Error code 80151906 on Xbox One is impacting players across regions, locking players out of Xbox Live and rendering online functionality useless whenever an Xbox 360 game is loaded via the console’s backward compatibility function.

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Xbox One players have reached out on the official Microsoft forums, as well as Reddit to voice frustration and confusion, with some players experiencing Xbox Live issues even when not attempting to load an Xbox 360 game. However, the issue does appear isolated to backward compatibility functionality, and the good news is that the Xbox Support team is aware of the issue.


In a now-deleted Tweet, the Xbox Support team noted error code 80151906, and that it was working to get servers back online as normal as soon as possible.

“As our teams continue to investigate error code: 80151906 through Back-Compat, be sure to attempt reinstalling that game to your Xbox One console to troubleshoot this error. We’ll update again soon when we have more info to provide. Thank you for your patience,” the Tweet read.


While the current Xbox Live status page notes no known issues, the Xbox Support team continues to provide updates on Twitter.

“We’re aware of reports regarding sign-in errors for Xbox Live across platforms & we’re investigating now. Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We’ll post an update with more information soon,” the team said.


An hour later, servers appeared to be back to normal.

“We’re back! If you were running into issues signing into Xbox Live, we’re now in a healthier state, so feel free to give that another try. Thank you again for letting us know so quickly!”


At this stage, however, it appears the Xbox Support team doesn’t have a full grasp on what may be causing these reports, as per its most recent tweet.

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“We are still working out issues with Back Compat sign in & we appreciate the reports so far. Please watch our feed for more details as we have them to share!”

How to fix error code 80151906

Reports are flying in across message boards and social media regarding this error (I haven’t personally experienced this), however, there are two ways in which people are claiming the error code is fixed and disappears.

Uninstall the Xbox 360 game, disconnect from Xbox Live, sign back in, and reinstall the game, or;Uninstall the Xbox 360 game, do a hard reset of your Xbox One console (hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds), and then reinstall the game upon restart