Yes. On paper, it is. However, if you have the moment, the skills and the right tools, you have the right to replace your Galaxy S6 battery yourself. Is tbelow a tutorial? Why, yes! There is! Right here!

Do note hat tampering through your tool voids the warranty. However before, if you have the right to gain accessibility to the battery by rerelocating the ago cover then perform so and also percreate a visual inspection of the battery.

If you cannot watch any kind of malformations, then collection the battery dvery own on a flat surface and also view if it continues to be flat or if it rocks ago and also forth. Should the battery not sit level then you might should relocation your S6 battery via a new one.

I HaveA Defective Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery

So, you now recognize that your Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6’s battery is faulty. What carry out you carry out now to solve the problem? Well, there are miscellaneous points you can do.

You can obtain a new smartphone if you are on warranty, perform a repair, buy a new battery and whatever else as we describe below.


Is your Galaxy S6 still under the manufacturer’s warranty? Then, the warranty covers defective or malfunctioning parts. You are among the lucky ones!

Take the device earlier to Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or whichever before carrier that issued the warranty. Explain the situation and also have them attempt to deal with it. If they cannot deal with your Galaxy S6 or are as well lazy to carry out so, then they will replace it under warranty.

LDI & Warranty

Note that the majority of cell phones and cell phone batteries will certainly have actually what is referred to as an LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) somewhere on the gadget which, if exposed to moisture or liquid, will change from white to pink or red.

If your battery’s LDI has actually been caused and has any kind of pink or red, then that battery is no much longer covered under warranty, and you will most likely must purchase a new battery or smartphone rather.

Read about the Galaxy S6 and water damage below.Also, you must not have tampered with the phone in any kind of method. Any develop of tampering voids your warranty.

Purchasing Anvarious other Galaxy S6 Battery

If you are going to buy a brand-new battery, then it is best to go to a repair shop to have actually it replaced. A repair shop is your best chance at having actually a safe “procedure.” Be sure to buy a replacement Galaxy S6 battery before you perform so.

Now, we look at various other factors why your Galaxy S6 overheats. Here are things to look at to uncover the cause of the overheating.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Getting Hot!

A hot SamsungGalaxy S6 battery does not necessarily indicate a bad or defective battery. It may additionally show an concern via the Samsung Galaxy S6 itself.

Furthermore, prior to you go off to rearea the device or the battery, you must take into consideration analysis on below for some excellent suggestions on just how to fix a Samsung Galaxy S6 that’s hot or overheating.

Galaxy S6’S Can Get Warm

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will acquire warm. After all, it is an electronic device. Do not panic if your Samsung Galaxy S6 getsa little bit heat. However before, your Samsung GalaxyS6 need to never get HOT!

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 gets so warm that it feels favor it is overheating, then you might risk damage to your S6, yourself or those approximately you.

What you have to execute is figure out what is leading to the difficulty and learn just how to proccasion your Galaxy S6 from overheating. Go over the complying with to troubleshoot.

Where Does Your Galaxy S6 Get Hot?

Firstly, tryto discover the area where the Galaxy S6 is getting warm. It does not necessarily have to be the phone that getshot.

It might be the battery or the charger and also the speakers that are resulting in the problem. So, where exactly does your Samsung GalaxyS6 have overheating problems?

Back Part of Samsung Galaxy S6 Getting Hot

When your gadget starts to gain warm does it seem to be the totality phone or does it show up to be greatly in the earlier area wright here the battery sits?

Perhaps it is not the gadget that’s overheating but the battery inside. Check above to recognize exactly how to troubleshoot the battery.

Bottom Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets Hot

Is the Galaxy S6 getting heat towards the bottom wright here you plug in the charger? Is your device only gaining heat while being connected to the charger?

If so, then tright here could be an problem through the charger itself. Make certain to attempt a various charger, preferably one approved by the manufacturer of your device, to see if your device proceeds to warmth up. Use the main Galaxy S6 charger/USB Cable.

If a new charger fixes the trouble, then you have the right to get rid of your previous charger and gain occupational through the brand-new charger. If it is not the charger, then continue the overview.

Samsung GalaxyS6 Getting Hot On The Back Above The Battery Compartment

If the back of the Galaxy S6 gets warm and also it is not really where the battery sits, then there is an excellent chance that a component Samsung GalaxyS6 itself is overheating.

If this is the situation, then tbelow deserve to be a few factors why this is happening. Read on for a bit of info on troubleshooting the different components of your Galaxy S6.

Samsung GalaxyS6 Heats Up Near Speakers

If the part of your gadget that you host as much as your ear or where you hear music/sound from is getting warm, it can show a high opportunity that tbelow is an issue with the tool speakers.

Samsung GalaxyS6 ScreenSeems To Be Too Hot

Your Galaxy S6’s display screen deserve to acquire warm, however if the touch display or display display is gaining also heated or even hot, then this is one more indicator that tright here is an issue with the S6 itself.

The tips outlined below will certainly aid settle the concern via your Galaxy S6. Read the factors why your Samsung Galaxy S6isoverheating and the things you can perform to cool down your Galaxy S6.

