FP-X Series

Matching on-the-relocate deindications via supreme playability and heavyweight features, the FP-X series represents a fresh generation of portable pianos.

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All-in-one song production via authentic steustatiushistory.org also sounds and songwriting devices to help modern music makers at any level.


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Did you recognize a JD-Xi synth deserve to execute this?

Did you know a JD-Xi synth can perform this?


Combining analog and digital synthesis in a compact and also user-friendly style, the steustatiushistory.orgJD-Xiis ideal for live tweaking, recording and using on-the-go. With its warm, fat, true analog bass and lead tones, and polyphonic PCM essentials such as pads, strings, brass and more, the JD-Xi is a functional and also mighty sounding instrument.

With the onboard pattern sequencer, integrated drum kit and capacity to explore vocal textures through the gooseneck mic, Vocoder and also Auto-Pitch, there’s plenty on offer to use on the JD-Xi, contrary to its deceptive dimension.

In this write-up, we’ll explore a couple of functions of the JD-Xi that you might have overlooked or not been mindful of, which will aid to take your usage of the instrument to also higher areas.1. EXTEND YOUR SEQUENCE


The Step Sequencer have the right to be set to 4 bars of 16 parts.

In the MENU, change the pattern size from 1 to 4 parts. It will likewise offer you the alternative to copy your existing pattern to the empty components.

You deserve to change the procedures to 32 procedures, permitting you to routine in half actions. Great for 3second note trap hats!2. MOVE, FILTER AND WEAVE

All of the controls, consisting of the Filter Cutoff and Envelope, allow for real-time recording right into the Tip Sequencer. Further to this, you deserve to erase the knob or wheel information from a pattern without losing the notes.

Let’s say that you’ve pre-programmed a sequence and also then tape-recorded a filter sweep over it however are not happy through the movement. Hold dvery own ENTER and push ERASE. This leaves the pattern undamaged.3. PICK AND CHOOSE

Since every one of the sequences record using MIDI information, you deserve to go with different sounds to audition your track utilizing various patches. This is a great means of finding catalyst, simply record something fundamental and go with different sounds till something sticks. Parameters have the right to be mapped to and also then managed by outside MIDI gadgets too.4. SONGWRITING AND LIVE PERFORMANCE IS A BREEZE

You deserve to perdevelop a entirety song live by conserving your different song parts (intro, verse, chorus and so on.) as separate patches, then assigning these to your FAVOURITES. Now you have the right to play these parts, switching in between them as the song progresses.5. KEEP IT INTERESTING WITH INTERACTION

This (4) functions well via the Interactive Chord attribute. This function adjusts the pattern to what chords you play right into the key-board. You have the right to either include brand-new chords or just change the pattern up and also down the key-board without a new sound playing by holding dvery own ENTER.

* Interenergetic Chord is a new attribute included with system update 1.50, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version to use this.6. EFFECTIVE CONTROL

You deserve to manage all the impacts sends separately. You have the right to even assign various results sends out and readjust the filter for each drum sound individually.

Effects sends out are in the Menu. Access the results sends in:


Select each PART and also it will certainly tell you wright here it joins the impacts chain. You can likewise set the reverb and also delay sfinish amount for each Part individually.7. BUILD YOUR RIG

You can usage the Step Sequencer to cause various other equipment. Connect the MIDI OUT to the TB-3 for instance, and asauthorize the MIDI channel to either 1, (Digi Synth 1), 2 (Digi Synth 2), or 3 (Analogue Synth) and sequence ameans.8. PLAY WITH OTHERS

It can be synced to theMX-1orDJ-808through AIRA link (MX-1 needs to be updated to v1.1 firmware or above).

In the JD-Xi menu, adjust USB driver to VENDOR and change the MIDI sync to SLAVE. Then the JD-Xi will continue to be in time with the MX-1 and also send audio down the USB cable.9. EXPRESS YOURSELF

You have actually the ability to develop your own sounds through all the controls accessible in the menu. To make it simple and user-friendly, the primary controls are on the front of the unit.

If you desire to go deeper, you can uncover every one of the standard ADSR, Pulse Width Modulation and LFO controls obtainable in the TONE menu.

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Tright here are an excellent range of patches built-in but if you discover you’re trying to find more, programs are obtainable for complimentary download from thesteustatiushistory.org Axialwebsite.