For practically eight years, You & Me Coffee & Tea has actually been serving the Corbin neighborhood through delicious, high quality specialty coffee, drinks, and local foodstuffs.

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Andy Salmons, along with his mommy, Karen, opened up the coffee shop in 2012 after remodeling the Cottongim Drug building on Main Street in downtown Corbin.


Salmons is no stranger to food and also drink businesses. In 2014, he cofounded the Wrigley Tap Room, just throughout the street from You & Me. Later marketing his portion to his partners to focus his energy on a brand-new undertaking, his digital marketing firm, Field Guide Digital. The Wrigley has actually come to be famed as a foodie destination in the area, state and beyond, known for its neighborhood food, craft beer and also cocktails.

Salmons became interested in quality coffee during a five-year stint living in Salvador, Brazil wherecoffeeplayed a substantial role in his personal and also professional life.

“I had actually constantly been obsessed with coffee and cafe culture, especially once I resided in Brazil. That really influenced every one of my business meetings, encounters with friends — every little thing took area in good coffee shops,” Salmons said, and he wanted to carry that endure to his residence tvery own of Corbin.

At the moment, Salmons was serving as the Director of Downtown Corbin, a place he held for almost salso years. He decided it was ideal to practice what he preached and opened the coffee shop as a proof of principle for future businesses on Corbin’s Key Street.

Beyond providing an excellent cup of coffee brewed through careful attention to detail, they strive to be an inviting community space that functions prefer a 2nd living room for customers.

was constantly that sort of catch-all space that’s not your home and also it’s not your work place, it’s that 3rd area you have the right to go and also it’s versatile enough wbelow it can be all the points you need it to be. That’s the vibe that I appreciated the a lot of and what I wanted to recreate. A room that is whatever you need it to be in that moment,” Salmons said.


They generally sell occasions in their shop, from local music nights to poetry readings. They also have a “pay it forward” coffee board wright here customers deserve to purchase an additional drink for initially responders, teachers, friends, and also more, and also leave it as a surpclimb on the board.

Salmons roasts his very own coffee beans under the brand name Curated Coffee Roasters, purchasing little batch single-farmer numerous specialty coffee that he finds interesting. You & Me, in addition to their complete line-up of espresso based coffee drinks has a vast selection of house-baked pastries, syrups, teas, smoothies and various other beverperiods for non-coffee drinkers.

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Throughout COVID-19, they are giving curbside pickup, and also gift cards. For even more indevelopment, visit their Facebook page or by visiting

The Mountain Association is proud to assistance You & Me Coffee & Tea with affordable financing.

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