How to FixA Samsung Galaxy S6 That Overheats?

Now that you have narrowed dvery own the overheating problem to the gadget and also not necessarily a difficulty through the battery or the charger, it is time to discover out what you should do to acquire the heating down.

Below is a list of the many prevalent factors and ideal reservices that you deserve to use to combat overheating on your Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Too Many kind of Apps & Features Running

Apps and functions on your Samsung GalaxyS6 are the exact same as any kind of various other thing that you have approximately your household. Things can obtain cluttered and also become overwhelming for your gadget.

If your tool has started to gain heat or warm suddenly, then tbelow is a great opportunity that your Galaxy S6 smartphonehas actually procedures, such as applications, that are running in the background and also you do not also know that they are running.

In addition, some apps can start running as quickly as you power on your Galaxy S6. If you have actually read the write-up from the height, then you currently recognize that you have to uninstall a few of these apps or put them in hibernation mode whenever before they are not in use.

As said, Greenify is a great app for acquiring this done. Also, if you are on Marshmpermit or over, you might use Doze mode. To acquire an understanding of the apps running in the background, examine outHow To Sheight Unwanted Apps On Android.

Extensive Gaming or MultimediaUsage

The Samsung GalaxyS6 is a powerful device! That is one thing of which we can be specific. However, you more than likely think that you can use Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and also other social media apps overall without slowing dvery own your tool while streaming media from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Fox Sports Go, Starz, or the ShowTime Anytime app continuously without troubles. Heck, you’re more than likely searching your favorite dating apps, using Google Chrome to perform research study on your next adundertaking, and also so much more. 

While all this is great, tright here is a limit that you need to pay attention to. This restriction affects just how lengthy and also just how often you deserve to carry out the very same points over and over prior to they take a toll on your Samsung Galaxy S6’s performance.

Let’s have a look at a couple of the things that your Samsung Galaxy S6 have the right to perform well but which can cause it to overwarmth in the long run.


Watching videos and also various other media content is among the things that deserve to make your Samsung Galaxy S6 a good tool. Looking at a movie as soon as traveling have the right to make the time it takes to get to your last destination go by a lot much faster.

Viewing movies and also playing videos frequently, however, certainly requires even more work-related from the Samsung GalaxyS6 processor. In addition,, not only have the right to it consume a lot of battery power yet, it have the right to cause the smartphone to gain hotter over time.

Think around it. Our criteria for media intake involvesstreams that market a clearer picture with a greater definition. Combine the load of playing a video through the burden of a file link when streaming content in addition to other processes running in the background. No wonder over time our phone could begin to get a small warm to the suggest of overheating.


The Android App save has actually a pretty wide selection of some pretty fun and also entertaining games. There are also more games to attempt via apps favor XMODGAMES.

A few of these games and applications require even more processing power than others relying on the complexity of the application, and when you add this compelled processing power with extended usage, then things can start to warmth up a little.

What you have to remember is that many type of of these games could extremely well need you to usage other resources on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Many type of gamescall for a data connection which suggests that your Galaxy S6 now has to preserve an active internet link by means of mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity, the app can should accessibility your contacts both on your device and also social media accounts, and so on All these points include up, and also your tool can get scorching over time.

Bad Battery

If the battery itself is not heating up, then the difficulty is less likely your battery that’s resulting in the problems, yet if your battery is old or malfunctioning (even if it passes the battery test discussed above), then you could desire to take into consideration replacing the battery.

Is your battery defective or malfunctioning? Have you had it (and your device) for much less than a year? Then, you might have the ability to gain a cost-free replacement battery/tool.

Is your device a little older and also no longer spanned under warranty? Then, you can have the ability to discover an excellent deal on a new replacement battery/gadget digital from stores choose Amazon or eBay. Great, let’s watch what else affects the Samsung Galaxy S6 temperature!:

Hot in Pocket/Bag

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 appears to begin overheating as soon as it is in your pocket/bag/and so on, then take it out of the confining location to let it have actually a bit of fresh air.

If you must save your gadget surrounding, then you have the right to keep it in a backpack (non-cluttered), locker, or in a protective situation on your waist.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hot In Case

Protective situations are among the best investments that you deserve to make for a maker. They assist store your gadget well safeguarded and also have the right to definitely aid save the phone from accidental drops or accidental damages.

Always invest in a great case for your smartphone., However, you might desire to try using your phone outside of the case for a small while to see if the phone continues to overwarm or if it helps avoids the phone from gaining warm.

Other Possible Causes

Other much less widespread but feasible reasons a Samsung Galaxy S6 deserve to gain hot. These selection from water damages, over-intake, outdated software application, and also hardware.

Water Damage

Do you listen to music from your gadget while taking a shower? Do you store your gadget in a humid pocket? Additionally, has actually your device sindicate had an accident wright here you dropped it in some liquid?

Power issues and also overheating are widespread problems that a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 deserve to experience. Try to find the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker(s) on your device.

Make certain that your cell phone is not suffering any side impacts of moisture or liquid damage. Your phone might incredibly well have moisture damages, and you could not also know it.

