Noodles & Company supplies comfort food prefer mac and also cheese, pastas and also salad., Pictured is an outlet ... <+> in the Denver area.

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Couresy of Noodles & Company

Noodles and also Company kind of, a public agency (NASDAS: NDLS) through 454 locations consisting of 76 franchised outlets, has learned to make adjustments in an overwhelming restaurant atmosphere.

Like many kind of restaurant chains, it has actually controlled to make it through the pandemic based upon its take-out and distribution revenue given that indoor dining was either prohibited or curtailed country-wide. In truth, before the pandemic, 60% of its revenue acquired from off-premise sales.

Nonetheless, its fourth quarter income, announced on February 25, 2021, showed the results of the pandemic and limited indoor seating. Its total revenue dipped 5.9% to $107.2 million from $113.9 million and equivalent restaurant sales sagged 4.7% system-wide.

Overall for the whole year of 2020, its sales fell 14.9% to $393.7 million from $462.4 million.

Its CEO Dave Boennighausen sassist it was “especially hard hit in the second quarter of 2020 just as limitations started hitting all of our restaurants.”Before the pandemic, 40% of its sales stemmed from indoor dining.

It has done a effective project of “enhancing off-premises sales and also tapping right into the savvy demographic that has actually adapted to our digital platdevelop to assist combat loss of dining-in sales,” he said.

Prior to the pandemic, it derived around 30% of its sales digitally, which currently account for 62% of its revenue, including third-party distribution.

It partners via Door Dash, Uber Eats and also Grubhub and also supplies its own distribution platdevelop via its Noodles application, cutting out the fees of its partners.

“Our food travels very well, and also we have actually a variety of items that appeal to young households,” Boennighausen noted.


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To adapt to the times, it likewise presented gorganize kitchens in Chicback and also San Jose, a trend that many type of restaurant chains and also independents are turning to. It’s developing smaller sized floor plans in its brand-new outlets and emphasizing pick-up windows and also drive-thrus.

In the future, he expects that about 70% of its orders will certainly stem from drive-thrus.

Its stores provided to average about 2,500 square feet, and also currently it’s finding that 1,600 to 1,800 square feet will suffice. “There’s not as a lot demand also for dining in,” he sassist though he recognized that could rerevolve post-pandemic.

Much of its menu can be considered comfort food, which throughout a pandemic, resonates for consumers.Known for its pasta, salads and also soups, its three a lot of well-known dishes are mac & cheese, penne rosa and pesto cavatappi.

It likewise customizes its meals so patrons have the right to order what they desire based upon their own dietary needs.

Boennighausen recognized that throughout the anxious times of the pandemic, customers gravitate toward “food that provides them feel good.”

It’s based in Broomfield, Coloracarry out, and also the states via its biggest number of places incorporate its residence state, Illinois, Wisconsin, and also Minnesota.

Unchoose many type of restaurant chains which depend on franchise fees for secure revenue, its 2019 yearly report revealed that 98.8% of its revenue derives from restaurant sales and only 1.2% from franchise fees and royalties.

Its CEO defined that many type of of its dishes are sautéed and also aren’t quickly replicable, favor a burger franchise.Hence, its franchisees need even more restaurant and operational endure, but it’s stepping up franchising and also trying to find franchisees that have the right to handle multiple systems.

Regardless of the pandemic, it controlled to open four new agency eateries in 2020.And it expects to open up 10 brand-new locations in 2021, most company-owned.

Boennighausen attributed the three tricks to its future success as: 1) capitalizing on our civilization strength bereason that drives successful restaurants even more than any other variable, 2) getting momentum on the franchisee pipeline, 3) continued development of its digital and data platcreates.

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