If you’re saying, “My girlfriend is trying to make me jealous” then you’re probably feeling frustrated, puzzled and also probably even a tiny betrayed by your girlfriend ideal currently.

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You may be asking yourself, “Why is she doing this to me?” and also even, “Am I doing something wrong?”

To better understand why your girlfriend is trying to make you jealous, you first must understand also that women behave in completely various methods to males. For males, things are typically as basic as “What you check out is what you gain.” Many guys will say and carry out what they intend. Simple and directly forward.

However before, womales will certainly hardly ever say (or do) what they mean. They’ll say “It’s fine” once they really mean “It’s NOT fine,” or they’ll say, “I require space” when what they really mean is, “I want to break up via you.”

When it comes to relationships, just because a guy maneras to gain himself a girlfriend, it doesn’t suppose he can then sit back and also relax and also simply assume that the relationship will certainly circulation normally by itself. In any kind of relationship, it’s the man’s obligation to preserve the love, respect and also attractivity that his womale feels for him.

Yet, at the same time, he requirements to understand also that it doesn’t matter if him and his girlfrifinish have actually only just met, or if they’ve been dating for a long time, she will certainly always test him. It doesn’t matter just how a lot attractivity she feels for him, or exactly how much she respects him; she will store trial and error him. It doesn’t also issue if she’s head over heels in love through him; she will certainly test him.

And among the many kind of “tests” womales will certainly subject a male to, is trying to make him jealous.

Why Do Womales Test Men?

Often guys will ask us right here at The Modern Man, “Why are womales so complicated? Why carry out they constantly carry out things that males can’t understand? Why should a woguy test a man; especially once they’re in a relationship?”

The fact is, a womale will certainly test a male to see exactly how much power she has actually over him. This is her method of checking that he is really the type of man she desires him to be. If, when she tests him he deals with her test through confidence and psychological and emotional stamina, she will feel attracted to him. Her respect for him will certainly rise and also she will certainly naturally autumn more deeply in love via him.

On the other hand if once a womale tests her male he crumbles under the pressure because he can’t address it in a masculine and also confident method, she will even more than most likely start to question whether he’s really the man she desires to be with.

When a guy that is inproficient through women, or who simply doesn’t understand also womales says, “My girlfriend is trying to make me jealous,” he naturally panics and ends up making mistakes that in her eyes add up to “TEST FAILED”.

3 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Your Girlfrifinish is Trying to Make You Jealous

The best technique to take once your girlfrifinish is trying to make you feel jealous is to ssuggest not get affiliated in it.

Placed your emphasis on various other things, laugh at her attempts to make you jealous and just save moving forward in life. If you deserve to present your girlfriend that you have actually that form of emotional toughness wbelow you love her and also want her in your life, yet are not dependant on her for your emotional security or confidence, it actually renders her respect you.

However before, if you don’t take that approach, you can end up making one of the following mistakes…

1. Feeling insecure.


If you feel that you’re lucky to be through your girlfrifinish and also that if she leaves you, you won’t have the ability to acquire one more girlfriend, you will certainly normally feel insecure once she appears to be interested in various other guys. However before, all that you are doing is making her lose attraction and also respect for you as a guy.

Don’t acquire associated in her games. Sindicate love her and laugh off any type of attempts that she makes to reason you to feel jealous. Do that and also you will certainly pass many of the tests that women put you via.

2. Trying to make her jealous in rerevolve.

It could feel choose a good principle to attempt and make her jealous back once she tries to make you jealous, yet eventually this is pointmuch less and will certainly only cause needmuch less disagreements where she will certainly try to make you out to be the bad guy also though she’s the one who began it.

When you’re confident in yourself and in your abilities to entice womales, you don’t have to try and also make her jealous bereason deep down you know that you’re already good sufficient and also much much better than any type of male she could potentially hook up through.

3. Fighting over her.

Just bereason your girlfrifinish is trying to make you jealous, it isn’t anyone else’s fault. Picking a fight via one more male over her is simply playing into her hands. She will gain the satisfactivity of knowing that she acquired to you and then she’ll end up being the leading one in the connection.

However, if this happens, the partnership dynamic will go out of sync and she will certainly end up dominating you, which will ultimately lead to her losing respect for you.

You Can Pass Her Tests With Flying Colors

The next time you capture yourself reasoning, “My girlfrifinish is trying to make me jealous and also I don’t like it,” instead of getting upcollection or angry about it, use it as an possibility to make her feel more attractivity for you. As long as you believe in yourself, you can handle what she throws at you with a casual confidence that will attract her even closer to you.

When you’re confident in yourself it comes throughout in your actions, in your tonality and in your body language. No matter just how she behaves, your actions (and re-actions) will certainly be saying to her, “It’s okay if you desire to make me jealous, I understand I’m much better than any guy you flirt via.” At the very same time by not taking the bait, you are turning the tables on her.

When a guy doesn’t get jealous, a woguy will naturally begin reasoning, “Why isn’t he afrhelp of shedding me? He should understand he deserve to easily rearea me.” Without having actually to say it, you’re letting her understand that you deserve to have actually any kind of other woman if you wanted to, but you are choosing to be via her.

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This renders HER feel favor she demands to be the one to job-related tough to store YOU and also this just makes her feel even even more turned on and also attracted to you.