This is a list of basic Samuel Adams Facts. Samuel Adams is periodically called the "Father of the Amerideserve to Revolution" because of his at an early stage stand also against the tyranny of Great Britain and his speeches and also writings that drew many Amerideserve to homesteaders right into the fight for liberty. This list of Samuel Adams Facts has fundamental points such as birth and also fatality dates, marriage dates, number of kids and also occupations as a young man. It is additionally contains some exciting and much less well known facts about this hero of the Amerihave the right to Radvancement.

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Samuel Adams Facts


September 27, 1722


Boston, Massachusetts

Parents" names

Father - Samuel Adams (born May 16, 1689)Married mom, Mary Fiarea in 1713.

Parents" occupations

Samuel Adams, Sr. was a Merchant and also Brewer.

Number of siblings


Birth order

10th of 12 youngsters, just two youngsters lived previous their 3rd birthday.


Firebrand also of the RevolutionFather of the Amerideserve to RevolutionPatriarch of Liberty

Schools attended

Boston Latin School as it showed up in Sam Adams" time
Harvard Law School - Bachelor"s level in 1740; Master of Arts level in 1743 (Master"s Thesis: "Whether it be lawful to resist the supreme magistprice if the commonwide range cannot otherwise be reserved"). Harvard College was begun in 1636. It is the oldest college in the United States. Generations of Amerideserve to leaders graduated from Harvard, including such noteworthy Revolutionary War figures as Samuel Adams, John Adams and John Hancock. In those days, teens attfinished Harvard. Sam Adams graduated Harvard at the age of 18. So he attended from age 15 to 18.
Harvard College, ca. 1725

Religious Views

Congregationalist, a very solid Christian

First Occupations

Mercantile Businessguy, operated in the counting home of future delegate to the Continental Congress Thomas Cushing. Cushing fired Adams because he wasn"t any great at service.Brewer. He inherited the brewery from his father, however likewise failed at this company.Tax Collector

Samuel Adams Family

Dates of marriage, wives" names

Married Elizabeth Checkley, October 17, 1749. She died July 25, 1757.Married his second Wife, Elizabeth Wells, in 1764.

Children"s names and birth order

All 6 of these children were via Elizabeth Checkley, Samuel Adams" initially wife. He had no kids through his second wife, Elizabeth Wells:

Samuel, September 1750, passed away after 18 daysSamuel, October 17, 1751, survivedJoseph, 1753, died after 1 dayMary, 1754, died after 3 months and also 9 days Samantha, 1756, survivedUnnamed kid, July 1757. This boy was stillborn. Elizabeth passed away as a result of this birth on July 25, 1757.

Children"s occupations later on in life

Samuel Adams, Jr. was a medical professional.

Famous relatives

The Revolutionary War

How he obtained involved in the self-reliance effort?

Did he watch army activity throughout the war?


Offices Samuel Adams Held

Which party was he in?

Country party, Anti-Federalist party

Which federal government offices did he hold?

Elected a clerk of Boston Market - 1743 at age 21Elected taxation collector - 1756-1764Elected to Massachusetts Assembly - 1765-1774Clerk of lower House - 1766-1774Delegate to the Continental Congress - 1774-1781Member of Massachusetts State Constitutional Convention - 1779-80President of State Senate - 1781Delegate to Massachusetts State Convention to Ratify Federal Constitution - 1788Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts (under Hancock) - 1789-1794 Governor of Massachusetts - 1794-1797

Did he host any type of office under the Royal government?


Monumental achievements while in office?

In His Own Words

Selected functions of Samuel Adams and their dates

Samuel Adams Quotes

"If you love wide range better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animatingcontest for flexibility, go residence and also leave us in tranquility. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and also lick the hand that feeds you; and also might posterity forgain that ye were our country men." - Speech at the Philadelphia State Housage, August 1, 1776"We have actually now recovered the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and also from the rising to the establishing of the sunlight, let His kingdom come." - As the Declaration of Independence was being signed in 1776"Better tidings will certainly shortly arrive. Our reason is simply and also righteous and we shall never before be abandoned by Heaven while we present ourselves worthy of its help and also protection." - While encouraging wavering Continental Convention deleentrances in gloomy winter of 1776-1777

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The Cshed of His Life

Date and age of retirement

Reexhausted in 1798 at the age of 76.

Date of death

October 2, 1803 at age of 81.

Location of grave

Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts
Granary Burial Ground, Boston

Epitaph on gravestone

Here Lies BuriedSamuel AdamsSigner of the Declaration ofIndependenceGovernor of this CommonwealthA Leader of Men and an Ardent Patriot

Other Interesting Samuel Adams Facts

Character and also disposition

Median construct. Words that define him - conscientious, a noble genius within, even more than simple inadaptability of character and also objective, excellent sincerity, simplicity, amazing, instructive, concise, exceptional, inversatile firmness, patriotic ardour, full of hope, resolute, eager for action.

Landmarks for Samuel Adams

Statue of Samuel Adams in front of Faneuil Hall in Boston Massachusetts. The 4 sides of the statue"s pedestal say:

Samuel Adams1722-1803A PatriotHe organized the RevolutionAnd Signed The Declaration of IndependenceA StatesmanIncorruptible and also FearlessErected A.D. 1880from a fund bequeathed to theCity of Bostonby Jonathan PhillipsA True Leader of the People

Samuel Adams Statue Faneuil Hall, Boston
The Old South Meeting House, situated on the Boston historic Freedom Trail on the corner of Washington and Milk roads. It ended up being famous as the location of the meeting that preceded the Boston Tea Party during which Samuel Adams ceded a speech and also gave a secret signal to start the activity by saying the expression, "This meeting have the right to perform nopoint even more to conserve the country!" The meeting was held tright here, as there was no various other building in Boston qualified of fitting the 5,000 civilization that were present.

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Old South Meeting Housage, Boston

Other interesting Samuel Adams Facts

Organized first Committee of CorrespondenceA Founder of "The Sons of Liberty" in November 1765.First to propose a Continental Congress.Helped compose the Articles of Confederation in 1777.Suggested Jacob Duche open up in prayer at First Continental Congress.In old age, he endured from symptoms of Parkinson"s condition."Samuel Adams: America"s World Class Beer" is called for him as a result of his early occupation as a brewer.

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