After pulling on a lever, a drawbridge drops dvery own through a harsh crash in front of you. Surrounding you are the bodies of opponents three times the size of you, strewn throughout a currently empty platdevelop. The bridge slants up, inviting you to check out the chamber it as soon as blocked. You walk up the bridge; armour clanking in the silence of the moment as you ascend the pathmeans. You realize you’ve gone into the Cathedral of Blue, and prior to you stands a fog gate. The thick white fog covers the doormeans blocking any type of vision of what lies before you. As you breach the murky blanket you are greeted by a acquainted confront, or is he? Across the room standing on a red carpet is a man dressed in hefty armor reminiscent of the mighty Ornstein, his mask resembling the head of a lion via a plume of red and also his arms covered in spikes, yet somepoint is off. The golden brilliance of Ornstein’s armour is not here, it is replaced by a darkness that seems to taint the mighty warrior. Before you acquire a opportunity to take a closer look the warrior philosophies you through quick steps and also a spear attracted, prior to you understand it you are locked in battle with the Old Dragonslayer.

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Anyone that has actually played Dark Souls 2 has actually a lot of likely had actually this interactivity prior to, yet also those that have actually still don’t understand for sure that this Old Dragonslayer is. The Souls series by From Software tells its story through interactivity in a distinct method that forces the player to take in everything around a scenario to learn from it. There are no codex logs or NCOMPUTER lore masters to tell the player about the people, so if the player wants to learn more about the personalities, settings and story, they must investigate eexceptionally little piece of indevelopment they can discover. By studying these little bit bits of information players deserve to learn many type of points around the land of Drangleic and its residents. Today we are going to look over all the pieces of information bordering the Old Dragonslayer in really hopes of finding out who he is and what his story is. Is he the mythical Dragonslayer Ornstein or is he simply one more knight of Gwyn? By looking at all the facts presented to the player throughout both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 hopecompletely we can involved a conclusion.

(Note: Tright here will be minor spoilers for both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 in this article)


In regards to the lore, there is no direct information about the Old Dragonslayer, however learning the story of the First Dark Souls game could carry out information that will assist understand who the Old Dragonslayer might be. Prior to the occasions of the initially Dark Souls game, Lord Gwyn was granted a Lord Soul upon finding the First Flame. This Lord Soul granted him incredible power, but the Everlasting Dragons still reigned supreme in the world above. Gwyn asserted battle on the dragons and launched an assault on them through the Knights of Gwyn. Seath the Scaleless (a dragon that had actually lost his immortality) betrayed the dragons and revealed to Gwyn and his knights just how to defeat the dragons by stripping their stone scales through bolts of magical lighting. With this knowledge the Knights of Gwyn beat the dragons and took regulate of the surchallenge.

Lord Gwyn fighting the Dragons through Faith Spear

Lord Gwyn granted special powers and equipment to 4 of his a lot of decorated Knight, one of whom was Ornstein the Dragonslayer. His armour was imbued via the power of lightning together with his spear. He was granted effective items consisting of a one-of-a-kind heart and also the Leo Ring by Gwyn as a reward for his service in the battle. As the Era of Fire involved an finish, the player might discover Ornstein in the once grand also resources city of Anor Londo guarding Gwynevere (Gwyn’s Daughter) along with the staying silver Knights of Gwyn and also Executioner Smough. This variation of Gwynevere however is not real, she is an illusion produced by her younger brother Gwyndolin, somepoint that Ornstein might or might not be aware of.

While the lore has extremely bit to tell human being about the Old Dragonslayer, studying the lore of Ornstein does give a opportunity for compariboy. Comparing the Old Dragonslayer to the facts we understand around Ornstein can tell us if they are truly the exact same perboy, or fairly two different, however comparable, males bound by title alone.


The Old Dragonslayer is situated at the Cathedral of Blue. The Cathedral of Blue dwellings Blue Sentinel Targray that can initiate the player into the Blue Sentinel covenant. The Old Dragonslayer is standing in the first room of the Cathedral of Blue, guarding the entrance means to the remainder of the holy place.

The Cathedral of Blue in Heide’s Tower of Flame

The Cathedral of Blue is situated in the area well-known as Heide’s Tower of Flame, a area extremely reminiscent of the mighty city of Anor Lonperform in Lordran. The Cathedral specifically is reminiscent of the mighty churches and also palaces of Anor Lonexecute in its architecture. This fact potentially acts as one more connect in between Ornstein and also the Old Dragonslayer.

Appearance, Fighting Layout and also Equipment

In appearance the Old Dragonslayer looks very comparable to Ornstein; however tbelow are a couple of significant distinctions. The Old Dragonslayers armour is extremely equivalent to Ornstein’s in style, but fairly than being gold in colour it is dark grey and also babsence. This colour of armour mirrors the Old Dragonslayer’s alternative of magic. The Old Dragonslayer uses dark magic, additionally recognized as Hexes. This is specifically significant to point out because, as we know from the lore, the dragons could only be defeated through the usage of lightning magic (additionally recognized as Miracles). Without the use of Miracles it is hard to imagine this Old Dragonslayer being incredibly proficient at killing dragons.

