“By the time kids are 15, theyre drunks and theyre drug addicts and theyre getting chicks pregnant. The parents wonder, "What did I do wrong?" What you did wrong was, you were never there. You had the kid as a status symbol, thats what went wrong. And youre paying the price for it.” — Andrew Dice Clay —

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“The greatest moment of your life is now. Not because it"s pleasant or happy or easy, but because this moment is the only moment you"ve got. Every past moment is irretrievably gone. It"s never coming back. If you live there, you lose your life. And the future is always out there somewhere. You can spend an eternity waiting for tomorrow, or worrying about tomorrow. If you live there, you likewise will lose your life. This moment is God"s irreplaceable gift to you.”

— John Ortberg

“Life has this beautiful way of opening doors when you least expect it. How thy open is sometimes never known. But does that not only further justify the magic and the possibility to the thought, that there is more to life than that which meets thee eye.”

— Tania Elizabeth

“And let me tell you my dearest friend,if you think that running away from it is the best solution, then you"re wrong.You will never discovered your happiness. Trust me. I know because I"ve been in the exact situation as you are in now. And yes!There will be heartache and disappointment but you"ll never regret the choice you"ve taken because everything turns out to be beautiful and this, my friend,is how I discovered you as the happiness of my life.”

— Songkee R. EEP

“I stepped closer still. He closed his eyes again and covered my hand with his own. "You smell of violets. You always smell of violets," he said. "You"ve no idea how many times I have walked these moors and smelled them and thought you were near. On and on I walked, following the scent of you, and you were never there. When I saw you in the hall tonight, I thought I had finally gone mad.”

— Deanna Raybourn

“It gets you thinking about all the parts in a story we never see" he cleared his throat "the parts around the edges. You bring someone like that boy so alive before us and there he is set loose in our world so that we can"t stop thinking of him. But then the report is over, the boy disappears. He was just a boy in a story and we never know the ending, we never get to close the book. It makes you wonder what happens to the people in them after the story stopsall the stories you"ve reported for instance. Where are they all now?”

— Sarah Blake

“There are a lot of things that you can do in this world ... And everything you do always have an impact to other lives ... You may never knew it but the effect is there ... It can be positive or it can be negative ... So, whenever you try to do something,Think twice ... "Coz once it"s done, it"s already done ...”

— NerD_Seyer

“There are times when you don"t know yourself. There are times when you don"t want to know yourself. There are times when you want to be what you have never allowed yourself to be before.”

— Aidan Chambers

“There is in this valley a beating heart. It is always and ever there. And when I am gone, it will beat for you and when you are gone, it will beat for your children and theirs, forever. Forever. Until there is no water, no air, no green in the spring or gold in the autumn, no stars in the sky or wind from the north. And when you cannot speak, it will speak for you. When you cannot see, it will be your eyes. When you cannot remember, it will be your memory. It will never forget you. And when you cannot be faithful, it will save a place for your return. This is a gift to you. It cannot be taken away. It is yours forever. It is the narrative of this world, and the scrapbook of your own small life, and, when you are gone into ash and darkness and the grave, it will tell your story.”

— Robert Goolrick

“People will tell you it was Vietnam brought this country to its knees. But I never believed that. It was already in bad shape. Vietnam was just the icin on the cake. We didn"t have nothin to give to em to take over there. If we"d sent em without rifles I dont know as they"d of been all that much worse off. You can"t go to war like that. You cant go to war without God. I dont know what is goin to happen when the next one comes. I surely dont.”

— Cormac McCarthy

“This book is dedicated to you.Whether you are a Minion or a Skuttlebug or just, you know, a normal person, it"s because of you that I get to do what I love and laughingly call it work.I know some of you by name and some of you by sight (and some of you by smell, but let"s not get into that) but there are still countless others I have never met, and to all of you I say thank you for your support, your passion, and your lunacy.”

— Derek Landy

“Ash, it"s because of you that I am here today. You have always been there, never wavering, protecting me with no thought for yourself. You"ve been my teacher, my knight and my only love. Now it"s my turn to make that promise.”

— Julie Kagawa

“I remember Christian teachers telling me long ago that I must hate a bad man"s actions but not hate the bad man: or, as they would say, hate the sin but not the sinner ... I used to think this a silly, straw-splitting distinction: how could you hate what a man did and not hate the man? But years later it occurred to me that there was one man to whom I had been doing this all my life namely myself. However much I might dislike my own cowardice or conceit or greed, I went on loving myself. There had never been the slightest difficulty about it. In fact the very reason why I hated the things was that I loved the man. Just because I loved myself, I was sorry to find that I was the sort of man who did those things.”

— C.S. Lewis

“What I know, brother, is you break every goddamned rule for Mac.""Back at you, Ry. Difference is, I"ll help you do it.""Lor has never been Pri-ya." Ryodan shakes his head in disgust. "The princess can"t turn us. Son of a bitch, Mac"s ass is-""Mine," Barrons says flatly. "You will never go there. You have a problem with Mac, you work it out with me. I am her shield, I am her second fucking skin.”

— Karen Marie Moning

“Before you go to live the life you are being forced by others to live, remember they"ll never be there to share your challenges and emotions that come with it together with you!”

— Israelmore Ayivor

“As a poet there is something about joy I find hard to express, whereas every other emotion is rather simple. For instance, you never feel so bad that you can"t describe how bad you feel, but joy on the other hand is far too divine for human language.”

— Criss Jami

“You made it; your get to put it out there. Never apologize for it, never explain it away, never be ashamed of it. You did your best with what you knew, and you worked with what you had, in the time that you were given.”

