7 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight (& 3 Twilight Is Better) The Harry Potter and Twilight book and also film franchises have garnered their fair share of fans, yet debates still rage over which is much better.

The fantasy genre is one of the many popular ones because it allows readers and viewers to let their imagination run wild and learn even more about things they wouldn"t take into consideration feasible. It"s no wonder then that there are so many well-known franchises that belengthy to the fantasy genre and also were likewise transdeveloped right into movies.

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Two of the the majority of famous ones are the Harry Potter series and the Twilight franchise. In spite of the truth that they"re extremely various, the fans of both these books and also film franchises choose to argue which one is much better, Bella"s story or Harry"s. The fact then is that each of them has actually its positives and negatives.

Harry Potter Epilogue
Unchoose Twilight, Harry Potter heroes have all known some significant loss. And also if they won in the finish, it wasn"t without sacrifices. Ron lost his brvarious other, for example, and Harry shed not only his parents however also Sirius. Bella is a lot luckier and also it renders the story feel less realistic. Even once she"s in risk, every little thing turns out well for her in the end, and also she also ends up being a vampire even more effective than many type of others, with even more one-of-a-kind gifts.

9 Harry Potter: Not So Predictable

It"s extremely straightforward to guess just how Bella"s story will finish and one does not also have to be a genius to execute it. It"s clear from the minute they initially accomplish that Bella and also Edward will end up together and also have actually their happily ever before after. The just point that"s surpincreasing is exactly how Bella have the right to give birth to Renesmee since her husband also is, well, basically dead. Harry Potter also has some predictable storyline points however it mainly maneras to surprise its readers — for instance, by killing numerous personalities world expected to remain alive.

Not everybody may choose the way vampires were characterized in the Twilight franchise. That does not readjust the fact that vampires are among the a lot of renowned supernatural creatures both in movies and in literary works.

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Twilight gives them a lot of area, developing facility mythology and also background. Harry Potter, on the various other hand, just has actually a single vampire in the books that mirrors up at one of Slughorn"s parties but doesn"t really make an impression.

7 Harry Potter: Better Language

Anyone that likes analysis and also prefers to spfinish their time traveling to different people in the form of a book will confirm that the language of a book can be a vast plus. And from the language perspective, Harry Potter is much richer than Twilight. Possibly bereason it takes area in a magic human being of the 1990s and not the modern — kind of — days.

If somebody desires to read mainly around a love story, Twilight is a far better choice than Harry Potter. Yes, there are romances in the Harry Potter human being too yet they"re a little component of a much bigger mix. Twilight focuses on the romantic relationships between its characters, and also while not everybody might favor Bella and Edward together, tbelow are some other exciting couples, such as Alice and Jasper or Esme and also Carlisle.

5 Harry Potter: Better Female Heroines

It"s true that Bella might be relatable for many kind of young readers who also feel they"re in no method distinct. But she"s method as well dependent on Edward and also her actions once Edward temporarily dumps her is far from healthy.

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Harry Potter, on the various other hand also, has actually plenty of impressive inspirational solid female heroines. There"s Hermione, of course, and also Ginny, who might not have acquired much love and area in the films, but she"s a complete badass in the publications. And neither of them let their entirety resides revolve around their men.

Both Harry Potter and Twilight belong to the fantasy genre yet just Harry Potter properly offers all the genre provides it and also have the right to truly be referred to as imagiaboriginal. Twilight additionally contains some original facets yet it"s exceptionally a lot associated to the everyday civilization. Harry Potter creates a brand also brand-new people with its own collection of rules and also details, though, and also it"s fascinating to uncover it as world store on analysis or watching.

3 Twilight: Fewer Books

Sometimes it"s likewise about the amount, not just the top quality. Twilight has four books while the Harry Potter series has actually seven. Not everybody has the time to review seven publications in a brief period of time which is the best method if the reader desires to gain Harry Potter with every little thing the series has to offer. Twilight publications are additionally relatively short in comparison to the Harry Potter novels, at leastern beginning via the fourth book and going over.

Twilight villains are incredibly bland also and also it"s challenging to cheer for them. Harry Potter additionally has its fair share of villains however their impetus is a lot clearer and even more understandable than via the Twilight saga. For instance, Severus Snape is thought about a villain for the longest time yet then it transforms out he was actually a double agent. That"s the type of character background the Twilight franchise largely lacks.

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1 Harry Potter: Not Just For Girls

Regardmuch less of the reader"s genre, everybody have the right to enjoy Harry Potter with its sophisticated and enchanting (pun intended) people of magic. The book may have actually been written by a womale yet it certainly isn"t reserved for woguys and also girls. Twilight, on the various other hand, is geared for the stereotypical female reader, also though it mirrors the major heroine as someone that wants to die when a guy leaves her.

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