When you die to the Old Dragonslayer

The Old Dragonslayer fights in a fashion comparable to Ornstein. His activities are very quick as he offers his spear to thrust and slash at the player. He is nearly always advancing in the direction of the player, offering them very bit time to reteam from a viscous strike or heal from injuries continual by a successful strike. The Old Dragonslayer will additionally usage his dark magic by leaping right into the air and also slamming dvery own right into the ground, neighboring himself in a babsence aura of offensive Hexes. This attack is reminiscent of the assault Ornstein would use after soaking up the fallen body of Smough, though Ornstein would certainly shoot out Lightning Miracle magic rather than the Hex dark magic of the Old Dragonslayer. Anvarious other relocate the Old Dragonslayer supplies that is similar to Ornstein’s fighting style is the use of a bolt of magic (Hex magic for the Old Dragonslayer, Miracle magic for Ornstein) that shoots out of the tip of the spear and also hones in on the player

The Old Dragonslayer’s Armour and also Weapon

Tbelow are some key distinctions between the two fights yet, one of which is that the Old Dragonslayer fights alone. Ornstein fought alongside Executioner Smough and also once among them dropped in battle, the other would certainly absorb their spirit to rise their strength. Another crucial point to notice about the fight against the Old Dragonslayer is that the fight itself is surprisingly straightforward. While staying pretty aggressive, the Old Dragonslayer is fairly straightforward to fight and can be beat without too a lot difficulty. This is in stark comparison to the fight versus Ornstein and Smough which is taken into consideration one of the a lot of difficult fights in Dark Souls 1, a game which prides itself in its challenge. This might be because of the reality that the Old Dragonslayer is alone throughout the fight, and also additionally could be because the Old Dragonslayer deserve to be found a lot earlier in the game than Ornstein and also Smough, however it is still worth stating.

Upon beating the Old Dragonslayer the player is offered a few pieces of loot. The initially thing that the player will certainly get is 20,000 souls, as compared to the 50,000 souls the player would gain for killing Ornstein and also Smough. The Old Dragonslayer will also drop the Old Dragonslayer Soul, which the player picks up instantly. Its description claims that it is “The Soul of the Old Dragonslayer. The Old Dragonslayer is reminiscent of a specific knight that shows up in old legends”. This soul can be supplied to purchase the Dragonslayer Spear, a spear that is comparable to his own weapon. The final point that the player receives is the Old Leo Ring, a ring that increases the countering thrust damage of the wearer by 12.5%. This is very equivalent to the Leo Ring that Ornstein was given by Gwyn in the initially Dark Souls game; however the Leo Ring rises all respond to damage by 40%.

Now That We Have the Facts…

One thing that you may have actually noticed while analysis this short article is that namong the facts say specifically who the Old Dragonslayer is. Tright here are numerous similarities between the Old Dragonslayer and also Ornstein, and also similarities to other characters in the Dark Souls mythos, yet tright here is no definitive answer to who he is. Tbelow are three prevailing theories within the Dark Souls neighborhood regarding his identification, and also each one offers the proof provided to prove their allude.

Is the Old Dragonslayer actually Ornstein?

1. The Old Dragonslayer is Ornstein

Before the occasions of the initially Dark Souls game the light of the First Flame started to fade. Gwyn was terrified of shedding the flame because it was the resource of his power, and also as a result he went to higher and also greater lengths to keep it, ultimately making use of humankind itself to try and also save the flame alive. These actions caused his closest friends and allies to fear him and many of them started to leave him. Many type of of them disagreed via his use of humanity and also huguy souls to try and fuel the flame, and also decided to leave before his desperation turned into something dangerous. One of the initially to leave was Gwynevere. Fearing what her father was becoming she left Anor Loncarry out and took Ornstein with her to the land also of Drangleic to be her individual bodyguard.

In Drangleic, Ornstein and Gwynevere developed Heide’s Tower of Flame, and the Cathedral of Blue, mirroring its style in style. Here she took up residence, with Ornstein prepared to safeguard her, also from Gwyn if important. In Drangleic, people supplied drakes and dragons as mounts and also tools of war, interpretation that tright here was no require for a Dragonslayer in the Kingdom. As a result, Ornstein abandoned the use of Faith based magic and also adopted Dark Hex magic. Hex magic is similar to Occult magic which was one of Gwyn’s biggest weaknesses. If Ornstein was preparing to defend Gwynevere from the madness of Gwyn, it renders sense that he would choose such a magic to specialize in.

If this is the situation, then who was the Ornstein that players combated in the first Dark Souls game, and that was the Gwynevere that they witnessed in Anor Londo? Gwyn’s third son Gwyndolin made an illusion of Gwynevere in Anor Loncarry out to make certain that the population wouldn’t panic. He likewise made an illusion of the Sun to make it seem like Anor Loncarry out was still basking in the sun’s incandescence. With this power of illusion, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that Ornstein can likewise be an illusion to save anyone from poking approximately and also perhaps learning his trick.

