To many type of of us, music is an indispensable part of all day-to-day tasks. Dancing ameans to favorite tunes as soon as cleaning the residence, biding your time in a website traffic jam listening to some indie, or placing on pleasant background jazz for a romantic evening - eincredibly moment is accompanied by a melody.

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Spotify is one of the the majority of famous music streaming services in the human being, enabling countless individuals to connect with their artists of choice. Therefore, when the app doesn’t work appropriately or crashes in the middle of the song, it creates mass annoyance and frustration. Why does it happen and also just how carry out you settle it?

Why is Spotify so sluggish on Mac?

While the mobile client doesn’t mostly cause any kind of problems, the desktop computer app breaks down fairly quickly. For a long time, it was not clear why that is the instance, till someone realized that Spotify cache is extremely poorly regulated. It adds up over time, growing into an intimidatingly-big segment that takes up your Mac’s memory and causes the application itself to fill gradually.

Clear Spotify cache on Mac

Luckily, you deserve to conveniently clear out Spotify cache yourself if you follow these steps:

1. Quit Spotify

2. Open Finder

3. In the peak menu bar, click Go and pick Go to Folder from the drop-down menu

4. Type in ~/Library/Caches/ and hit Enter to be moved to the concealed library folder

5. Find the com.spotify.client folder. Open it and also delete all the components


6. Go back to the Library folder

7. Locate the Application Support folder on the optimal of the list

8. In that folder, scroll down to the folder named Spotify

9. Open it and find a record referred to as prefs

10. Open the file in the message editor. Scroll dvery own to the finish and also add the following text to the exceptionally end of the file: storage.size=1024. This will limit the dimension of your cache and prevent it from bulking up in the future


11. Save the file

12. Back in the Spotify folder, situate the PersistentCache folder and also delete it


13. Empty trash

Alternatively, you can usage to clear cache automatically in a matter of seconds.

Why does Spotify save crashing on Mac?

Desktop client crashes are not inexplicable, and also the many widespread concern in these cases is an outdated macOS.

Before you begin panicking, make certain that you’re running the latest variation of the operating device on your computer — for MacBooks that have actually been released after mid-2012, it’s Catalina. Go to the Apple menu and select System Precommendations → Software Upday to examine if anypoint is available. Make certain that your Spotify is approximately day also.

Spotify keeps freezing

If you have actually updated your computer and also Spotify keeps crashing regardmuch less, try reinstalling the app. Follow these steps:

Quit SpotifyOpen FinderIn the top menu bar, click Go and choose Go to Folder from the drop-dvery own menuType in ~/Library and also hit Enter to go to the hidden Library folderLocate the Caches folder and also the com.spotify.Client folder inside itDelete the folder or the neighborhood filesGo ago to the major Library folder. Find the Application Support folder on top of the listScroll dvery own till you see the Spotify folder — delete itInstall Spotify again

Spotify not functioning or won’t open up on Mac

Sometimes as soon as you attempt to open Spotify you watch a black display for a split second and also then the app unexpectedly shuts itself dvery own. In this instance, the initially point you should do is attempt a clean reinstall as defined above. If that doesn’t help, try disabling the Hardware Acceleration: click on the Spotify food selection in the optimal left edge of the display screen and also uncover the choice in the drop-dvery own menu that shows up.

Occasionally you might come throughout Spotify error code 3 or error code 17 on Mac. Both of these prevent you from accessing your account and also may be adhered to by the application crashing. The error 3 code is brought about by an incorrect password or interference by a VPN app - in this case, you can ssuggest carry out a reset. In contrast, the error code 17 trouble arises as a result of infinish application installation or a virus infection. A reinstall and also a malware inspect would be beneficial.

The Spotify application is not responding

If you suffer a sudden glitch in Spotify complied with by the “Application not responding” message, percreate a clean reinstall of the client. It deserve to be as a result of an overloaded cache.

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Spotify web player not working

In spite of the Spotify internet player’s dazzling popularity, it’s still a deeply flawed website that generally crashes and also stops responding. One thing to do to prevent problems through it is to ssuggest switch to among the Spotify apps — problematic as they are, they’re not almost as annoying as the internet client.

However before, if you choose to stream music from your web browser, there are a couple of points you deserve to perform if Spotify stops working:

1. Open Spotify in a private home window. If that solves the problem, disable your browser extensions and clear cache

2. If you’re making use of Chrome or Firefox, playback of protected content might be disabled in your internet browser. Make sure you allow it in Settings. In Chrome, go to Privacy and also Security → Site Settings and scroll all the method down to uncover the required option. In Firefox, go to Precommendations → General and also scroll dvery own to tick package next to “Play DRM-managed content”


3. You cannot usage Spotify on Safari! If you desire to usage the web client, switch to a various browser

Spotify keeps pausing

If you’re tired of Spotify pamaking use of randomly in the middle of your songs and playlists, sindicate reinstalling the application or clearing out cache won’t help. However, tright here is one trick that will certainly help you out of this:

1. Go to your Account Overview web page and click the “Sign Out Everywhere” button. This will certainly sign you out of all of your accounts on all devices

2. Open Spotify on your Mac and also sign in

3. Try utilizing the app aobtain. If it functions, sync through other devices


As brilliant as Spotify is, it’s not without its shortcomings. It’s simple enough to deal with the app occasionally freezing or crashing, yet in the lengthy term you will end up spfinishing the majority of time sorting it out. Why not attempt Whenever before the problem stems from an overloaded cache, full storage, or malware infection, you can count on the cleaner to solve it within moments. Downfill now and start enhancing your Mac’s performance!