I’ve obtained a lot on my plate. Americans love idioms: this is simply an additional means to say “I’m really busy!” Discover how to pronounce this idiom and start using it in conversation. I recognize I usage it a lot!

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In this Amerihave the right to English pronunciation video, we’re going to go over the idiom “a lot on my plate”.

I’ve obtained a lot on plate. What does it mean? While it could literally mean that you’ve simply overfilled your plate at dinner…

I’ve got a lot on my plate.

It figuratively has another definition. It suggests that I have actually a lot going on in my life appropriate currently, maybe even too much. I might say this if I have three documents due by the adhering to morning. Or if I need to job-related all day, plus grocery shop, execute laundry and also clean the home before my in-regulations come for the weekfinish. I’m very busy. I’ve obtained a lot I need to perform. I’ve acquired a lot on my plate!

Let’s examine the pronunciation of “a lot on my plate”. First, the rhythmic pattern. A lot on my plate. Which words are the clearest to you? LOT and PLATE have to jump out at you. They both have the up-dvery own shape of a stressed syllable, and also they’re a little much longer than the other syllables in the sentence.

A lot on my plate.A lot on my plate.

So we have actually short, long, brief, brief, lengthy. da-DA-da-da-DA. This indicates ‘a’, ‘on’, and also ‘my’ are flatter, quicker, and a tiny much less plainly pronounced. A lot on my plate. da-DA-da-da-DA.

‘A’ is just going to be the schwa sound. So store your confront entirely tranquil.

Ah- Your mouth will be slightly open and also your tongue will certainly be peaceful and also low in the mouth.

Ah- ah- a lot.

Then the front of the tongue goes to the roof of the mouth for the L consonant. The jaw releases into the AH as in FATHER vowel.

A loh–

Drop the jaw and press the tongue down in the ago simply a bit. A lo-. This is a stressed syllable, so remember that it will certainly be longer and have the up-down shape of tension.

A loh—

Then we have a Flap T. This is because the T comes between two vowels. The tongue doesn’t sheight the air, yet it just flaps against the roof of the mouth. Depfinishing on your aboriginal language, this might sound choose an R to you.

A lot on—A lot on—

Then we have actually a quick, unstressed AW vowel, or AH vowel, both are okay, on, on, on. Keep it quick and straightforward, this is an unstressed word. The front of the tongue then reaches up to the roof of the mouth for the N consonant.

Nn– The lips follow to make the M: Mm– a lot on my– a lot on my—

I think you can even gain ameans via dropping the N, going straight into the M sound, a lot on my plate, because we want these two words to be sassist so easily. On my, on my, on my. A lot on my plate.

‘My’ has actually a quick, unstressed AI diphthong, my, my, my. See that my lips and jaw don’t relocate much, my, my, my. If the AI diphthong were in a stressed syllable, AI, the mouth movements would certainly be bigger. But given that it’s unstressed right here, save it basic.

A lot on my plate. The last stressed word, plate. The lips come together for the P, and also the tongue reminder will lift up for the L. When the lips part for the P, the tongue is in place, pl, pl. From the L the jaw will certainly drop and also the tongue pointer will certainly return to its lower position here for the AY diphthong, playy-.

The jaw goes from even more dropped to much less dropped in this diphthong, –playyyy, as the tongue arches towards the roof of the mouth. Play– play–. We finish through a Sheight T, so we abruptly sheight the aircirculation. Plate– Plate– A lot on my plate. You deserve to leave the tongue tip dvery own and just speak the airflow in your throat. Or, you can lift the tongue guideline up into place for the T.

Plate– Plate–A lot on my plate. da-DA-da-da-DA. A lot on my plate.

What if you’re talking around someone else?

She has a lot on her plate. Stress is the very same. Remember that you can drop the H in the word ‘her’ in unstressed cases prefer this. Link the word to what comes prior to, ‘on her’, on her. It sounds just choose this word ‘honor’, unstressed. Honor. Honor. A A lot on her– A lot on her– A lot on her plate.

A lot on his plate. Aobtain, drop the H. On his– On his– On his– A lot on his plate.

You have actually a lot on your plate. Here you want to reduce YOUR to yer. Move straight from the Y consonant to the R sound: yer, yer. A lot on your, on your, on your. You have actually a lot on your plate.

They have actually a lot on their plate. When indigenous speakers of English say this, they’ll mitigate ‘their’ down to ‘ther’, incredibly quick, unstressed. Moving directly from the voiced TH consonant into the R.

Ther– ther– ther–On ther– On ther—They have actually a lot on their plate.On ther– On ther—They have a lot on their plate.

It’s vital that once you practice the reductions for this, her, their, and also your that you remember to store these words unstressed and also incredibly quick. If you minimize a word by altering the sounds, however stress the syllable, it won’t sound right: They have a lot on THER plate. THER. That sounds stselection. Keep it unstressed and also quick. Low in pitch, flatter in pitch.

They have a lot on their plate. Ther– ther– ther–

It sounds great.

Practice your English. Make up a sentence with this idiom and write-up it as a comment listed below.

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