I have been asking myself the exact same question for the previous 18 years. Why is my car on the front lawn?What could have actually maybe happened? Does anyone out tright here have the answer?

I’ve run so many kind of possibilities with my head. Did I drive it there? Why would I drive it there? Did my auto grow legs and also walk onto the front lawn? The last point I remember my band was on the optimal of the human being.

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Guys via baggy pants and also girls in crop tops and black lipstick loved us. Our concerts had dirt bikers, goths, AND rappers through upside dvery own visors all pogoing together. We were the quintessential band of 1999.We also created a hit song referred to as, “My Own Worst Enemy” around my car’s unmost likely placement.No, it’s not dubbed, “Please Tell Me Why.” But please perform tell me why … why my auto is in the front yard.I believed fame and also success would certainly lug me with my darkest days; I thought the sleepmuch less nights would certainly subside. I assumed I would no longer need to worry about why my car is on the front lawn. But fame readjusted nopoint. I’ve been spiraling for 18 years and also the nagging question continues to be. I am a male obsessed. I need answers, somebody offer me the answers I seek.WHAT HAPPENED? I’ve run through every possible scenario in my head and still the answer eludes me. Was tright here an earthquake? Did Bigfoot pick up my precious ’86 El Camino and throw it on the front lawn? DID OUR LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, LOOK UPON MY VEHICLE AND DECIDE TO USE HIS INFINITE POWER TO RAISE MY CAR FROM THE EARTH TO REACH ITS DESTINY IN THE FRONT YARD?


I’ve been a walking nightmare for years, sleepwalking through my apparel on. Wright here are my bandmates? How lengthy has it been given that they abandoned me? Have they ongoing the heritage of Lit without me? Living the high life via the likes of Sum-41, Sugar Ray, and Fred Durst?If anyone reading this has any type of principle why my car is on the front lawn, please tell me so I have the right to relocate on through my life. I must know so I have the right to gain earlier to the rockstar way of life I earned by being the man from Lit.Could it be concerned the points I said when I was drunk?What did I contact you?I didn’t suppose to contact you that!Please tell me!





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Message by The Guy From Lit

If you have actually any kind of answers for the man from Lit, please let him recognize in the comments below, he’s obviously in a pretty turbulent area right currently.