Every dear husband needs to read this and know why it is not okay to beat their wives. In actual fact, we all should see domestic violence as a taboo.

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Dear husband, you will agree that beating your wife ranks high on your list of husbandly duties. It is after all your job to keep her in line all the time. This is why I feel bad for Mohamed Kamal Mustafa. He is a Muslim preacher who bagged a 15-month prison sentence in Spain in 2004 for writing a book offering tips on wife-beating, the Muslim way.

In the book published in 2001, Mr. Mustafa recommends a three-stage approach to keeping the little woman in order. First, give her verbal warnings. Next, if she still refuses to mend her ways, subject her to a period of sexual abstinence. Finally, if even stage two fails to do the trick, administer judicious beatings.

"The blows should be concentrated on the hands and feet," Mr. Mustafa advises, "using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave scars or bruises on the body."

Before you get my sarcasm wrong, let me state plainly that Mr. Mustafa"s advice is preposterous and belongs in the bin. Dear husband, no situation should tempt you to beat your wife. Some of my reasons are outlined below:

Dear Husband, Here"s Why You Must Never Beat Your Wife


It Is Not In Your DNA

As a man, you are not configured or built to physically assault a woman. Your physiological configuration is different and way heavier than the woman. So if there was to be a fighting match, the woman is not in your league at all. If you really must be violent, find someone that"s your size. Go beat up a fellow man, let"s see how well you fare. But let me tell you in advance that he will beat you to stupor. Like I really believe a better sentence for Mr. Mustafa would be to match him with his fellow men daily. Let him square up to them and receive a daily beating.

You"ll Make Us Question Your Sanity


The whole point of getting married is committing to join yourself to the woman. The point is for you both to come together and become one and then maybe grow a family. What then does it say of you that you beat yourself? A little experiment, please. Stand before your bedroom window and take a whip to your thigh. Give yourself a dozen strokes. Do this the next time you"re late to work or you forget to do something, shirk your responsibility.

Be honest and admit that you look a little off-balance mentally. Okay, not a little. it"s much the same when you beat your wife who is a part of you. You"ll make us think you have lost it, and maybe you have.

You"ll Make Us Question Your Manliness

To be honest, when you physically assault your wife or any lady for that matter, you bring your manliness to question. Some would call you a coward, but I think you"re worse.

As long as we"re being honest, religion is not the only proponent of domestic violence. In Africa, it is the norm. And in Nigeria, it is the law. There"s also the usual suspects of patriarchy, poverty and cultural and traditional norms. While feminism and the equality movement continue to advance the cause, it is important for everyone to do their bit, lend their voice, no matter how small.

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Violence always has negative consequences. In the heat of the moment, everyone tends to say what they never meant or do what they would have never done. It is damaging and cannot be undone. Best bet is to avoid it.