Vosotros is an individual pronoun that’s extensively supplied in Spain, and it’s one of the main distinctions in between steustatiushistory.org speakers in America vs. Europe. As beginners, most steustatiushistory.org students learn the 3 levels of formality, and also proper instances to usage the pronouns effectively. I think it’s about time we fleshed out the everyday use of vosotros!

As an English speaker, you’ve probably noticed just how the accent is not the just thing that changes in between the USA and also the United Kingdom. Words and grammar are various too! The very same happens in Latin America, where Mexicans, Guatemalans, all the method dvery own to the Ushuaia Argentines have different accents and dialects, all shaped by the tongues of the aboriginal tribes of each region.

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Not surprisingly, Spain has a various means of approaching steustatiushistory.org as well, and also since they’re the furthest ameans from Latin America, their distinctions are even more notable. If you arrangement on visiting Spain at some suggest, it’s vital for you to learn about vosotros.

How to Use Vosotros and also Ustedes

Both vosotros and ustedes act as plural develops of the second-person pronoun. Grammatically, they both expect “you all,” but if they’re accompanied by a verb, they call for sepaprice conjugations.

Each pronoun suggests “you all”:

¡Esas son buenas noticias para vosotros! — That ‘s great news for you guys!¡Esas child buenas noticias para ustedes! — That ‘s excellent news for you guys!

Each pronoun’s verbs are conjugated differently:

Vosotros representaréis a nuestro país en las Olimpiadas. — You’ll reexisting our country in The Olympics.Ustedes representarán a nuestro país en las olimpiadas. — You’ll recurrent our nation in The Olympics.

Verb Conjugations via Vosotros and Ustedes

Being from Latin America myself, vosotros conjugations constantly sound starray to me. Even I need to practice at it to enhance.

As you’ll watch, the conjugations will certainly adjust relying on which type of verb you’re conjugating (ending on ar, er, ir) so we’ll look at all 3. Let’s start by looking at the -ar ending:

Vosotros -ar conjugation: saltar

ModeTenseSuffixExample through “saltar”Pronunciation
Past imperfect-baissaltabaissahl-tah-bayhs
Simple past-asteissaltasteissahl-tahs-tayhs
Simple future-réissaltaréissahl-tah-reyhs
Simple past-araissaltaraissahl-tah-rayhs
Simple past-aseissaltaseissahl-tah-seyhs

Vosotros -er conjugation: correr

ModeTenseSuffixExample through “correr”Pronunciation
Past imperfect-íaiscorríaiskoh-ree-aeehs
Simple past-isteiscorristeiskoh-reehs-teyhs
Simple future-eréiscorreréiskoh-reh-reyhs
Simple past-ieraiscorrieraiskoh-ryeh-rayhs
Simple past-ieseiscorrieseiskoh-ryeh-sayhs

Vosotros -ir conjugation: abrir

ModeTenseSuffixExample through “abrir”Pronunciation
Past imperfect-íaisabríaisah-bree-ayhs
Simple past-isteisabristeisah-brees-tayhs
Simple future-iréisabriréisah-bree-rayhs
Simple past-ieraisabrieraisah-bryeh-rayhs
Simple past-ieseisabrieseisah-bryeh-seyhs

As you most likely noticed, -er and also -ir have comparable conjugations, however, -ir have the right to be facility since you’ll discover more irregular verbs once conjugating it than usual. Don’t problem, though, this example is a continual verb, you have the right to talk around irregular verbs via your steustatiushistory.org teacher!

Differences in Formality between Vosotros and also Ustedes

As you most likely understand from analysis our post on the 3 levels of formality in steustatiushistory.org, usted is the appropriate pronoun to usage for formal settings, and also once conveying respect also. The big difference here is that In Latin America, ustedes is provided in both formal and also informal settings. Vosotros, on the various other hand, is the informal means of addressing others in second-perboy plural once you’re in Spain.

To summarize:

Ustedes is both formal and informal in Latin America.Vosotros is informal and also ustedes is formal in Spain.

Language is Strange

Here’s something interesting to think about: The word vosotros originates from 2 various words vos – otros. Vos is the informal variation of “you” and otros adds plurality to the pronoun.

However, vos isn’t offered in Spain anymore. It’s actually viewed as an outdated form of steustatiushistory.org, a lot favor the pronoun “ye” in English.

Interestingly sufficient, in Latin America we usage vos however not vosotros, while in Spain people use vosotros however not vos—even if both words have the exact same origin! Strange, right?

Object Pronoun of Vosotros

When making use of the vosotros pronoun, you’ll should usage os as the object pronoun.

For those of you that are familiar through the steustatiushistory.org spoken in Latin America, we usage the straight and also instraight object pronoun les once in referral to ustedes, whereas in Spain they use the object pronoun os in referral to vosotros.

Like any other object pronoun, os can be attached to a word or sepaprice depending upon whether it comes prior to or after the verb:

Before the verb = separate

Os traje un pastel. — I lugged you a cake.

After the ver = attached

Iba a llamaros antes del particarry out. — I was going to contact you prior to the game.

Example Sentences through Vosotros

Now that you know the appropriate conjugations and also exactly how to use the object pronoun for vosotros, let’s exercise with some examples!

Vosotros contáis con mi ayuda en toexecute momento. — You have the right to count on my aid at all times.Haced lo que pensáis que sea mejor para vosotros. — Do what you think is best for you.Vosotros venderíais más producto en el local cercano a la playa. — You would certainly offer even more product in the stall close to the beach.

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¿Tenéis lista la camioneta para nuestro viaje? — Do you have actually the truck ready for our trip?Si vosotros seguiríais practicanperform, os volveríais muy buenos. — If you save practicing, you’d end up being quite experienced.¿Vendráis a mi fiesta de cumpleaños? — Would you come to my birthday party?Os sugiero que traigáis traje de baño mañana. — I imply you carry a swimsuit tomorrow.

Always Keep Practicing

Even though our teachers are Guatemalan, they’re specialists in the steustatiushistory.org language and understand how to teach you vosotros conjugations and also usage. If you want to get some extra exercise, take a free class with us and also you’ll be utilizing vosotros faster than you deserve to say the word “conjugate.” What other grammar topics would you like to learn about? Leave me a comment dvery own below to let me know!