— Elizabeth Gilbert

“A mockumentary is supposed to be real, and we were frustrated with mockumentaries on TV, which are so rampant because of the success of "The Office." It"s not real. You watch and ask why is there even a crew there. They never set it up in the narrative. You have a documentary crew following families for reasons we don"t understand.”

— Benny Fine

“Kangaroos give birth to only one baby at a time. So as soon as one baby is born, the female gets pregnant again. Otherwise the kangaroo population would never sustain itself. This means the female kangaroo spends her entire life either pregnant or nursing babies. If she"s not pregnant, she"s nursing babies; if she"s not nursing babies, she"s pregnant. You could say she exists just to ensure the continuance of the species. The kangaroo species wouldn"t survive if there weren"t any kangaroos, and if their purpose wasn"t to go on existing, kangaroos wouldn"t be around in the first place.”

— Haruki Murakami

“-Bill-that was it; Bill, the Chauffeur. That was his name. He was a wretched, primitive man, wholly devoid of the finer instincts and chivalrous promptings of a cultured soul. No, there is no absolute justice, for to him fell that wonder of womanhood, Vesta Van Warden. The grievous-ness of this you will never understand, my grandsons; for you are yourselves primitive little savages, unaware of aught else but savagery. Why”

— Jack London

“The thing is, when you paint somebody in all of their colors, they"re never all bad or all good. Even the worst person has humanity in there somewhere.”

— Terence Winter

“Never let a beautiful woman pick your path for you when there is a man in her line of sight”

— Terry Goodkind

“As I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted," Tyrion began, "there is a serious flaw in Littlefinger"s fable. Whatever you may believe of me, Lady Stark, I promise you this-I never bet against my family.”

— George R.R. Martin

“You can"t run, you can"t hide, and the idea that you have no control at all just gets into your head and it sticks there. In my time in the Navy, I was never so scared in my life. Bombs and smoke everywhere, fires on the deck. Meanwhile, the guns are booming and the noise is like nothing you"ve ever heard. Thunder times ten, maybe, but that doesn"t describe it. In the big battles, Japanese Zeros strafed the deck continually, the shots ricocheting all over the place.”

— Nicholas. Sparks

“I"ve never really broken this down before, but, in movies, you almost have no connection to fans. And if you do TV, you"re kind of connected, but they know you as the TV name not your real name. If you do radio, there"s more of a bond there. And then if you do a podcast it"s like you"re literally inside of your fans.”

— Adam Carolla

“I had never done Shakespeare before, but I don"t think you can be an actor and not do it. There were moments when I thought, I"m just not going to be able to pull this off.”

— Jessica Lange

“If you go back to the history of the "Madden" game, I was probably on the cover of it half the time. So if I was to believe there was a curse, I would also have to believe I"d been cursed. And I"ve never had that feeling.”

— John Madden

“One can wait a whole lifetime for a moment like this. The woman whom you never hoped to meet now sits before you and she talks and looks exactly like the person you dreamed about. But the strangest of all is that you never realized before that you had dreamed about her. Your whole past is like a long sleep, which would have been forgotten had there been no dream. And the dream too, might have been forgotten had there been no memory, but remembrance is there in the blood and the blood is like an ocean in which every thing is washed away, but that which is new and more substantial even than life: Reality.”

— Henry Miller

“Hitoshi:I"ll never be able to be here again. As the minutes slide by, I move on. The flow of time is something I cannot stop. I haven"t a choice. I go. One caravan has stopped, another starts up. There are people I"ve yet to meet, others I"ll never see again. People who are gone before you know it, people who are just passing through. Even as we exchange hellos, they seem to grow transparent. I must keep living with the flowing river before my eyes. I earnestly pray that a trace of my girl-child self will always be with you.For waving good-bye, I thank you.”

— Banana Yoshimoto

“As long as you"re worrying about losing what you got, you"ll never be able to see that what"s out there waiting for you is a hundred times better.”

— Don Ward

“That"s the thing about December: it goes by you in a flash. If you just close your eyes, it"s gone. And it"s like you were never there.”

— Donal Ryan

“You can"t fall away from something if you were never there in the first place. It"s the difference between jumping off a cliff and passing out where you stand.”

— Sloane Crosley

“By the time kids are 15, they"re drunks and they"re drug addicts and they"re getting chicks pregnant. The parents wonder, "What did I do wrong?" What you did wrong was, you were never there. You had the kid as a status symbol, that"s what went wrong. And you"re paying the price for it.”

— Andrew Dice Clay

“There are two life-forces in the world I know: Jewish and gentile, ours and yours ... I do not believe that this primal difference between gentile and Jew is reconcilable. You and we may come to an understanding, never to a reconciliation. There will be irritation between us as long as we are in intimate contact. For nature and constitution and vision divide us from all of you forever.”

— Maurice Samuel

“The idea of accountability in Vietnam, Nicaragua and now Iraq - the media never has that in its quiver. When you see time after time there is no possibility of Nuremberg , we"re doomed to have it repeated.”

— Haskell Wexler

“The problems in the world were made so that you don"t get stuck and attached to this world. You get stuck with this world even though there are so many problems. Imagine if there are no problems, then you will never want to leave this material world!”

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Where there is love, do what you will, it will be right action. It will never bring conflict to one"s life. In the flame of love, all fear is consumed.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Excessive partisanship is the problem. There has never been a democracy in the history of the world in a polity of any size where you didn"t have political parties. Even sometimes over the objections of the people who started it.”

— Barney Frank

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“I believe what it says in the scriptures and in the Bhagavad Gita: "Never was there a time when you did not exist, and there never will be a time when you cease to exist."”

— George Harrison

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