Illustrated Answers to Questions About Young Children’s Challenging Behaviorsby Betsy Evans, M. Ed

A young son is excluded from play by others and also she yells, “You’re Not My Frifinish Anymore!” and also so starts the dilemma for the adults listening in as they wonder how to respond to such hurtful interactions and problems.

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You’re Not My Friend Anymore! Illustrated Answers to Questions About Young Children’s Challenging Behaviors (HighScope Press, 2009) by Betsy Evans, M. Ed, gives quick and clear strategies for supporting children through a six-action procedure that will help them to fix troubles on their own.

The process is shown through:

21 stories of actual conflicts, portraying a typical response to the dispute, followed by the alternative problem-resolving response that actually emerged.Discussion of exemption, biting, hitting, aggressive explosions, turn-taking, “ago talk”, timeout, and conflicts between older and younger children via differing abilities.Questions and answers around each of the illustrated stories that were drawn from real concerns from parental fees and also teachers about these situations.Discussion of why such an approach is advantageous to kids and also adults.Discussion points for parental fees and also teachers as they take into consideration the facility problems presented by the challenging behaviors of young kids.

As this problem-solving process is portrayed and also discussed in the book, parental fees and teachers will certainly understand just how to...

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encourage interaction abilities,respectful participation, andemotional development in toddlers, preschoolers, and also school-aged youngsters.

Betsy Evans, Soft cover, photos, 432 peras, Catalog# N-P1171, Price: $15.95

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