Hi!As you all probably understand, there"s this bug, or glitch (whatever), that renders your Pip-Boy background picture gain brighter or darker depending on the lighting behind you. So if it"s a bappropriate day and also you look right in front (and especially downwards) the background is so bbest you have the right to badepend view what"s on the Pip-Boy, and also if you look up, creating a shadow on the Pip-Boy, the background photo gets darker. Generally human being think this is a problem about indoors vs outdoors. But, no, it"s literally simply a lighting bug.Is there ANY fix for this yet?! I can not seem to uncover one, yet perhaps there"s one concealed somewright here and for some factor my google search strings just do not present it...You"d think after 3 years someone would have the ability to solve it, unmuch less the majority of civilization aren"t making use of Pip-Boy backgrounds anymeans.

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Here"s what you need: paint.net, a document for modifying the texture papers, found here: http://www.getpaint.net/downfill.html Something to put as the background (solid colors, png"s, JPEG"s perform not work well!)After you install paint.net, locate your Fallout 4 information folder, frequently in C:Program Files(x86)SteamsteamappscommonFallout 4Data Locate the "textures" folder. if it is not existing, make a new one. This preeminence uses via all various other files I will be referencing. Find "animobjects", "pipboy", and a .dds file titled "pipboyscreen_d.dds", aget, however if there is not one current, carry out not worry, I"ll get you tbelow. If there is the specified file, open up it with paint.net, If tbelow is not, open up the paint.net routine, and also make a brand-new file via the dimensions of 1024px1024p. Remember to save this file as a .dds file named "pipboyscreen_d.dds" and to put it in the folders you either found or made previously. Now you have the right to usage paint.net to modify or create this .dds file as you see fit. When you are done, disable any kind of pip-boy background mods if you have them this may rerelocate your background file, so make a copy of it! Load your game and check out if it appears. If it does not, try relocating it about to the desktop computer and earlier to the deal with. Then double check you made the folder path effectively. Original Message on Reddit ::: https://www.reddit.c...oy_backgrounds/I simply took the green picture in the mod and also supplied in the regimen. make the image of Vault Meat 1024 x 1024 and then you need to change the brightness making use of the the tools offered and make it between -10 and -20 your alternative.

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BE SURE to save the file as a .dds and also not a .png or it will certainly not work. Enjoy