Apple’s addressed many kind of issues, but iPhone XR individuals continue to run into performance worries consisting of lag, freezes, lockups, and also random reboots.

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The list of iPhone XR difficulties proceeds to flourish as we press right into 2020. Owners of Apple’s vibrant gadget are complaining around an assortment of problems. The list contains abnormal battery drain, application difficulties, connectivity issues, and a vast range of performance troubles.

If you begin noticing performance difficulties you don’t must make an appointment to watch an Apple Genius best away. Many type of of you need to be able to settle the problem from the comfort of you favorite chair.

In this guide we’ll show you exactly how to resolve the most common iPhone XR performance worries. These fixes have actually operated for us many kind of times in the past and also there’s a great opportunity they’ll job-related for you.


Apple’s solved a ton of problems in 2019 and also the latest variation of iOS 13 might have a significant impact on your iPhone XR’s performance.

Monitor Your Storage

If you owned an iPhone before you bought the iPhone XR you might’ve restored from a backup. If you did, you most likely brought over a ton of information over from your old phone.

If you aren’t in the halittle of deleting files you no much longer need, there’s a good opportunity your iPhone XR’s inner storage is littered via clutter.

This clutter have the right to slow-moving your phone dvery own so you’ll want to go with your storage and delete photos, videos, game saves, and whatever before else you discover.

Fortunately, Apple provides it incredibly straightforward to see the data on your interior storage:

Head into Settings.Tap General.Tap iPhone Storage.

This display screen gives you a thorough look at the data stored on your device. Take a couple of minutes and watch if you have the right to uncover papers you no much longer require.

If you’re having actually trouble pinpointing documents, note that iOS 13 offers you with some references. For circumstances, if you have actually a ton of apps you don’t use, your gadget will tell you to “Offload Unprovided Apps.”

The software also offers you a list of the applications taking up the most area on your phone. If you tap on an application you’ll get a storage breakdvery own and some personalized references.

Upday Your Apps

If you are having actually issues with your applications, you’ll want to head right into the App Store and examine for updays. These updays might boost performance.

App developers have actually rolled out iOS 13 assistance updates and the majority of roll out weekly or bi-weekly updays concentrated on resolving bugs and boosting performance. Updating to the latest version of an app could stabilize performance.

If you’re feeling leery, read reviews from fellow iPhone XR/iOS 13 customers prior to you relocate to a brand-new version.

Speak Auto Downloads

The iPhone XR’s auto downpack feature is handy if you’re horrible about maintaining your apps updated. That shelp, it deserve to periodically hinder your device’s performance if it’s constantly updating a bunch of apps in the background.

If you’re ok with updating your apps manually, attempt disabling automatic downlots and check out if that enhances your device’s performance. To carry out this:

Head right into the Settings application.Go to iTunes & App Store.Once you’re in tbelow, toggle Updates, situated in the Automatic Downlots section, off.

You also can desire to toggle Music, Apps, and also Books & Audiobooks off too.

Clear Browser Cookies & Data

If you haven’t done it in awhile, try clearing your browser’s cookies and also data. This will free up memory and also that might have actually a far-ranging affect on your device’s performance.

If you Safari:

Get in your Setups.Go to Safari.Scroll down to wright here it claims Clear History and Website File and also tap it.Tap Clear History and also Documents aobtain.

Tapping this will certainly rerelocate your browsing background, cookies, and various other data from Safari. Your history will likewise be wiped from any tools signed into your iCloud account.

If you usage Chrome:

Launch Chrome.Tap the 3 horizontal circles in the bottom best edge. (They’re in the height right corner if you haven’t updated to the brand-new style.)Tap Settings.Tap Privacy.Tap Clear Browsing Documents.Select what you wish to delete, or if you desire to begin fresh, choose them all.Tap Clear Browsing Data.

Reduce Your Animations

If you’re seeing occasionally choppiness, you might desire to alleviate the device’s animations and check out if that helps rate things up a little.


To alleviate the animations on your iPhone XR:

Enter Setups.Tap General.Tap Accessibility.Toggle Reduce Motion to on.

You can also desire to reduce the transparency and blur effects on your phone. Here’s just how to carry out that:

Head into Settings.Tap General.Tap Accessibility.Tap Increase Contrast.Toggle Reduce Transparency to on.

Sheight Background Refresh

If you’ve acquired Background Refresh allowed on your gadget, your iPhone XR will certainly job-related in the background to store your app’s up-to-day with the latest information. It’s useful, but it can be a source hog. If you don’t need this, try turning it off and also view if points improve.

To revolve Background Refresh off:

Head into Setups.Tap General.Tap Background App Refresh.Toggle Background Refresh off.

