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Do You Like Me Now? is a viral video starring a teenage girl called Alex, who parodies Jersey Shore forms by wearing extreme makeup and also talking around tanning, dancing and also alcohol intake. It has actually been the subject of picture and video derivatives regularly accompanied by catchphrases from the video.

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On June 28th, 2011, a girl named Alex posted a video of herself on her "My Fancy Sauce" Tumblr<1> web page. The video featured a brief monologue explaining that she is around to percreate what she thinks will tempt the oppowebsite sex favor "being dumb and also a slut". She proceeds to cover her challenge in a thick coat of bronzer, lipstick, and dumps water on her head while dancing approximately saying "carry out you like me now?", "What"s 2 plus 2? Gonorrhea", "Myroom Pic" and also "I"m a good time reason I choose to drink."



The video was ripped and also uploaded to YouTube<2> by user oXAshleyAddictionXo on June 2ninth, 2011. On July 7th, 2011, the video was submitted to Reddit<3> in a short article titled "Girls gone nuts for not having actually a boyfriend", and also obtained 3,160 up votes. The following day, it was posted to The Daily What<4> and also BuzzFeed.<5> A Facebook<6> page titled "That awkward minute as soon as 2+2= gonorrhea" was produced on July 10th, 2011.

The original Tumblr post has got 14,775 notes, and the YouTube uppack has 701,469 views as of July 11th, 2011.




On July 11, 2011 Alex posted an explaination on her Tumblr<7>, admitting that she was just trolling.

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"Guys thanks for making the video a hit I alot of followers now 4 digits in reality lol oh and also to clear up a couple of points it was a troll I wasn’t major and I’m not retarded lol and also yes 2+2 does equal gonnahrea and also many thanks to whoever before Placed it on YouTube many thanks many thanks thanks oh and also Sophia bitch I recognize you went on mu tumblr without me knowing lol"

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