The empirical dominance is appropriate. The data set is quantitative and also the distribution is roughly​ bell-shaped, so the empirical ascendancy gives better approximates of the location of the monitorings than​ Chebyshev"s rule.

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The empirical dominion is incorrect. The data collection is​ quantitative, but the circulation is asymmetric.​ Therefore, Chebyshev"s dominion offers much better approximates of the area of the monitorings than the empirical ascendancy.
The empirical preeminence is inproper. The data set is​ quantitative, but the distribution is asymmetric.​ As such, Chebyshev"s dominance offers better estimates of the area of the observations than the empirical ascendancy.
If the problem for making use of the empirical dominance is​ met, why must that preeminence be supplied instead of​ Chebyshev"s rule?
​Chebyshev"s rule is a reduced bound on the proportion of data that have the right to be discovered within a details number of traditional deviations from the expect. If the circulation is roughly​ bell-shaped, the empirical​ dominion, in​ general, gives better estimates than​ Chebyshev"s preeminence.
The manager at a golf course uncovered that the populace suppose size of the holes at the golf courses is 407.6 yd. In this​ conmessage, is the number 407.6 a parameter or a​ statistic? Exsimple your answer.
A parameter is a descriptive meacertain for a​ population, whereas a statistic is a descriptive meacertain for a sample. A populace is an entire team of topics or​ objects, while a sample is a part of a population.
The​ intend, median, and also mode are the the majority of crucial steps of center. The intend of a file set is its arithmetic average. The median of a documents collection is the middle value in its ordered list. The mode of a file set is its the majority of typically arising value.

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The conventional deviation is preferable to the range as a meacertain of variation because the conventional deviation takes into account every one of the​ observations, whereas the variety considers just the biggest and smallest ones.

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