“Why you bother me when you understand you don’t desire me? Why you bvarious other me when you recognize you gained a woman?”

That line in Sza’s song “Love Galore” constantly gets me. And I think about you.

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I think about you as well a lot.

I had actually so many fun moments through you. Then I began to capture feelings. I put my climbed colored glasses on and also witnessed the sexiest, funniest and also many intelligent man I’d ever before recognized.

Except...I didn’t understand you. I still don’t.

I captured feelings for a fantasy male, that I met in fantasy land also. I bought a one means ticket earlier to fact but I’m still daydreaming and I’m thinking of you (or fantasy you).

You had (and also can still have) a girlfriend. As you pointed out a few times...That must have actually been enough for us to speak flirting. I should’ve cut my feelings off then yet you made it hard.

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And then you made it simple by being a dick to me, periodically.

Tbelow were are few times you jokingly sassist “IntroVenti has actually feelings for me, I know it.” And all I can say was “HEH HEH...no.