No Rest

When was the last time your gadget obtained to remainder for a couple of minutes? Does your Samsung Galaxy S6 remain turned on consistently throughout the day? Do you leave your S6 powered on and plugged right into a charger all night?

It might just have to be powered off to rest for a tiny little bit. As Androids gain offered, apps and also procedures have the right to begin to run and also continue to run until they are manually quit or the gadget reboots.

However, being constantly powered on have the right to additionally cause minor software application problems which you can resolve by restarting the phone.

Disable Features You Do Not Use

This idea type of goes hand in hand also with too many type of things running at as soon as. Do you have an animated wallpaper via ten various widgets such as a clock widacquire, a weather widget, a favorite contacts widgain, an alarm widget, a calendar widgain, a music widgain, etc.?

The,n these points are going to be running overall, and also they are going to be resulting in your Samsung Galaxy S6 to work harder and also might be resulting in your S6 to heat up.

Chances are your Samsung Galaxy S6 has actually some widgets on its house screen(s), and you did not even understand it. Try to rerelocate them and minimize the fill on your smartphone.


If you execute not understand what overclocking means, then you have the right to likely disregard this bit item of advice altogether. If you have manipulated or customized the software on your Samsung Galaxy S6 to acquire it to go quicker or run in different ways, then you might have actually inadvertently caused the overheating on your device.

Just remember that if you select to overclock your Android and also as a result, it is obtaining hot, warmth have the right to result in a much shorter lifespan for your gadget and also have the right to even reason hardware damage depending upon how warm your phone is getting.

Outdated Software

Outdated software application is not most likely the culprit for your phone heating up, yet I thought that I would certainly add this to the list. Updated software program can assist a cell phone run smovarious other which have the right to cause much less strain on your phone and might help to reduced its average temperature.


Much prefer the possibility of liquid or moisture damages if a part of the gadget itself has actually come to be corrupted then that part might must be repaired or reinserted for your gadget to function correctly again; in this situation for your device to speak overheating.

Try to think back to as soon as your mobile phone began to obtain hot. Can you remember anypoint happening to the S6 around that time that could burned light on the current overheating issues? Was the tool dropped accidently? Are tbelow any type of signs of physical damages on the Galaxy S6?

If so, then this might be the culprit and addressing it could be more of a difficulty as the damaged item that’s resulting in the tool to warm up would certainly need to be situated and also repaired or replaced.


Similar to a feasible hardware problem can you remember downloading and install any type of new applications or programs etc. approximately the moment that your Samsung Galaxy S6 started to get hot? If so, then you may desire to locate that application and disable it or even temporarily uninstall it simply to preeminence out the opportunity that it is not that application that’s leading to any type of difficulties on your gadget.

This action goes hand also in hand via checking your running applications as pointed out previously. If you alert that an individual application is running eexceptionally time that your phone starts to warmth up and you need to pressure soptimal or force cshed that application to gain your phone to cool off, then you could must decide if it is worth it to proceed to usage that application.

You can desire to dominance out that application entirely by temporarily uninstalling it. If you uninstall it and also your device appears to sheight acquiring warm, then you will certainly have situated the worry, and also you can try re-installing it to see if a fresh copy helps however if not you could have to decide to store that application (or apps) off your phone.

Wrap Up

If you have actually done every little thing that you have the right to think of to attempt and also gain your Samsung Galaxy S6 to sheight heating up and it is still gaining warm, then you can likewise desire to take into consideration backing up every one of your device’s valuable information and then percreate a difficult recollection on the unit.

A hard recollection or factory data reset clears all user data from the tool and it back to choose new problem. A reset deserve to help preeminence out the possibility that somepoint discovered its method onto your gadget and also is bring about difficulties. The reset would certainly assist remove that “something” (whatever it might be) from the smartphone.

The only capture is that it removes every one of your other information also. What not to do once your Samsung Galaxy S6 overheats?

Do NOT put your Galaxy S6 into the fridge or worse a freezer. Exposing your mobile phone to too much temperatures coupled via moisture is just a bad idea all roughly and is not recommfinished.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Still Getting HOT!

If you have tried ALL of the suggestions in this post, then opportunities are your gadget is enduring a hardware malattribute or one more issue that cannot be refixed via conventional troubleshooting and also at this suggest you will certainly likely should look right into your feasible repair or replacement options.

Luckily if your Samsung Galaxy S6 is still much less than a year old and doesn’t have actually any physical or liquid damages, it is extremely likely that the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your tool.

If so, then your cell phones manufacturer may be responsible for the repair or replacement of your unit. If not, attempt to acquire your carrier to replace the device.

Did you confirm that your Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery is at fault and is obtaining hot to the point of overheating? Then, you might need to take into consideration a replacement battery. You carry out not want a warm battery to cause damage to your cell phone and also reason even more trouble later.

Usual Issues

Sometimes your Galaxy S6 loses power even as soon as on the charger. I have actually changed out cables. Done a soft boot and also close all apps. It takes all night to charge to 100 percent currently. I have lost 4 percent in 5 minutes.


Thanks for analysis our Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain and Overheating Fix tutorial.I hope you have actually took pleasure in it and that you will be able to acquire the many out of your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery.

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