What was the objective of the Civil War according to Lincoln when it first began?How and also why did it changed?

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At first, believed it was "to SAVE THE UNION not to save or destroy slavery"Changed to making ending slaextremely the goal b/c:1. Europe wouldn"t help anyone that sustained slavery2. Freeing slaves would deprive the Confederacy of many of its job-related force
What did Lincoln execute when his purpose of the war readjusted from maintaining the union to ending slavery?
an order issued by Lincoln on Jan. 1, 1863 declaring slaves in the Confedeprice states to be freeEffectiveness: had actually bit prompt effectNorth - servants living in claims loyal to union weren"t impacted by it yet it did adjusted the Civil War to a CRUSADE FOR FREEDOMSouth - they ignored it
risked an additional intrusion in the North hoping to capture a north city and also convince the North to look for peace
Generals - Lee & Pickett (Confederacy) Meade (North)WHERE: Gettysburg, PAWHEN - July 1, 1863WHAT HAPPENED? fought for 3 days and 1/3 of Lee"s army was killed so he retreated to VAWHO WON - UNION (large # of soldiers killed)
if convinced Lee never to attack the North againCHANGED HIS STRATEGY - to only fight a protective war on Southern soil
1. Northern Democrats aka "Copperheads" - wanted tranquility not war2. Other Northerners - sustained the Confederate cause
Opposition on the Union house front:What taken place in Maryland once Union soldiers were marching through?
--a Northern proslaexceptionally mob struck Union soldiers as they were marching through--Lincoln sent out in troops to store order--Used his constitutional power to suspend the ideal of HABEAS CORPUS--those suspected of disloyalty were jailed without being charged for a crime
the right of an accused person to appear prior to a judge to challenge charges so the judge have the right to determine whether the charges are fair
took area in Gettysburg, PA at the site of the Battle of Gettysburgit was a speech provided by Lincoln in memory of those Union soldiers who had passed away PROTECTING THE IDEALS OF FREEDOM UPON WHICH THE US WAS FOUNDED
the "" great civil war"" was a experimentation whether a nation " conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all males are created equal...deserve to lengthy endure"meaning: tests the constitution and also the federal government run by the civilization will last forever


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