The Women"s March that took place this month after Trump"s Inauguration has been the buzz lately around the country, the human being, and also my Facebook feed. This previous week I came throughout and also short article titled "You Are Not Equal. I"m Sorry." and I completely disagreed through it. I don"t think my views on the Women"s March and my thoughts around American feminism make me a negative perchild, and also many of you who are about to review this are more than likely going to strongly disagree through what I have to say and that"s okay, bereason we both have the right to not agree on somepoint.

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Specifically, I discover the Amerihave the right to feminist motion and also the recent Women"s March that took location in this nation unnecessary. I discovered it uncrucial bereason I felt content and blessed to live in a nation where I was not compelled to be a childhood bride and also be submissive to my husband or also required to undergo somepoint awful as female circumcision. I"m content bereason in my nation I deserve to simple things such as vote, drive, and voice my opinion. I have actually never been upset at the reality that woguys gain paid less than guys bereason I strongly believe that the male is supposed to administer for his family and I view a male as the so-dubbed "breadwinner."

Just because I don"t assistance the American feminist motion does not intend that I"m ungrateful for what the true feminists dealt with for hundreds of years earlier. I am thankful for Susan B. Anthony and also Alice Paul for providing me the appropriate to vote. I am thankful for Elizabeth Stanton for my best to occupational as a female. I can go on for days for the woguys that came before me that offered me the legal rights that I have actually presently because they"ve done so a lot. However to the average Amerideserve to feminist in today"s society, I am doing not have rights and given that I am a womale, I am not thought about equal in this country. I"m not thought about equal sufficient bereason in my country I have to be even more careful and watch my back at night and also not walk by myself, and also I"m not equal bereason I should be upset or scared at just how guys are being in charge of my refertile rights. As shocking as it may sound, none of that phases me. I was not put on this earth to be as equal as a guy. God made both woman and also male, and also He made them biologically, socially, and also even chemically different. There are things a guy deserve to carry out that a womale can"t, and there are points that a womale deserve to do that a guy can not.

It is noticeable that the feminist motion today is totally different from the feminist motion that was going in our history textbooks over numerous years ago. When feminism went from being a movement of empowerment and also had a purpose, and transitioned to a movement filled with "slut walks" and releasing nipples on the National Mall, and bashing their adversaries via posters filled via vulgar language and obscenity, I started viewing it as a joke.

As much as the American feminist movement thinks I need them, I have the right to ascertain them I don"t. I do not need them or want them to march for me bereason I do not and I refuse to usage or see my sex as an ascollection or as an excuse to keep me from being successful in life because I am indeed an empowered individual without it. I might go on and also on for months around why I disagree through each component of the feminist activity in this country if I wanted to, yet, as previously proclaimed, I am content, and also I likewise don"t owe anyone a factor to my thinking. I am content bereason, in this country, I have the right to execute so a lot more than woguys in various other areas approximately the civilization. I am not going to ask for more legal rights or freak out over my refertile civil liberties simply bereason I am a womale. I am thankful and also appreciate the massive and also little rights I am currently granted.

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