The turning allude in Amerideserve to politics toward a president-centered federal government came around during the management of _________________a. Andrew Jackkid b. Abraham Lincoln c. Franklin Rooseveltd. Dwight Eisenhowere. Lyndon Johnson
The climb of the national convention was important bereason it ________________a.placed the power of selecting presidential candidates entirely in the hands of federal judges.b. placed the power of selecting presidential candidates entirely in the hands of congressional leaders.c. gave the presidency a mass renowned base that would certainly ultimately assistance and demand also enhanced presidential power.d. took amethod the presidency"s mass popular base and made the president a a lot weaker political actor.e. got rid of the need for a presidential candidate to win the support of his party.

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c. gave the presidency a mass famous base that would ultimately assistance and demand increased presidential power.
________________ powers are especially established by the language of the Constitution.a. Expressed b. Delegated c. Impliedd. Suspectede. Inherent
When the president infers powers from the "legal rights, duties, and obligations" of the presidency, these are dubbed ____________ powers.a. delegated b. important and appropriate c. inherentd. ware. expressed
The president"s delegated powers come from ____________a. the Constitution b. Congress c. the statesd. the president"s partye. the Supreme Court .
The Executive Office of the President was developed during the administration of ___________a. Abraham Lincoln b. Theodore Roosevelt c. Woodrow Wilsond. Franklin Roosevelte. Harry Truman
The president"s expressed powers encompass every one of the complying with categories EXCEPT ______________a. armed forces b. partisanc. judiciald. diplomatice. executive
What is compelled for Congress to override a presidential veto?a. a majority of both houses of Congressb. two-thirds of both dwellings of Congressc. three-fourths of both dwellings of Congressd. a unanimous vote of both residences of Congresse. cannot be overridden unless it concerns the budgain, in which instance it calls for a three-fourths vote of both houses
The State of the Union attend to isa. compelled by a law passed by Congress in 1802 and renewed ever before since.b. asked for by the president, and comity needs that his or her request is constantly embraced.c. based on legacy yet was discontinued in the time of the Great Depression and also World War II.d. mandated by the Constitution.e. asked for by the media and virtually constantly agreed to by the president and also Congress.
An executive order isa. a dominion or regulation issued unilaterally by the president that has actually the status of a regulation.b. an emergency decree that is legislation just for the duration of a crisis or pfinishing congressional approval.c. a demand also to Congress that it vote on a certain item of legislation.d. any kind of act of the executive branch that does not need to be made public.e. a decree issued by the president that requires the federal courts to hear a details situation regarding the Constitution.
Why is the president"s State of the Union attend to important?a. It is regularly the just time that members of Congress acquire to question the president straight.b. It is an possibility for the president to set the legislative agenda by initiating proposals and directing public attention to the president"s objectives.c. It is an chance for the president to highlight the positive actions of the previous year.d. It is the just time the president is constitutionally allowed to resolve Congress.e. It determines the specific budacquire for the upcoming year.

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b. It is an opportunity for the president to collection the legislative agenda by initiating proposals and directing public attention to the president"s objectives.
Which of the complying with is NOT an expressed power of the president under Message II of the U.S. Constitution?a. to serve as commander in chief of the armed forcesb. to declare warc. to provide pardons for federal crimesd. to faithfully execute the lawse. the power to veto legislation

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