At some point somepoint occurred to Gwynevere and also she is no longer at Heide’s Tower of Flame, resulting in Ornstein being stuck there all alone, guarding the remaining city from intruders as it crumbles right into the sea.

2. The Old Dragonslayer is Ornstein Re-incarnated

Powerful souls perform not die quickly and don’t disappear forever. Powerful souls linger in the world lengthy after their owner dies, taking new forms and maintaining their power. In Dark Souls 2, this is seen throughout the Land also of Drangleic in the bosses that the player finds and deaccomplishments. The mighty Great Souls that are forced to proceed via the game are remnants of the mighty Lord Souls of the first Dark Souls game given new develop in the guise of the Rotten, the Lost Sinner, the Old Iron King and also Freja.

For acting as Gwyn’s lead knight, Ornstein was awarded many kind of excellent honours, including a powerful soul. This effective spirit may have been re-incarnated as the Old Dragonslayer in the land also of Drangleic. Lost in this new civilization the Old Dragonslayer looked to something acquainted and also discovered the Cathedral of Blue, a building reminiscent of Anor Londo. Here he took up refuge, working through the Blue Sentinels as payment for being allowed to remain there and occupational.

If this is the situation, it would certainly define why so many of the Old Dragonslayer’s items are reminiscent of Ornstein’s. Everything the Old Dragonslayer has actually, from his heart to his ring, are comparable to every one of Onrstein’s items. He is exceptionally much the exact same person; however he was carried up in Drangleic. Drangleic supplies wyverns and dragons as tools of battle, and doesn’t have require for a Dragonslayer. The dragon tamers and riders have actually the dragons under manage, so this brand-new version of Ornstein never essential to learn how to use Faith lightning to strike dragons. As a result he now provides Dark Hex magic to aid him fight his opponents, adapting it to his herbal fighting style that he had remembered from his previous life as Ornstein the Dragonslayer.

3. The Old Dragonslayer is a Knight Who Served Under Ornstein

During the battle versus the dragons, many silver knights dealt with alongside Ornstein and Gwyn. Lord Gwyn offered distinct recognition to the Ornstein, Artorias, Claran and also Gough yet it is feasible that tbelow were many knights that might claim the title of Dragonslayer.

Much after the battle when the First Flame started to fade, Gwyn began using Humanity to fuel the dying flame. Humanity comes from the souls of humans, and also is a piece of the Dark Soul that was taken from the First Flame by the Furtive Pygmy. Gwyn also motivated invading other parallel human beings to gather more humanity to fuel the First Flame. This decision was extremely polarizing among Gwyn’s friends and family, leading to many civilization leaving Lordran, even his eldest Daughter Gwynevere.

The Old Dragonslayer might have been just one of the world who abandoned Lordran. This would certainly have been a dangerous relocate to execute but, bereason Gwyn was still exceptionally effective and wouldn’t accept any type of danger to his dominion. To defend himself, the Old Dragonslayer would have preferred to abandon Faith Magic (the magic Gwyn was resistant to) and learn Hex magic, just in case Gwyn made a decision to pursue him.

When leaving Lordran, the Old Dragonslayer tried to discover a means to safeguard the human being that Gwyn had actually endangered. He wanted to make certain that people would certainly not be targeted by Gwyn for harvesting, and wanted to defend any type of humale that was invaded. To carry out this the Old Dragonslayer began functioning with the Blue Sentinels, a covenant that protects people that have actually been got into by counter invading into the fight and acting as backup for the victim. When the Old Dragonslayer observed what the Blue Sentinels were doing, he joined up and also acted as defense from anypoint that Gwyn may sfinish their method. He kbrand-new that the Blue Sentinels would certainly be a targain for Gwyn as they opposed what he was doing so the Old Dragonslayer acted as a bodyguard, protecting the Cathedral of Blue as its last line of defence.

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These three are the the majority of extensively embraced theories around the Old Dragonslayer’s true identity, but they are by no means the just ones. From Software has actually left the lore wide open for interpretation, and that is why many type of world are attracted to the Souls franchise. By not telling the player every little bit detail about the world, the developers have created little mysteries for players to try and also fix, and the only way that players have the right to fix these mysteries is by delving into eexceptionally facet of the game. They should research the well-known lore, the items, the settings, the gameplay and even the previous games if they want the whole story. This creates a distinctive suffer that other creates of media can’t really copy, leading to a brand brand-new version of storyinforming that has actually fans scouring eincredibly little bit detail in hopes of finding the truth about the characters and also people of Dark Souls. Tbelow are dozens of characters in the Dark Souls world whose story is concealed among the clues of the games civilization, such as Gwyn’s initially born boy whose name has been purposely erased from the annals of Lordran’s history, or the Knight Ostrava of Boletaria in search of the truth behind his father’s disappearance. Even when the fact isn’t known for specific, the search for proof can include a new layer of fun to the gaming endure.