If you don’t desire to rotate the function off totally, go down your list of applications and whitelist the apps you want to refresh in the background.

Disable Widgets

iOS 13’s widgets can be helpful, however if you don’t depend on them you need to try turning some or every one of them off and also check out if that helps.

From your device’s residence screen, swipe to the appropriate. Here you’ll your list of widgets energetic on your iPhone XR.

While you’re on this screen, scroll all the means dvery own till you check out a circular Edit switch. Tap that button and you’ll view a list of solutions and also apps.

On this display you’ll see the widgets that are both active and also inenergetic. To disable a widget on your phone, tap the red circle via the white line and tap Remove.

You deserve to remove as many as you want and also you deserve to constantly enable them aget if you don’t watch any kind of renovations.

Reset All Settings

If none of those occupational, you have to try resetting all of your device’s settings. Here’s how to carry out that.

Head right into Settings.Tap General.Tap Recollection.Tap Recollection All Settings and also then enter your passcode if you have one allowed.

This process will likely take simply a couple of secs to end up up. Once it’s done, your settings will certainly be restored to their manufacturing facility defaults.

Your device will certainly have foracquired all well-known Wi-Fi networks so make certain you have actually those passwords handy before taking this action.

Start Fresh

If things get really bad, and also you have no concept how to continue, you can attempt restoring the tool from a backup. You have the right to do this via iTunes or iCloud.

If beginning fresh doesn’t improve your device’s performance, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment at your regional save.

Install iOS 14.8.1 for Better Security

If protection is necessary to you, think about installing iOS 14.8.1 ideal ameans.

The iOS 14.8.1 upday brings 12 new security patches to the iPhone. You deserve to read about all of them over on Apple"s website.

If you desire to much better defend your iPhone and also its information, you"ll want to install the iOS 14.8.1 upday in the near future.

If you missed iOS 14.8, you"ll get its protection patches with your upgrade. You deserve to learn even more about them ideal here.

If you missed iOS 14.7.1, you"ll gain its patch through your upgrade. If you desire to learn even more about iOS 14.7.1"s protection upday, examine out its assistance page.

If you missed iOS 14.7, you"ll acquire its 31 security patches through your upgrade. You have the right to learn more about those on Apple"s webwebsite.

If you skipped iOS 14.6, you"ll obtain the update"s 38 security patches through your iOS 14.8.1 update. If you"re curious around the particulars, you have the right to read about them ideal here.

If you skipped iOS 14.5.1, you get the update"s 2 defense patches on board. You can check out around them over on Apple"s webwebsite. Both are concerned WebKit.

If you missed iOS 14.5 you"ll acquire its patches with your upgrade. You have the right to review even more around those transforms over on Apple"s webwebsite.

iOS 14.5 likewise lugged Apple"s new App Tracking Transparency which lets you regulate which apps are enabled to track your task throughout various other companies" apps and websites for ads or sharing via information brokers.

If you skipped iOS 14.4.2, you gain its defense patch through iOS 14.8.1. You have the right to learn even more around that patch over on Apple"s webwebsite also.

If you missed iOS 14.4.1, you gain its patch via your upgrade to iOS 14.8.1. You can check out around that patch appropriate below.

If you skipped iOS 14.4, you gain the update"s patches through your upgrade. You can learn more around iOS 14.4"s security patches best below.

If you skipped iOS 14.3 you"ll get its nine protection updays with your upgrade. You have the right to review even more around them on its protection website.

iOS 14.3 additionally had a new privacy indevelopment section on App Store pperiods that has a developer-reported summary of the app’s privacy methods.

If you skipped iOS 14.2, your iOS 14.8.1 update contains 24 additional protection patches. You have the right to learn more around the patches on Apple"s security website.

If you"re still running iOS 13, iOS 14.8.1 contains iOS 14.0"s protection updays.

iOS 14.0 carried 11 brand-new security patches to the iPhone. If you"re interested in the specific nature of these enhancements, you deserve to read around them over on Apple"s website.

In addition to those patches, iOS 14 comes with some protection and also privacy upgrades including renovations to Home/HomeKit and also Safari.

For instance in Safari, you have the right to now tap the Privacy Report button to better understand also exactly how websites take care of your privacy.

With iOS 14 on board you have the right to now obtain information on the App Store that will assist you understand the privacy techniques of apps before you downfill them.

Tbelow is additionally a brand-new recording indicator that will show up at the height of your screen whenever an application is using your microphone or electronic camera. You can check out if an application has used them newly in Control Center.

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Researchers likewise discovered that Apple carried a new "BlastDoor" sandbox protection device to iOS 14. The device is expected to prevent assaults from developing via the Messperiods app.