Sfinishing information using e-mail attachment is quick and easy but is open up to the threat that someone various other than the intfinished recipient have the right to intercept it. This can be a serious problem if the information consisted of within the attachment is sensitive or confidential.

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To assist you keep the contents of your e-mails secure, listed below are some instructions on just how to password defend Word files and then encrypt the file so that you have the right to send it safely.

Password protecting a Word document

Microsoft Word allows you to apply a password to an individual file so that it deserve to only be opened when the reader has gotten in the correct password.

Follow the actions below to use a password to a document:

Click the File tab.

Click Info.

Click Protect Document, and then click Encrypt via Password.

In the Encrypt Document box, type a password, and also then click OK.

In the Confirm Password box, kind the password aobtain, and also then click OK.

Encrypting your papers (7-zip)

To increase the level of protection, we additionally suggest that you encrypt the file before sfinishing it using email. Encryption is a software program tool that uses "scrambling" to make information unreadable. Once a message is encrypted, it will appear as a meaningless garble of characters to anyone other than the perboy that has actually the password to unscramble it.

To aid you decide whether you need to encrypt any type of records prior to sfinishing them, look at the three concerns below. If you answer ‘yes’ to any kind of of them then you must usage password defense and also encryption.

For example:

Do you have actually information that could reason damage to eitherthe Universityif it fell right into the wrong hands? (E.g. - The sharing of Exam papers.)Are there records on your computer system that are strictly confidential? (E.g. -Bank and also crmodify card account numbers orPersonnel files.)Do you send and also receive email messages containing confidential information aboutthe Universities"work?

Download 7-zip To encrypt your records we recommend that you usage open resource software application dubbed 7-Zip, which is installed on all university computer systems. If you do not have actually 7-zip set up on your computer system, you have the right to downpack it at http://www.7-zip.org.

Follow the procedures below:

On the residence page click the optimal "Download" attach for "7-zip 4.57" (the file form is .exe). This will redirect you to downpack pperiods onSourceForge.net.

Once the web page has loaded you might check out a message window alerting you to a yellow Indevelopment Bar at the height of the page. To close the home window click "Close."

The yellow Indevelopment Bar is a defense meacertain which occurs once any software tries to install itself onto your computer. It repursuits confirmation that you want to downpack. To confirm click "Click right here for options" and then "Download File."

A new message window will certainly show up asking whether you want to Run the download file or Save. Click "Run."

Another protection message will certainly appear asking you to confirm that you desire to download the file. Click "Run" to confirm.

The SetupWizardwill certainly then askyou where you desire to install 7-zip. As default it will have actually preferred your C:Drive. This is the default location for applications so you carry out not must readjust it. Click "Install" to start the installation.

Once set up cshed the Setup Wizard byclicking "Finish."

Encrypting a paper using 7-zip Once 7-zip is mounted onto your computer system you deserve to use it to encrypt your documents.

Follow the measures below:

Launch 7-zip utilizing the Start food selection (Start - All Programs - 7-zip - 7-zip file manager).

In the 7-zip file manager locate the file that you want to encrypt (the file manager will list all storage drives including your H:Drive).

Once you have actually situated the file you desire to encrypt, pick it by clicking it once.

With the file highlighted, click "Add."

This will certainly open up a new home window referred to as "Add to Archive."

At the top of theleft column readjust the "Archive Format" to "Zip" using the drop-dvery own menu.

At the bottom of the best column inspect that the "Encryption method" says "AES-256."

Above it, form your preferred password into the "Enter password" text box.

Directly beneath it, re-enter your password into to the "Re-enter password text box.

Click "OK" to cshed the "Add to Archive" home window."

Back in the file manager you can now see theencrypted and zipped file. You have the right to identify it by its icon which is of a folder with azip with it.

You can now send the file as an email attachment however remember not to encompass the password in the very same email.

Opening an encrypted file

To open up an encrypted file through email attachment you will certainly need to use 7-zip. Don’t foracquire that you will have to recognize 2 passwords – one for the Word document and also one for the encrypted file.

View a demonstration on just how to open up an encrypted fileor follow the measures below:

In the email message windowdouble click the zipped attachment.

You will then be asked if you desire to Open the attachment from its existing area or conserve it to your computer. Click "Save."

Save the file to your wanted location (for example, your H:Drive).

Cshed the email message window.

Open 7-zip using the Start food selection. This will certainly open the 7-zip file manager.

Browse for your encrypted file using the drop down list of file places.

Once you have actually located your file, double click itto open up the folder.

In the folder, double click the Word record to open it.

At this suggest you willbe asked toenter the password assigned to the encryption process. Enter the password and click "OK."

You will certainly then be asked to enter the password for the Word document. Enter the password and click "OK."

The Word document have to now be open.

Best Practices

Make passwords difficult to guess (6-12 personalities in size, at leastern one capital letter and at leastern one symbol). DO NOT use a word that appears in a dictionary.

NEVER send out passwords in the same email as the encrypted file(s).

Almethods confirm the identification of the recipient before releasing passwords.

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Increate recipients of passwords either confront to challenge, by telephone or in a separate email.