What were Timur the Lame's accomplishments?
He carried Russia, Persia, and also India under his manage and also stopped the growth of the Ottomale Realm.

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Why was taking Constantinopole so important to Mehmet II?It regulated many type of watermethods that kept the Ottoman Empire separated.
What were the advantages aned disbenefits of the devshirme system to the recruited slaves?Advantages--Education, chance to increase to high positions. Disadvantages--Loss of flexibility, compelled to take on new religious beliefs, language, and lifestyle and also to come to be soldiers.
What were the significant cultural achievements of Suleiman's reign?Legal recreates, style, art, literature.
What 4 activities frequently contribute to cultural blending?Migration, profession, occupation, quests of spiritual converts or religious freedom.
Which of Isma'il's traits do you think made his such a successful conqueror?His field of expertise as a warrior; his singleminded devotion to Shi'i'Islam; his ruthlessness.
In what ways were Shah Abbas and Suleiguy the Lawgiver similar?They both redeveloped vicilian life and also lugged society to their empires, adopting and also adapting the best from roughly the human being. Both also began the decline of their empire by killing their sons.
In what ways were Akbar's perspectives toward religious beliefs equivalent to those that Suleiman the Lawgiver?They were both exceptionally tolerant-Akbar in both his personal life and government plans, and Suleiguy with the millet device.
How did the Mughals' disprefer of the Sikhs develop?They sheltered and defended Jahangir's child, that had rebelled against his father.
Do you think Shah Jahan's plans assisted or harmed the Mughal Empire?Helped-Left lasting legacy of architecture. Harmed- Did not improve the difficult resides of his civilization.
How did Aurangzeb's individual features and political policies affect the Mughal Empire?He depleted the empire's sources and also began the weakening of main power that resulted in its damage.
Why were the Ottomans such successful conquerors?They used modern-day technology-muskets and also cannons-to achieve army success and also treated the conquered individuals humanely.
How did Mehmet the Conqueror display his tolerance of various other cultures?He opened up Constantinople to Jews, Christians, and non-Turks.
Why was Selim the Grim's capture of Mecca, Medina, and also Cairo so sifnigicant?Mecca and Medina were the holiest cities of Islam and also Cairo was its intellectual center. Capturing them gave the Ottomans almost total control of Muslim civilization.

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What rle did slaves play in Ottomale society?Male servants could hold high posts in the federal government and also join the janissaries; female servants served the rich Ottoguy households.