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Enabling secure relationships to your keep ensures that the data that your customers enter continues to be private and also secure. This is accomplished utilizing a TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate, sometimes described as an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, that encrypts interaction between your keep and also exterior content, and publishes the content securely using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

For instance, if your store"s URL is, then the URL is readjusted to when the TLS certificate is issued. If your customers usage the original URL, then they are redirected instantly to the encrypted digital keep.

TLS certificates have actually the following benefits for your online store:

They include a layer of defense by encrypting customer data.They aid to construct your customers" trust by displaying a padlock symbol beside your online store"s URL.

Acquiring a TLS certificate

A TLS certificate is issued immediately in the following circumstances:

For any assets that are hosted on the doprimary.

You can make certain that your TLS certificate has actually been issued by verifying that the standing of the domajor is Connected on the Domains page. In enhancement, the padlock symbol is displayed next to your virtual store"s URL in the resolve bar when you watch your storefront.

Verifying that your assets are secure

If your digital store consists of imeras, videos, webfonts, or other assets that are organized somewright here other than on, then they have to be ceded over HTTPS. Any web page in your online save that consists of an asset that is not yielded over HTTPS is considered to be insecure.

The finest alternative to encertain that your assets are secure is to host all your virtual store"s assets on

If you should host your assets outside of, then make sure that you perform the following:

Host your video content on a service that publishes over HTTPS.When you usage webfonts, verify that they"re publimelted over HTTPS from their resource.

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) records

A Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) document is offered to specify which certificate authorities are enabled to problem certificates for a doprimary. A certificate authority (CA) is a trusted entity that worries electronic files that verify a digital entity"s identification on the Web.

You do not need CAA records for your store. However before, if you"re forced to use CAA documents, then the following certificate authorities (CA) must be included to each CAA record at the same time that you affix your domajor to

Troubleshooting protection errors for your third-party domain

After you affix your third-party domain to, your customers can not access your digital keep.


The complying with errors occur:

A TLS or SSL unaccessible error is shown in your admin.A message equivalent to Your connection is unsecure is displayed on your storefront.


It have the right to take approximately 48 hrs for the TLS certificate to be issued after you connect your third-party doprimary to During that time, a TLS or SSL unobtainable error might be displayed in your admin. If the error persists after 48 hrs, then the settings on your domain provider"s website can not be configured properly.


If the TLS or SSL uneasily accessible error is still shown after 48 hours, then do the following:

Verify that your A record is and also your CNAME document is you usage an AAAA record, remove it.If you have actually DNSSEC allowed for your domajor, then disable it.

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