Welcome to the initially component of my Xenoblade Chronicles X construct guide(?) thing. This is for beginners, who might be looking for a method to take dvery own some of the tougher tyrants, and veterans to X, who might simply desire to try something brand-new. First off I simply want to say that these guides will assume that you have maxed out all classes and also completed eexceptionally affinity mission, interpretation you have eextremely art and also skill and they are all at max level. As for augments I"ll be stating the augments themselves however not the products essential to craft them. If you have any kind of concerns around anything feel cost-free to ask me. Lastly these are all going to be ground overdrive builds, not skell builds. Ok now that that"s out of the method let"s gain stuck in. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Ah the good old Blossom Dance build, it felt wrong not to start via this one. While not practically as cool as Dunban"s (obviously) Blossom Dance in X is one of the best arts out tbelow, some could also say the ideal. Even without its op build it"s still a good art, it ignores the adversaries attribute resistance, and also staggers them.

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You gain Blossom Dance from completing Nagi"s affinity mission: Reporting for Duty

The most prevalent Blossom Dance construct uses the Dual Guns and also Longsword (obviously) through the arts: Offensive Stance, Zero Zero, Primer, Ghostwalker, Tornacarry out Blade, True Stream Edge, Rising Blade, and Blossom Dance. These arts are good at maintaining TP high which you"ll require considering that this build has actually 2 TP arts. However the boost in dps that Offensive stance provides you is significant, through high potential and well worth the added TP you require. Potential up is crucial for all builds however for this one go all in via potential on your armor and also armor augments. For weapon augments, bereason this build is extremely TP hungry Arts: Gain TP is really excellent, otherwise go for Melee Attack up.


For skills, in this build you certainly desire Aura Assault which rises damages when an aura is active by 30%. And Supreme Sword which increases the damage of melee combos by 100%!!! So if you use Offensive Stance, then a melee assault then Blossom Dance it"s damages will be enhanced by 130%! Plus the increase from Offensive Stance, which depends on your potential. But it doesn"t sheight tright here, if you"re in the drifter class you still have actually 3 slots left, enter the Ether Blossom Dance.


Lugalbanda the Wanderer-King, you get the Bewitched Glaive: Receding Rust from beating him

If you combine the Bewitched Glaive: Receding Rust, which deals ether damages, with the skills: Ether Boost, which increases ether damages by 50%, and Core Crusher, which does not let you do appendage damage, yet in rerotate increases ether damages by 150%! that brings the complete damage Blossom Dance have the right to be raised by, to an tremendous 330%!!!! And that"s not even counting the huge increase Offensive Stance via several potential gives you, and also on peak of that overdrive rises your assault also. With every one of that it probably brings that number to somewbelow around, at the leastern, +500% at the least.

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This build"s only genuine weakness is it deserve to be tough to obtain rolling because of how a lot TP It offers. But that deserve to be get rid of by grinding out armor through Max TP up stats. And Offensive Stance making you take even more damages is of no consequence as soon as Ghostwalker renders you almost invincible. So yeah this construct is kind of over powered to say the leastern. But it"s perfect for taking down high level tyrants and also dealing tons of damage.

And that brings this initially part to a cshed. Sorry it took so long, just wanted to make sure I had actually all the information right. Anyway hope you delighted in this, I had the majority of fun making it. Oh if you have a tip for following time let me know. Anymethod till next time. Keep your pants on :jeans: :jeans: :jeans: :jeans: :jeans: :jeans: :jeans: